Resolved, That the said Ballard & Wright be, and they are hereby appointed the publishers of the Laws and Resolves, and other Acts of the Legislature of this Commonwealth, so far as regards their official promulgation, in the “ Independent Chronicle, and Boston Patriot, and Daily Mercantile Advertiser," for one year from the second day of Jane instant, and until another publisher of the Laws shall be appointed in their stead : Provided the said Ballard & Wright cause the said Laws, Acts and Resolves to be published in a faithful and correct manner, and with all reasonable despatch.

Be it further Resolved, That the compensations which shall and may be allowed to the said Ballard & Wright, for publishing as aforesaid, shall not exceed the usual rates of compensation heretofore granted for similar services.


Resolve on the petition of Daniel Safford of Boston.

June 13th, 1823.

On the petition of Daniel Safford, of Boston, in the County of Suffolk, Blacksmith, executor of the last will and testament of Dayid Safford, late of Salem, in the County of Essex, Blacksmith, deceased, setting forth, that Susanna Hathorne, late of said Salem, single woman, died intestate ; learing several heirs at law, and Joseph Hathorne one of her heirs at law, being also indebted to her; that immediately upon her decease, Joseph Newhall, of Salem, aforesaid Tinplate worker, attached all the right of said Joseph, in the real estate, of said Susanna, and afterwards in pursuance thereof, levied his execution upon one undivided tenth part of certain parcels of said real estate ; that in the settlement of the estate of the said Susanna, ber heirs at law agreed that a certain lot of land in Andover, described in said petition, should be reserved for the purpose of redeeming the real estate, upon which the said Joseph Newhall might levy bis execution, should his attachment be decided by the Supreme Judicial Court to be legal; and the said lot of land was assigned to the said David Safford, and Dolly B. Safford, his

wife, and one of the heirs at law of said Susanna, it being understood and agreed upon by the said heirs at law, that the said lot of land should be sold, and the proceeds applied in payment of the said Newball's debt against said Joseph Hathorne, should the decision be as aforesaid : And where. as the Supreme Judicial Court did decide that the attachment and levy aforesaid were good and valid, and the said Dolly died before the said decision, and said David has since deceased, and the said Executor, and the heirs at law of the said Susannah, are desirous that the said lot of land may be sold and the proceeds thereof applied agreeably to the true intent of the trust aforesaid, which trust was not expressed on the assignment to said David Safford, and Dolly B. Safford, his wife : Therefore,

Resolved, that the said Daniel Safford, in his said capacity, be and he is hereby authorised and empowered to sell by Public Auction, or private contract, for the most he can obtain therefor, the lot of land described in the said petition, and to make and execute good and sufficient deed or deeds to convey the same; Provided however, that the said Daniel Safford shall, and do first give his bond with sufficient surety or sureties to the Judge of Probate, for the County of Es. sex, and to be approved of by bim, upon the condition that he shall apply the proceeds of the sale of said land, towards the extinguishment of the levy aforesaid, by said Newhall, and that be shall account for, and pay over the balance, (if any) to the heirs at law of the said Susanna.


Resolve granting a Tax for the County of Dukes County..

June 13tb, 1823.

Whereas the Treasurer of the County of Dukes County, has presented his account to the Legislature, which accounts have been examined and allowed: And whereas the Clerk of the Court of sessions for said County, has exhibited an estimate made by said Court of the necessary charges, which may

arise within the said County, for the year Eighteen Hundred and Twenty-four, and for other purposes stated in the said estimate :

Resolved, That the sum of One Thousand Dollars, be and hereby is granted as a Tax for the said County of Dukes County, to be apportioned, assessed, paid, collected and applied for the purposes aforesaid, according to law.


Resolve for paying the Messenger of the General Court.

June 13, 1823.

Resolved, That there be allowed and paid out of the Public Treasury, to Jacob Kuhn, in full for his services as Messenger to the General Court, and for his care of the State House, including those services mentioned in a resolve passed on the nineteenth day of October, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fourteen, for the year commencing the thirtieth day of May last, one thousand Dollars, payable quarter yearly :

And bis Excellency the Governor, with the advice of Council, is requested to draw his warrant accordingly.


Resolve on the petition of William Going.

June 13th, 1823.

Resolved, That, from and after the passage of this resolve, two dollars per week shall be added to the pay of William Going, keeper of the State prison, to be paid out of the treasury of this Commonwealth.


Resolve on the petition of Elizabeth Ryan.

June 13th, 1823.

On the petition of Elizabeth Ryan, praying that all the right and interest of the Commonwealth, in and to a certain house and lot of land on which it stands in Marblehead, in the County of Essex, now in the occupancy of said Elizabeth, may be released to her :

Resolved. For reasons set forth in the petition of the said Elizabeth Ryan, that this Commonwealth do hereby release to the said Elizabeth Ryan, her heirs and assigns, all the rigbt, title and interests of the Commonwealth, in the house and land of her late husband, situate in said Marblehead, and in her occupancy as described in her petition.


Resolve on the communication of the Commissioners appoint

ed to make sale of Eastern Lands.

June 13th, 1823.

The standing Committee of both Houses on Eastern Lands, to whom was committed the Report of the Agents appointed by a Resolve, passed the 30th January last, to make sale of the lands set off and estimated by the Commissioners appointed under the act for the separation of Maine from this Commonwealth, to be of the value of thirty thonsand dollars, have had the subject under consideration, and we find, by the provisions contained in the fifth section of said act, this Commonwealth was obligated to assign said lands to the State of Maine, or in lieu thereof, pay to said State the said sum of thirty thousand dollars, but as the lands aforesaid have been sold conformable to said resolve, as appears by said report; it of course follows that provision must be made for the payment of said sum to the State of Maine, on or before the first day of October next. And we have also considered that part of said report which suggests the propriety of authorising said agents to sell certain lots and islands at private sale, and we judge the same to be proper and expedient.

The Committee therefore ask leave to report the following Resolves :

Which are respectfully submitted.


Resolved, That the Commonwealth do elect to pay to the State of Maine, the sum of thirty thousand dollars in lieu of the lands assigned and set off to the State of Maine, by the Commissioners, under the act of separation, as an indemnifi. cation to the said State, for the duties and obligations assumed by the same towards the lodians therein.

Resolved, That the sum of thirty thousand dollars be paid out of the Treasury of this Commonwealth, to such agent or agents of the State of Maive, as may be duly authorized to receive the same, in full consideration for assuming the obligations of this Commonwealth, towards the Indians within said State ; and His Excellency the Governor, with the advice of Council, is requested to draw his warrant for said sum on the Treasurer, conformably to the fifth section of the act for the separation of Maine, from Massachusetts, in favor of such agent or agents; and the Treasurer is hereby authorized to borrow the said sum or any part thereof, if necessary.

Be it further resolved, That the agents appointed by resolves passed the 30th day of January last, be and they are hereby authorized to sell the Islands and lots of land, situate in the State of Maine, belonging to this Commonwealth, at private or public sale, as in their opinion may be most for the interest of this Commonwealth, and for the parties concerned, and on such terms and conditions as they may judge reasonable, with authority to convey the same by good and sufficient deeds.

Resolved, That the Secretary of the Commonwealth be requested, and he hereby is requested and instructed to communicate the foregoing resolves to the Governor of Maine, for the information of the Government of that State.

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