projects visiting Egypt and the East.-Proceeds to Spain.--Encouraged to

neys of Major Peddie; Captain Campbell ; Mr. Ritchie.-Their unhappy Re-
sults.-Denham and Clapperton cross the Great Desert.-Lake Tshad.- Arri.
val at Kouka.-The Sheikh el Kanemy.-Expedition to Mandara.-Angornou.
-Death of Lieutenant Toole.-Clapperton goes to Kano.-Appearance of the
Country.--Arrival at Sockatoo.-The Sultan Bello.- His Suspicions of the
English.-His Promises.-His Map of the Niger.-Information respecting
Park.- Return of Denham and Clapperton.-Death of Mr. Tyrwhit.-Clap-
perton's second Journey.-He reaches Sockatoo from Benin.-Ill received.
-His Death. Results of his Travels.-Major Laing reaches Tombuctoo.
Assassinated.-Travels of Caillié.-His Account of Tombuctoo.-Expedi-
tion of the two Landers, and the Discovery of the Debouchement of the Ni-
ger. - -


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