Original Letters, Illustrative of English History: To 1586

Henry Ellis
Harding, Triphook, & Lepard, 1824

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Side 100 - VIII, c. 10 (Egyptians, 1530), as "outlandish people, calling themselves Egyptians, using no craft nor feat of merchandise, who have come into this realm and gone from shire to shire and place to place in great company, and used great, subtle and crafty means to deceive the people ; bearing them in hand, that they by...
Side 296 - ... the sixe and twentieth yeare of King Henry the eight, gathered out of the Chronicle of Crackeropes, and (as they terme it) the Legend of Lossels.
Side 254 - N'a c'y de moi que la moitié: Une part te reste , elle est tienne ; Je la fie à ton amitié Pour que de l'autre il te souvienne.
Side 41 - Mi' cheas whom thou wilt hate, because I must tell thee truly that this marriage is unlawful ; and I know I shall eat the bread of affliction and ' drink the water of sorrow ; yet because our Lord hath put it into my mouth, I must speak it.
Side 101 - Egyptians, or which hath disguised him or herself like them, shall remain in the same one month at one or several times, it is felony without benefit of clergy.
Side 85 - Forest on fire, and consumed him to nothing. This friar, when he saw the fire come, and that present death was at hand, caught hold upon the ladder, which he would not let go ; but so unpaciently took his death, that no man that ever put his trust in God never so uuquietly nor so ungodly ended his life.
Side 146 - Maiesties loginge is far from my Lorde Marques chamber. Of my other grief I am not eased, but the best is that whatsoever other folkes wil suspect, I intende not to feare your graces goodwil, wiche as I knowe that I never disarued to faint, so I trust wil stil stike by me.
Side 181 - ... is but imprisonment for a short time ; and, if they will refuse to say mass, for fear of that imprisonment, they may do therein as they will ; but none of your new service (said she) shall be used in my house, and, if any be said in it, I will not tarry in the house.
Side 277 - ... and at the good sports she had had in the park ; advising this lord to carry a wary watch over his words and actions...
Side 35 - Lee cited to appear by a day, she utterly refused the same, saying, that inasmuch as her cause was before the pope, she would have none other judge; and therefore would not take me for her judge.

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