Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge, Volume 32

American Philosophical Society., 1838

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Pagina 98 - Spirits, at the same time, are to be fired by a spark sent from side to side through the river without any other conductor than the water ; an experiment which we some time since performed to the amazement of many.
Pagina 98 - Society of London, a present of a glass tube with some account of the use of it in making such experiments. I eagerly seized the opportunity of repeating what I had seen at Boston; and, by much practice...
Pagina 98 - Make a small cross of two light strips of cedar, the arms so long as to reach to the four corners of a large thin silk handkerchief when extended ; tie the corners of the handkerchief to the extremities of the cross, so you have the body of a kite ; which, being properly accommodated with a tail, loop, and string, will rise in the air, like those made of paper; but this being of silk is fitter to bear the wet and wind of a thundergust without tearing.
Pagina 98 - Collinson, Fellow of the Royal Society of London, a present of a glass tube, with some account of the use of it in making such experiments.
Pagina 99 - While you, Great George, for safety hunt, And sharp conductors change for blunt, The empire's out of joint. Franklin a wiser course pursues, And all your thunder fearless views By keeping to the point.
Pagina 99 - I have never entered into any controversy in defence of my philosophical opinions; I leave them to take their chance in the world. If they are right, truth and experience will support them ; if wrong, they ought to be refuted and rejected.
Pagina 242 - Report of the Chief Signal Officer to the Secretary of War for the year ending June 30, 1871.
Pagina 99 - The king's changing his pointed conductors for blunt ones is, therefore, a matter of small importance to me. If I had a wish about it, it would be that he had rejected them altogether as ineffectual. For it is only since he thought himself and family safe from the thunder of heaven that he dared to use his own thunder in destroying his innocent subjects...
Pagina 98 - Tis true the sphere does not turn so swift as when the great wheel is used ; but swiftness we think of little importance, since a few turns will charge the vial sufficiently.
Pagina 98 - To the end of the twine, next the hand, is to be tied a silk ribbon, and, where the silk and twine join, a key may be fastened.

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