the rights of his family to the Duchy of Ol- for me to indulge such hopes, because you denburgh.Such are, my Lord Duke, the yourself, my Lord Duke, had constantly in grounds which I have been ordered to point the course of the first interviews which folout, and the admission of which, in what lowed my communications, encouraged them, relates to the evacuation of the Prussian by the justice which you did to tļie spirit in States and Swedish Pomerania ; the reduc- which those communications were conceivtion of the garrison of Dantzic to its esta- ed, at once conciliatory and pacific, and blishment, previous to ihe 1st of January chiefly directed to satisfy his Ai jesty the ; and the promise of a negocrator with

with Emperor Napoleon, with respect to all the Sweden can alone render possible an ami- requisitions he has hitherto made of Russia. cable arrangement between our Courts. - His Majesty the Emperor and King, in the It is with much regret, notwithstanding the course of the audience granted me on April time which has elapsed since I communi- 27, having desired that I should innmedi. cated them verbally to your Excellency, ately discuss with your Excellency the prothat I still find myself altogether uncertain positions which I was directed to make, had with respect to the effects of my proceed induced me to contemplate the possibility ings. —Notwithstanding the favourable of giving an account to the Emperor, my inferences which I was happy to draw. from master, after the lapse of a very little tine, the interview which his Imperial and Royal of the reception his offers had met with. Majesty was pleased to grant me on Mon- Never did circumstances of a more urgent day, as well as the assurances I received nature justify a desire, and entreaties confrom your Excellency, I cannot forbear 10 sequent thereon, to receive a speedy an. inform your Excellency anew of that which swer; nevertheless, iny Lord Duke, I have I represented to his Majesty the Emperor, not yet received one. My pressing and reas well as formerly to you, viz. that if to iterated applications, my daily visits to my great regret the intelligence should your Excellency, have been attended with reach me that Count Lauriston had quitted no other result but your refusal to enter Petersburg, I would conceive it my duty to into an explanation with respect to the proapply immediately for passports, and quit positions in question, grounded on a want Paris. PRINCE ALEX. KURAKIN. of orders to that effect from his Imperial

and Royal Majesty. It is impossiole, my Copy of a Nole from Prince Kurakin to the Lord Duke, io deceive oneself as to the

Minister for Foreign Relations.Paris, fatal effects which such delays as these must 230 April (7th of May) 1812.

inevitably produce. The daily increasing My Lord Duke, --Near fifteen days have proximity of the armies of his Imperial elapsed since I have made the communica and Royal Majesty and his Allies to the tions enjoined by my last instructions, Russian Empire, inay, in a moment, bring brought by Baron Serdobin, and which I about events, after which all hope of the hastened to submit to you two hours after preservation of peace must vanish; and I had received them. I had the honour which, indeed, at this very time have depersonally to inform his Imperial and Royal stroyed the probability of preserving it. Majesty, in the course of the audience The only method by which Europe may be granted on Monday, the 27th of the same saved from the evils which menace nier, is month, of those propositions of the Empe- the acceptance of the conciliatory offers ror, my august inaster, which constituted which the Emperor, my master, has orthe immediate object thereof. The hopes dered me to make. Yet not only no answer which I had reason to entertain, from all that from your Excellency has informed ine that his Majesty was pleased to say, in the course they were accepted, but you have also hiof the audience, with respect to his anxious therto refused to enter into the explunation desire to prevent, by conciliatory steps, a I have solicited, and still solicit, with re-rupture, which threatens Europe with a spect to the manner in which those offers new war, induced the agreeable expecta- are viewed, or to what, in the aggregate tion that my proceedings would succeed to of our propositions, inay not have proved the satisfaction of the Emperor, my master, agreeable io the Emperor. -Amidst the whose wishes have never been other than critical circumstances in which the two Emfor the preservation of peace, and his alli- pires are placed, the prolongation of such ance with France, and to have the essen- delays to explanations calculated to produce tially equitable and moderate mode, through reconciliation, admits of no other interpre. me, become the basis of an amicable ar- tation than a pre-conceived resolution not to rangement. It was the more reasonable enter into any explanation of the kind, and

consequently an election of war, I must not ing to your Excellency fresh 'assurances of Conceal from your Excellency, that as this my high consideration. is the point of view in which I must consi.

· THE DUKE OF BASSANO. der any new delays which may prevent my receiving a categorical answer to the com- Copy of the Answer of Prince Kurakin lo munications which I have made, pursuant the above Note. Paris, April 27, to the orders of the Emperor, my master; I must shorofore

( May 9,) 1812. Duke, that if, in the course of the inter My Lord Duke I have just received a view which you have fixed for to-morrow,

letter from your Excellency, dated this I should be still so unfortunate as to find day; and you will permit me to evince my you unprovided with instructions from the great surprise at the question it contains, Emperor to give me an answer to my pro- and which I imagined i had completely positions, and that an answer assuring me obviated by the frankness with which í that they are accepted without any modifi- had communicated, without any reserve cation whatsoever for your Excellency is whatever, the final instructions which I fully aware that I am not authorized to 'ad- received from His Imperial Majesty my mit of any), I shall in that case find my- august master. Your Excellency is aware self, in consequence of the departure of his of the conciliatory propositions which forin Majesty, the Emperor and king, which is the object of them, and which clearly and announced for to-morrow, and which will decisively prove the anxious, wish of my preclude all hope of the expected answer, august master, to preserve peace and his placed under the necessity of considering alliance with the Emperor Napoleon. I the withholding of such answer as an indi- am always ready to arrange with you as to cation of an election being made of war, the most proper form to give them, by a and my further stay at Paris is altogether Convention which I will sign with you, superfluous; and deeply regretting that I sub spe rati, although unprovided with have not been able to contribute to the pre- particular and special powers for the pur.. servation of that peace and alliance, in the pose ; and I can safely answer your Exestablishment of which it has been the cellency, in consequence of the perfect : greatest happiness of my life to have par- knowledge I have of the intentions of the ticipated for the last five years, I shall be Emperor, my master, and of the intellia obliged to demand passports from your Ex- gence I have received of his design to cellency, to enable me to quit France; and transmit to me full and special powers, I earnestly request that in such case you

that in the event of the basis proposed by will obtain orders from his Imperial and 'me being agreed to by His Majesty the Royal Majesty to grant them without delay. Emperor and King, the arrangement which Receive, my Lord Duke,

I shall sign, will be ratified by His Imof my high consideration.

perial Majesty. I must observe to your PRINCE KURAKIN.

Excellency, that even if I were in pos-. session of, at this time, full special powers

for the purpose, according to established Copy of a Nole from the Minister for Fo- custom, still the ratification of the two

reign Relations to Prince Kurakin, the Sovereigns would be necessary, before the Russian Ambassador. -- Paris,' 9th act could receive full and complete vaMay, 1812.

lidity. I have to express my deep regret,

that, in the midst of such urgent circumSir-I have received the Notes which stances, when every instant may produce, you

did me the honour to address to me on the commencement of hostilities, the silence the 10th of April and the 7th of May. which has been observed by the Minister Before I can possibly answer them, I must of His Imperial and Royal Majesty, during. inquire of your Excellency whether you the long period of fifteen days, with rehave full powers vested in you to form, spect to the manner in which His Majesty conclude, and sign an arrangement of the viewed the basis of arrangements which I differences which have arisen between the have been ordered to present to him, should two Powers; and in case you have received have so considerably retarded the possibisuch powers, I must beg, that, in con- lity of concluding them. -I must exformity to the Custom of all Cabinets, you press to your Excellency my astonishment. will make a preliminary communication to at your thinking the explanation into which, that effect. I have the honour of offer. I have entered, or rather repeated, neces


sary (as I have had already the honour of which you think should determine me to very explicitly detailing in our former in- prolong my stay at Paris, and not to press terviews every thing that constitutes the for my passports.

-This silence, on your present question), before you could answer part, places me exactly in the same situamy notes of the 30th of April and the 7th tion as when I first required them.-—--Not of May.-—- Your Excellency does not men- having been able to obtain from you the oftion that of the 6th of May, to which Ificial and written explanation which I re• have an equal right to require, and do quired, of the reasons which should induce equally require, an answer. I earnestly me to postpone my departure--an expla

tural you will itt ne travo tuc uiret nation which I reckoned on being able to answers as soon as possible. They must submit to the notice of my august master, contain explanations which are indispensa- in order the more fully to acquaint him of bly necessary to enable me to fulfil the the hope which you entertained of the still very positive duties imposed upon me by existing possibility of an accommodation the situation in which I am placed.--I find myself compelled to renew my Receive, my Lord Duke, fresh assurances most pressing solicitations for passports, of my high consideration.

grounded upon the unhappily too great cerPRINCE ALEX. KURAKIN. tainty that my presence here can be of no

longer use. I beg your Excellency may Copy of a Lelter from Prince Kurakin to have the goodness to make his Royal and

the Minister for Foreign Relations. Imperial Majesty acquainted with this forPuris, 29 April (11 May), 1812. mal requisition, on my part, the first time My Lord Duke-I intended going this

you may

have any communication with morning to your Excellency's, for the pur

him. I indulge a hope, that his Majesty is pose of reminding you that I had not re- too well aware of, and will too readily call ceived an answer to my letter of yesterday, to mind, the personal attachment which when I received that which you did me the has caused me so zealously to fulfil my duty, honour to write me last night, some hours in endeavouring to preserve peace and conprevious to my departure, which, from cord between the two empires, to admit of what you had the goodness to state to me, his supposing, that the requisition I make I did not suppose would have taken place for permission to quit my post is grounded for two or three days longer. Although upon any thing but the complete and painyou are so kind as to say I shall have the ful certainty I feel, that every hope of being passports which I required, I have received able, in the character of a negociator, to only that for the Gentleman of the Chamber, bring about a reconciliation is cut off.Kologrivoff, on which even it is not noted Although I have to acknowledge many perthat it is for a courier going to Petersburg. sonal obligations to your Excellency, I shall

- I beg your Excellency to send me the consider it as a greater proof of friendship three others which you promised me for

than you have yet honoured me with, if you the persons attached to my chapel and will exert yourself to enable me to quit a household, and who are to set off with place which you must be aware it cannot be carriage drivers for Vienna, already en otherwise than extremely painful to me to gaged for the purpose, and with respect continue in, since the departure of his Royal , to whom not being able to send them away and Imperial Majesty, and that of your at the appointed time, I have suffered a loss Excellency, deprive me of the satisfaction of the price agreed on with them for the of thinking that I am capable of effecting carriage from here to Prody.—Your Ex- any thing useful.--I am about to quit cellency has not thought proper to answer Paris, never to return thither. I shall rethe three communications, made to you on

main at my country-house at Sevres, till the 30th of April and the 6th and 7th of your Excellency shall have sent me my May, with respect to the more important passports. I shall there anxiously expect objects of our intercourse, notwithstanding your Excellency's answer to enable me to the established custom of answering every

set off, having already made eyery necesofficial communication made by an Åmbas- sary arrangement for the purpose, and sent sador, in a manner so authentic, and under away such part of my household as I could such pressing circumstances. Neither have dispense with, only retaining the few seryou written to me, according to promise, yants who are to accompany me on my to acquaint me with the motives which in journey.--I renew, my Lord Duke, the duce you to consider an arrangement be- assurances of my high consideration. tween the two Powers as yet possible, and


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Copy of the Answer of Count Romanzoff to shall give to them, and which we are de

the Note of the Minister for Foreign Re- sired by Prince Kurakin to expect, will de lations of the 25th April. Wilna, May binitively settle the important question of 7 19), 1812.

peace or war. - - The moderation which My Lord Duke,—The Count de Nar- marks that I have now the honour of adbonne has given in the dispatch which dressing to you, offers you, my Lord Duke, your Excellency confided to him. I have ample security that any overture that may not delayed a moment to place it before be made of a pacific nature, will be the Emperor: Tits Ivafesty, at ww. f.!.. amxiously accented

is ful to the line of conduct which he origi- niuch pleased with the step which has nally marked for himself, always persever taken with respeci to the British Govern ing in a mere system of defence, in short, ment. He is grateful for the attention of always more moderate in proportion as the the Emperor Napoleon in informing him developement of his power enables him to thereof. He will always duly appreciate repulse with greater vigour such attempts

the sacrifices which that Sovereign shall as might be inade against the interests of make, in order to promote the conclusion his Empire, and the dignity of his Crown, of a general peace, for the attainment of is satisfied to adhere to the wish with which which great and attractive o'ject, no sacriyou, my Lord Duke, conclude the interest-fices can, in his opinion, be too consider. ing communication of

able. I have the honour to offer to your your Court. Con. stantly seeking to prove how much he has Excellency, &c. &c. it at heart to avoid everything which

COUNT DE ROMANZOFF. might infuse into his connexion with France a spirit of animosity and acerbity, copy of a Letter from the Minister for. Fosuch as would endanger its continuance, he has directed me not to enter into

reign Affairs to Count Lauriston, Am. refu

any tation of alleged grievances, nor to oppose

bassador of his Imperial and Royal Ma. assertions which, for the most part, are

jesty, at St. Petersburg.-Dresden, May

20, 1814. grounded upon imputed facts, quite destitute of probability, and upon hypothesis al I have the honour, Count, to send you together gratuitous. The dispatches ad copies of two notes from Prince Kurakin, dressed to Prince Kurakin, by the Baron de dated the 30th of April and 17th of May, Serdobin, have partly anticipated the an- of a note which I addressed to that Ambasa swer to all the accusations which have been sador on the 9th of the same month, and of made. They have represented, in its the answer which he returned to me on the true light, the loyal conduct which the Em- same day; and, lastly, of a note of the 11th peror has observed in all liis relations with of May, which reached me yesterday, and France. They have given, with respect to by which Prince Kurakin renews, in the our armaments, explanations, confirmed in most pressing manner, his demand of his such a degree, as appear to have even out- passports.His Majesty, Court, could stripped the hopes of the Emperor Napo- never have believed that this Ambassador leon. Since, notwithstanding the mevacing would have taken so much upon himself: movements of his armies beyond a line, he thinks it fit that you should, by a note, where, for the security of our frontiers, addressed to the Count de Soltikoff, de they ought to have stopped, affairs continue mand passports for yourself, iu order to here in the same state as at the time of the proceed to the Count de Romanzoff to departure of the last Courier. Indeed, Wilna, or to any other place of meeting not a single man has entered the territory that shall be appointed. You will anof Prussia, or that of the Duchy of War. nounce to Count Soltikoff, that the commusaw, and no new obstacle has tended on nications with which you are charged, and our part to prevent the continuance of which you cannot make but to the Chancelpeace. On the contrary, the last instruc- lor or to the Emperor himself, are as im. tions which Prince Kurakin has received, portant as they are urgent.

-You will furnish him with ample means of termi. show Count Romanzoff all the documents nating all differences, and of opening the which I transmit to you. You will express negociation which your

Court desires. the astonishment which his Majesty must We have learned with satisfaction, the re- have felt, when I gave him an account of ception which our propositions have met proceedings so unexpected, and so conwith on the part of the Emperor Napoleon. trary to the dispositions which the Emperor The official answer which your Excellency Alexander manifested to yourself: wheu hé


perceived, that in the notes of the Russian sions to his Majesty, has been unable to obAmbassador, the evacuation of Prussia tain permission to pass the frontier into his was put forward as a condition upon which States, and that it has been necessary for France was not even to deliberate-a con- 'him to turn back.-Acts so extraordinary dition such as his Majesty had never pro- require to be cleared up. His Majesty, not posed after the greatest victories; when, in being previously apprized of the nature of fine, by the demand of the independence of the commụnications with which your

Excel-' Prussia, his independence was violated, in lency is charged, faithful to his own sys

owfull... slow vidimuy course asmuch as the destructing hoe hoon ineistond on of those political engagements which he of things in the relations of the two Cabi, has contracted in the exercise of the right nets, invites you, Mr. Ambassador, to which belongs to all Sovereigns. You choose rather not to quit St. Petersburg, will, Count, make it be felt sensibly, how and to have the goodness to do me the homuch the notes of Prince Kurakin are, in nour to address to me, in writing, the their form, and by their contents, opposed munications which you have to make, or to those pacific dispositions, of which that else to convey them, in writing, directly to Ambassador had given the assurance; by his Inperial Majesty, at your own option; what spirit of conciliation his Majesty is and in order to afford you the means of so induced to suppose, that in presenting their doing, his Majesty has commanded me to notes and combining to them the demand of place, for this purpose, at your disposal, his passports, he has trangressed the the Sieur Baereus, an Officer in the corps of bounds prescribed to him, and with what Field, who will have the honour to deliver regret, if they were really the expression you this letter.-I entreat your Excelof the intentions, and the result of the lency, &c. COUNT DE ROMANZOFF. Orders of the Court of Petersburg, his Majesty would see every hope vanish, of suc- copy of a Leller from Count de Lauriston ceeding, by a negociation, which he has

to Count Romanzoft. St. Pelersburg, been constantly soliciting for nearly two

31st May (12th June), 1812. years, in the adjustment at last of the differences that divide the two countries. Sir, Count,—The goodness which I have You will insist, Count, on obtaining expla- experienced on the part of his Majesty the nations which may still leave the way open Emperor Alexander, the marks of confifor an accommodation. I have the honour dence with which he had condescended to to be, &c. &c.

honour me, prevented me from foreseeing

any obstacle to the journey which I proposed Copy of a Letter from Count Romanzoff to to make to Wilna. I had, therefore, made Count Lauriston. Wilna, 27th May ing the very violent rheumatic pains which

arrangements for my journey, notwithstand(81h Fune), Evening, 1812.

I have suffered for many days, sensible of Mr. Ambassador, -His Imperial Majesty all the importance of the communications has just been informed by Count Solcikoff

, which I was charged to make to his. Mathat your Excellency had demanded pass- jesty, or to your Excellency, under circumports, for the purpose of attending his Ma- stances when the smallest delay might be jesty, with a view to execute in person the injurious.- What, then, was my astoorders which you had received from the nishment on receiving your Excellency's Emperor, your master. -Though, in the letter !

I saw all my hopes vanish; I saw midst of his troops, his Majesty would have that I had deceived myself in the idea I had felt pleasure in withdrawing himself for of the confidence which I supposed his Maa short time from his present occupations, jesty would be pleased to confer on me, in-s in order to receive near his person the Am

asmuch as he refuses me any direct commubassador of a Sovereign, his Ally; but a nication either with himself or with your circumstance, totally foreign to all his Ma- Excellency, at a moment when this confijesty's thoughts, prevent him. -He has dence, which I believed I had merited by just learned that the course of the post by my conduct, by my invariable zeal for the letters between his Empire and foreign na

maintenance of the alliance, might be, as tions, has been suspended at Memel, and, I have no hesitation to say it would have according to every appearance, all commu- been, of the greatest adyantage to the two nication with his Empire prohibited.

Empires. The reasons even which

your He has since been informed, that one of his

Excellency has put forward to prevent my Couriers, returning from one of his mis

(To be continued.)

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