arms, or munitions of war, or articles of vessel with dispatches destined for the Unitprovisions, are transported or attempted to ed States, and which shall have departed be transported, together with such naval or from any port or place in the United Kingmilitary stores, arms, or munitions of war dom of Great Britain and Ireland or its deor provisions, shall be forfeited to the use pendencies, on or before the 1st day of of the United States, and the person or September next, shall not be liable to be persons aiding or privy to the same, shall captured or condemned, but the same shall severally forfeit and pay to the use of the be permitted to enter and depart from any United States, a sum equal in value to the port or place in the United States ; prowaggon, cart, sleigh, boat, or thing, by vided, that nothing herein contained shall which the said naval or military stores, be construed to affect any cartel or vessel arms, or munitions of war, or articles of with a Aag of truce. Sec. 6. And be it provision are transported, or are attempted further enacted, that the President of the to be transported; and shall inoreover be United States be, and he is hereby authoconsidered as guilty of a misdemeanour, rized to give, at any time within six months and be liable to be fined in a sum not ex- after the passage of this act, passports for ceeding 500 dollars, and be imprisoned for the safe transportation of any ship or other a term not exceeding six months, in the property, belonging to the British subjects, discretion of the Court : provided that no- and which is now within the limits of the thing herein contained shall extend to any United States.--Sec. 7. And be it furtransportation for the use or on account of ther enacted, That every person, being a the United States, or the supply of its citizen of the United States,, or residing troops or armed force.--Sec. 3. And be therein, who shall receive, accept, or obit further enacted, That the Collectors of tain a license from the Government of the several ports of the United States be, Great Britain, or any officer thereof, for and the same are hereby authorized to seize leave to carry any merchandise, or send and stop naval and military stores, arms, any vessel in any port or place within the or the munitions of war, or any articles of dominions of Great Britain, or to trade provision, and ship or vessel, waggon, cart, with any such port or place, shall, on consleigh, boat, or thing by which any article viction for every such offence, forfeit a sum prohibited as aforesaid is shipped or trans- equal to twice the value of such ship, merported, or attempted to be shipped or chandise, or articles of trade, and shall transported, contrary to this act. -Sec. 4. moreover be deemed guilty of a misdemeaAnd be it further enacted, That no ship or nour, and be liable to be imprisoned not vessel belonging to any citizen or citizens, exceeding twelve months, and to be fined subject or subjects of any state or kingdom not exceeding one thousand dollars. in amnity with the United States, except

H. CLAY, such as at the passing of this act shall be- Speaker of the House of Representatives. long to the citizen or citizens, subject or

WM. CRAWFORD, subjects, or such a state or kingdom, or President of the Senate, pro tempore. which shall hereafter be built in the limits of a state or kingdom in amity with the

Approved, JAMES MADISON. United States, or purchased by a citizen or July 6, 1812. citizens, subject or subjecis of a state or kingdom in amity with the United States aforesaid, from a citizen or citizens of the

OFFICIAL PAPERS. United States, shall be admitted into any port or place of the United States, unless French account of the Battles of Salamanca forced by a stress of weather, or for neces

and Castella. sary repairs ; and any ship or vessel belong

BARCELONA, Aug. 1.-On the 27th of ing to a citizen or citizens, subject or sub- July, at three o'clock in the morning, an jects of any state or kingdom in amity with expedition, consisting of the brigades Lathe United States aforesaid, except such marque, Devaux, and Clement, marched ships and vessels as are above excepted, from this, and arrived in the evening at which shall, from and after the first day of Martorell. Orders were then given to the November next, enter or attempt to enter, troops to march all night, and to attack any port or place aforesaid, the same, with Monserrat at the break of day. Some musher cargo, shall be forfeited to the use of ket shots discharged by the sentinels of the the United States.- -Sect. 5. And be it insurgent army apprized the enemy of our further enacted, That any British packet or approach, and at day-light we found oure selves in front of the entrenched position of enemy was disconcerted by so unexpected Casa Masana, where the corps of Manso an attack, and consented to capitulate. By was drawn up in order of battle. Disposi- the capitulation, which was signed by the tions were instantly made to carry the en- Adjutant Commandant Ordonneau, Chief trenchments. The enemy was overthrown of the Staff, and the English Colonel and pursued to the gates of Manresa. Our Green, the garrison were to be prisoners of troops then moved rapidly upon the con- war, and to be conducted to Barcelona. vent, the approaches to which had been -The loss of the enemy has been very recently strengthened with works. The considerable, as well at the attack of Casa road is commanded by a fort which the Masana as at that of the fort of Dimas, of English had caused to be constructed at the Colbato, and Menistrol. These actions hiermitage of St. Dimas, higher up than will have the most fortunate results ; they the convent, in a position almost inaccessi- have been extremely brilliant for all the ble. Our troops passed under the fort, troops, which clambered up, under the notwithstanding the multitude of balls, enemy's fire, those rocks which appeared stones, and fragments of rocks which the to be inaccessible. The 29th and 30th Anglo-Catalan regiment stationed there were employed in destroying and blowing showered down upon them. M. Lafaille, up the fort, the works of the enemy, and a Chief of the battalion of Engineers, entered part of the Convent. Thus the insurgents, the convent with the foremost of the troops; who had prepared one of the finest religious but they were continually under the fire and edifices in christendom, by transforming it the projectiles from the fort of St. Dimas. into a fortress, and in making it an arsenal

The column of the Chief of Battalion Sar- and a depot for all articles necessary for rere, advancing by Colbato, drove away war, are alone to blame for the destruction every enemy that opposed it, and arrived of this celebrated monument, the object of on one of the points of the mountain in the ancient veneration of the people.front of the fort, from which it greatly an- We have brought to Barcelona the English noyed the garrison by a well-supported fire Colonel Green, one Lieutenant-Colonel, 15 of musketry. -The Adjutant Command officers, and 260 non-commissioned officers ant, Ordonneau, and M. Lafaille, Chief of and privates of the Anglo-Catalan force, the battalion of Engineers, with a detach- which were formed, paid, and commanded ment of the Voltigeurs of the 111th regi- by the English. This was the basis of ment of the line, clambered up to the gate that corps on which the authors of the of the fort, by steps cut nearly perpendi- Catalonian insurrection founded their greatcularly in the rock, and in which a few re-est hopes. solute men would have easily arrested the progress of the strongest columns. The VALENCIA, July 20.-For a considerable enemy called in their outer posts, and de- time past, a combined attack upon the army stroyed the bridge which led to the fort of Arragon, and a descent upon the coasts across a precipice. Major Chevalier, of either of Catalonia or Valencia, has been the 11th of the line, then advanced upon contemplated at Majorca and Alicant. On the summits of the rocks situated in front of the 10th, the Marshal Duke d'Albufera had the fort, and summoned the English Com- an interview at Reus with the Commander mander to surrender; but received an an- in Chief Decaen. The junction of their. swer in the negative. General Clement columns upon the coast drove Lacy off, and then directed Lafaille, Commandant of En- frustrated the expedition from Majorca. A gineers, to reconnoitre the position in which part of the flect was separated from the our two pieces of mountain cannon would whole. On his return to Valencia, on the be placed with advantage. These guns had 12th, the Marshal found Villacampa at the been brought by 150 men of the third light gates of Lina, with 1,000 men; while regiment, of the 11th and 115th, and ar- Passecour, at the head of 1,500, was emrived at the position at two in the morning ployed in the attack of Cossentes and Reon the 29th. The remainder of the night guena; and Ouda and Segorba were mewas employed in the construction of batte- naced by a small body of troops. His Exries, which began to play at day-break. cellency ordered-General La Fosse to march They were placed within less than musket with the 121st, the 8th Neapolitan, and shot from the fort. Our voltigeurs, sta- some cuirassiers ; at the head of these he tioned in the highest points of the rocks, routed the enemy. In the mean time the kept up a continual fire on the works, and army of Murcia, which had effected a juncfavoured the action of the artillery. The Lion, and had been reinforced, seemed dis

posed to attack in front of Xucar. On the the fort, and proceeds immediately to the 21st, an English fleet of ten sail, of which field of battle, while General Harispe is four were ships of the line and four frigates, calling in, from Alcoy, the reserve of the and the remainder sloops and transports, artillery and the cuirassiers, and the flank appeared before Valencia, and having the companies of the 116th.Gen, O'Donwind in their favour, passed rapidly on nel had made a brisk attack. General Defrom Denia to Cullera, between the mouths lort, who had taken up an advantageous of the Xucar and the Albufera, seeming as position, kept up a heavy and severe fire if they were just about to land, and keep with his artillery. The 24th dragoons, ing up a fire on the forts, which in return when they arrived on the right, hung upon fired on them. The Marshal Duke of Al- the left wing of the enemy, who were much bufera immediately adapted measures for harassed in consequence, and brought up their repulse. He recalled Gen. La Fosse two field-pieces against the cavalry as they from Reguena, and the 121st from Segorba. marched. In the mean time, Colonel Me The 14th proceeded with all possible speed silop having arrived on the left, General from Aleira to Cullera ; and the 4th hus- Delort did not think proper to delay any sars, the artillery, and a part of the 1st longer. The troops expected this time with light battalion, and the 114th, made a confidence, and on the signal being given, forced march in the night to the part of the as fiery as they had before been cool, they coast which had been menaced.- -To- rushed upon the enemy on all sides, the wards the evening, by good luck, quite un cavalry and artillery in a trot, and the inexpected, the wind changed suddenly, and fantry making a running charge. Colonel blew with such violence from the east, that Bubessi leads the dragoons straight forward the fleet, after having passed the night in against the battery which was playing on vain efforts, was obliged to luff and bear them with grape.' It is carried in an inaway on the 22d. In the course of the stant, the artillerymen are put to the night the Commander in Chief visited the sword, a brigade of infantry, who supportcoast, and made himself the various dispo ed the guns, are attacked at the same onset; sitions of the troops. At the same time broken, and made prisoners. The infantry General Harispe, at the head of the 2d di- and the cuirassiers at the same time make vision, had advanced before Alcoy, in pre- their way into Castella, carrying every sence of the army of Murcia; the 1st bri- thing before them. They complete the rout gade to Castella, under the orders of Gene- of the enemy's entire line, which flies on ral Delort, and the second to Ibi, com- all sides. The streets of Castella are manded by Colonel Mesilop. General Ha- strewed with dead bodies, and Reramberrispe, foreseeing the attack, had chosen a ger, the commandant of a battalion, comcentral position, where the troops were to pels 400 men, who have taken refuge in the rendezvous and receive it. From the for- citadel, to lay down their arms.- After mer evening the movements of the enemy this brilliant success, Colonel Mesilop haswere known, and the necessary arrange-tily returns to Ibi with his column. The ments made. On the 21st, by day-break, enemy was in the village, he attacks and the Commander in Chief, Joseph O'Don- overthrows him, and drives him beyond nel, at the head of four columns, attacked the ravine, leaving behind him a great Delort, who, pursuant to his instructions, number of killed and prisoners; then asretired en echellon, and called in upon the sembling his forces, he pursues him from point fixed upon the camps of Biar and position to position across the rocks, till the Oiull. No sooner was the first shot fired reserve of the 116th appearing upon the than Colonel Mesilop, whose troops were mountains in his rear, complete his defeat. ready, and under arms, marched to join the loss of the enemy in this affair is General Delort, when he was himself at supposed to be as much as 3,600 in killed, tacked by a corps of 6,000 men, command- wounded, and prisoners. The Brigadier ed by the English General Roche, who had General Laban, and several officers of rank, come by Xixona. With the assistance of are among the killed; among the prisoners the guns in the little fort of Ibi, with the are four Colonels, five Lieutenant-Colonels, voltigeurs of the 44th, and a handful of 125 officers of minor rank. We have not cuirassiers, he stops the progress of the lost more than 233 killed and wounded. enemy as they are passing a ravine, and -Colonel Mesilop, whose conduct durrepulses them; but faithful to his orders, ing the whole action was highlw praisewot he leaves some companies to observe the thy, had his horse killed under him. Gemotions of the enemy with the garrison of nerals, officers, and soldiers, all performed their duty with the utmost zeal, and con- of General Borde Soult, of General Pajol, tributed to the success of this glorious day. and General Nansouty, has narrowly escap

The head-quarters of the Duke of Al. ed destruction.-Prince Bagration, with bufera are now at Cullera.

the 5th corps stationed more in the rear, marches towards the Dwina. He set out

on the 30th of June from Wolkowitsk 10 OFFICIAL PAPERS.

Minsk. The King of Westphalia enNORTHERN WAR. - Bullelins of the

tered Grodno the same day. The division Grand French Army.

Dombrowski passed it first. The Hetman

- Fifth Bulletin, Platow was still at Grodno with his Cos(continued from page 318.)

sacks. When charged by the light cavalry to the right, and made for Ochmiana. Ge- of Prince Poniatowski, the Cossacks were neral Baron Pajol arrived at that place with dispersed in every direction. Twenty his light cavalry at the moment when Doc- were killed and 60 made prisoners.- -At torow's advanced vanguard entered it, Grodno were found materials for 100,000 General Pajol charged. The enemy was rations of bread and some remains of inaga. sabred and overthrown in the town; he zines. It had been foreseen, that Balost 60 men killed and 18 prisoners. Gen. gration would have fallen back upon the Pajol had five men killed and some wound. , Dwina, by drawing as near as possible to

This charge was made by the 9th re-. Dunabourg; and the General of Division, giment of Polish lancers. Gen. Docto- Count Grouchy, had been sent to Bogdarow, seeing his route intercepted, fell back now. He was on the 3d at Trabmi. Marupon Olchanoni. Marshal the Prince of shal the Prince of Echmuhl, reinforced by Eckmuhl, with a division of infantry, the two divisions, was on the 4th at Wichnew. Cuirassiers of the division of Count de Va- If the Prince Poniatowski had vigorously lence, and the second regiment of light ca- pressed the rear-guard of Bagration, that valry of the guard, moved upon Ochmiana, corps would have been endangered. -All in order to support General Pajol. The the enemy's corps are in a state of the corps of Doctorow, thus cut off and driven greatest uncertainty. The Hetman Platow towards the South, continued to prosecute ' was still ignorant on the 30th of June, that the movement on the right by forced Wilna had been two days in the possession marches, with the sacrifice of its baggage. of the French. He took the direction toUpon Smoroghoni, Danowchoff, and Rowards that city, as far as Lida, at which bouilncki, whence he made for the Dwina. place he changed his route, and moved toThis movement had been foreseen. Gen. wards the South.-The sun during the Nansouty, with a division of Cuirassiers, whole of the 4th re-established the roads. the division of Light Cavalry of Count Every thing is now organizing at Wilna. Bruyere, and Count Moraand's division of The suburbs have suffered by the vast infantry advanced to Mikailitchki, with a crowds of people that rushed into them view to cut off this corps. He arrived on during the continuance of the tempest. the 3d at Swin, at the time when it passed There was a Russian apparatus there for that place, and pushed it briskly. He 60,000 rations. Another has been estas took a large number of waggons,

and blished for an equal number of rations. obliged the enemy to abandon some hun- Magazines are forming. The head of the dreds of baggage-carts. —The uncertain convoys arrives at Kowno by the Niemen. ty, the anxiety, the marches, and counter Twenty thousand quintals of four, and a marches which these troops had endured, million rations of biscuit, have just arrived the. Satigues which they had undergone, here from Dantzic. must have made them suffer severely:Torrents of rain fell during thirty-six hours, Sixth Bulletin of the Grand French Army. without intermission. The weather has suddenly changed from extreme heat to

Wilna, July 11, 1812. very severe cold. Several thousand of The King of Naples continues to follow horses have perished by the effects of this the enemy's rear-guard. On the 5th he sudden transition. Convoys of artillery met the enemy's cavalry in a position upon have been stopped by the mud. --This the Dwina. He caused it to be charged by terrible storm, which has fatigued both the brigade of light cavalry, commanded by men and beasts, has unavoidably retarded General Baron Subervie. The Prussian our march; and the corps of Doctorow, regiments, the Wirtembergers and Poles, which successively fell in with the columns which form a part of this brigade, charged

with the greatest intrepidity. They over- | 8th. He found there considerable magaturned a line of Russian dragoons and hus-zines of flour, hay, clothing, &c. Bagrasars, and took 200 prisoners, with their tion had already arrived at Novoi-Sworhorses. When they arrived on the other giew: perceiving that he was anticipated, side of the Dwina, they broke down the he sent orders to burn the magazines ; but bridges, and showed a disposition to de- the Prince of Eckmuhl did not give time fend the passage of the river. General for effecting these orders. The King of Count Montbrun then brought up his five Westphalia was on the 9th at Nowogrodek; batteries of light artillery, which, during General Regnier at Konina : magazines, several hours, carried destruction into the baggage waggons, quantities of medicines, ranks of the enemy. The loss of the Rus- and straggling parties, fall into our hands sians has been considerable. General every instant. The Russian divisions are Count Sebastiani arrived on the same day straying in these countries without any preat Vidzoni, whence the Emperor of Russia viously arranged route, pursued on every had departed on the preceding evening. side, losing their baggage, burning their

Our advanced guard is upon the magazines, destroying their artillery, and Dwina.--- General Count Nansouty was, leaving their places without defence. on the 5th of July, at Postavoni. In order General Baron Colbert took, at Vileika, a to pass the Dziana, he proceeded six miles magazine of 300 quintals of flour, a hunfarther on the right of the King of Naples. dred thousand rations of bread, &c. He The General of brigade, Roussel, with the found also at Vileika a chest contain9th regiment of Polish light cavalry, and ing 200,000 francs, in copper money. the 2d regiment of Prussian hussars, passed --All these advantages have scarcely the river, overthrew six Russian squadrons, cost the French army a man. Since the sabred a great number, and took 45 pri- opening of the campaign there have been soners, with several officers. General Nan- but about thirty killed in all the corps, souty praises the conduct of General Rous- about 100 wounded, and ten prisoners; sel, and mentions, with commendation, whilst we have already taken from Lieutenant Borke, of the Prussian hussars, 2,000 to 2,500 Russian prisoners. the Sub-Officer Kranse, and the hussar, The Prince of Schwartzenberg passed Lutze. His Majesty has granted the in- the Bug at Droghitschin, pursued the enesignia of the Legion of Honour to General | my in different directions, and made himRoussel, and to the Officers and Sub-of- self master of many baggage carts. The ficers above-named.-General Nansouty Prince of Schwartzenberg praises the retook 130 Russian mounted hussars and ception he has met with from the inhabitdragoous prisoners. On the 3d of July ants, and the spirit of patriotism which the communication was opened between animates these countries. Thus, ten days Grodno and Wilna by Lida. The Hetman after opening the campaign, our advanced Platoff, with 6,000 Cossacks, when driven posts are upon the Dwina. Almost the out of Grodno, moved towards Lida, and whole of Lithuania, containing four millions found there the French posts. He descend of inhabitants, has been conquered. The ed to Ivie on the 5th.- -General Count operations of the war commenced at the Grouchy occupied Witchnew, Traboni, passage of the Vistula. The projects of and Soubotnicky. General Baron Pagol the Emperor were from that time plainly was at Perchia ; General Baron Bade Soult uufolded, and he had no time to lose in carwas at Blackchtoni; Marshal the Prince ofrying them into execution. Thus, the Eckmuhl was in advance of Bobrowitzki, army has been making forced marches from pushing heads of columns in every direc- the period of passing that river, in order to tion.- Platoff retreated precipitately on advance by means of manoeuvres upon the the 6th, to Nikolaew.-Prince Bagration Dwina, for the distance between the Vistula having set out in the beginning of July from and the Dwina is greater than that between Wolkowisk on his route for Wilna, was the Dwina and Mosjere or Petersburg. intercepted in his march. He turned back The Russians appear to be concentrating with a view to reach Minsk; anticipated themselves upon Dunaburg: they give out there by the Prince of Eckmuhl, he altered that it is their intention to wait for us and his direction, gave up his intention of pro- to give us battle before we enter their anceeding towards the Dwina, and moved to cient provinces, after having abandoned wards the Boristhene, by Bobruisk, across Poland without a contest; as if they were the marshes of Beresina.- Marshal the constrained by justice, and had wished to Prince of Eckmuhl entered Minsk on the restore a country badly acquired, is as much

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