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Michigan territory who have not joined the Return of Ordnance taken in the Fort and army.-II. All public stores, arms, and all Batteries at Detroit, Aug. 16, 1812. public documents, including every thing Iron ordnance--9 twenty-four pounders, else of a public nature, will be immediate-8 twelve-pounders, 5 nine-pounders, 3 sixly given up. III. Private persons and

pounders. Brass ordnance - 3 six-poundproperty of every description will be re-ers, 2 four-pounders, 1 three-pounder, 1 spected.-IV. His Excellency Brigadier-eight-inch howitzer, 1 five and half inch General Hull, having expressed a desire diito. Total of ordnance, 33. that a detachment from the state of Ohio,

Felix TROUGHTON, on its way to join his army, as well as one

Lt. Com. Royal Artillery. sent from Fort Detroit, under the command of Colonel M'Arthur, should be included

N. B. No time to take an inventory of in the capitulation, it is accordingly agreed

ordnance stores, &c. and no return could be to. It is, however, to be understood, that procured from the American officer. such part of the Ohio militia as have not joined the army will be permitted to return Proclamation by Isaac Brock, Esq. Majorto their homes, on condition that they will

General, commanding His Majesty's not serve during the war; their arms will be delivered up, if belonging to the public

Forces in the Province of Upper Canada,

bc. -V. The garrison will march out at the hour of twelve this day, and the British

Whereas the territory of Michigan was forces will take immediate possession of the this day, by capitulation, ceded to the arms fort.

of His Britannic Majesty, without any other J. MACDONELL, Lieut.-Col. Militia, condition than the protection of private proP. A. D. C.

perty; and wishing to give an early proof J. B. GLEGG, Major, A. D. C. of the moderation and justice of His MaJames Miller, Lieut.-Col. 5th U. S. jesty's Government, I do hereby announce Infantry.

to all the inhabitants of the said territory, E. BRUSH, Colonel commanding. Ist that the laws heretofore in existence shali Regiment of Michigan Militia.

continue in force until His Majesty's pleaApproved,

sure be known, or so long as the peace and W. Hull, Brig.-Gen. commanding of; and I do hereby also declare, and make

safety of the said territory will admit therethe N.W. Army.

known to the said inhabitants, that they Approved, ISAAC BROCK, Major-Gen.

shall be protected in the full exercise and An Article Supplementary to the Articles enjoyment of their religion, of which all

of Capitulation, concluded at Detroit, the persons, both civil and military, will take 16th Aug. 1812.

notice, and govern themselves accordingly. It is agreed, that the officers and soldiers

-All persons having in their possession, of the Ohio Militia and Volunteers shall be or having any knowledge of any public pormitted to proceed to their respective property, shall forthwith deliver in the homes, on this condition, that they do not same, or give notice thereof to the officer serve during the present war, unless they commanding, or Lieut. Col. Nicholl, who are exchanged.

are duly authorized to receive and give proW. HULL, Brig. Gen.

per receipts for the same.-Officers of Micommanding V. S. N. W. Army. in possession of the militia-men be immedi

litia will be held responsible, that all arms Isaac BROCK, Major-Gen.

ately delivered up, and all individuals An Article in addition to the Supplementary whatever who have in their possession arms

Article of Capitulation, concluded at De- of any kind will deliver them up without troit, Aug. 16, 1812.

delay ---Given under my hand, at DeIt is farther agreed, that the officers and troit, this 16th day of August, 1812, and in soldiers of the Michigan Militia and Volun- the 52d year of His Majesty's reign.

Isaac Brock, Major-Gen. teers, under the command of Major Wetherall, shall be placed on the same principles as the Ohio Militia and Volunteers are

SUBLIME HUMBUG. placed by the supplementary article of the 16th inst.

Of all the instances, in which the people W. HULL, Brig. Gen. of England have been deceived as to the commanding N. W. Army U.S. events of the war, the most complete is re

Isaac Brock, Major-Gen. corded in the following documents; to wit,

Ist, An article published in the London the 4th September the enemy made a reCourier of the 7th of Oct. 1812; 2d, An connoissance in force, and was driven back Extraordinary Gazette, published by the with loss. On the 5th September, the Government on the same day, with Lord French attacked the lest, and were repulsed Cathcart's Letter ; 3d, three Articles froin with considerable slaughter, both in the St. Petersburgh, published in the Courier action and in the retreat, and with the loss of the same day; 4th, Two Russian Bul- of seven or eight pieces of ordnance. letins relating to the battle of Mojaisk (or On the 6th September nothing of conseBrodino); 5il, Two French Bulletins, giv- quence took place; but Prince Koutousoff ing an account of the same battle, and of brought up his reserves, completed his disthe arrival of Napoleon in Moscow. positions, and added several intrenchments

and batteries on his left.-On the 7th No, I.

Sepleinber, under cover of a thick mist, A great Victory gained by the Russians!! the French again attacked the left with

A very different account, thank Hea- great impetuosity, and with all the means ven: is given of this battle from that com- have hitherto employed in their most des

and successions of fresh troops that they municated in the French Bulletin. The Russians claim a signal victory, and have perate exertions. They were received celebrated it at Peiersburgh by the dis- 1 by the divisions of grenadiers belonging to charge of 101 guns, and by TE DEUM,

thie left wing, commanded by Prince Baat which all the Royal Family assisted gration ; and the centre of the Russian line They report that Davoust was killed, and having in its turn attacked the mass directMurat and Ney taken. The 18th Bulletined against the left, the affair becawe genie

ral. informed us that " Davoust had received

-Prince Koutousoff dates his disno injury,” but said nothing of Murat and patch from the field of battle. —The eneNey having been taken; nor did it make

my are stated to have covered their retreat the slightest mention of any French Gene- by the Wirtemberg infantry, and by large rals made prisoners, though we have no corps of cavalry. General Platow, how doubt there were. Buonaparté confessed

ever, with the Cossacks, followed them, having had six Generals killed, and seven

and killed or took great numbers. The or eight wounded. Montbrun or Caulin- enemy retreated upwards of thirteen versts court, who were killed, may have been

I have detained this dispatch two days, in mistaken for Davoust.

expectation of further events, and of a more detailed report; but as letters have been re

ceived as late as the 9th September, I have No. II.

thought it expedient to transmit, in its preThe London Gazette Extraordinary. sent form, the account of an affair which Forcign Ofice, Oct. 7, 1812.-A dispatch, must for ever add lustre to the military of which the following is a copy, was this achievements of this empire, and which, day received by Viscourt Castlereagh, His though it may not be decisive, must at least Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for prove a most important feature in the hisForeign Affairs, from his Excellency Vis- tory of this war.--I have seen letters count Cathcart, His Majesty's Ambassador

from distinguished officers of great expeExtraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the rience; they consider this as by far the Court of the Emperor of ALL THE Russias. they ever witnessed, infinitely beyond that

most dreadful and destructive engagement St. Petersburgh, Sept. 13, 1812. of Prussian Eylaw.-Several General My Lord,-I am most happy in having Officers have been wounded, besides those to begin my correspondence from St. Pe- named; and the loss of officers of other tersburgh, by announcing that the arms of ranks is stated to have been in proportion his Imperial Majesty have been victorious to that of the men. I have not heard the in a most obstinate and general action, Russian loss estimated at less than 25,000 fought on the 7th September, at the village men.” -The loss of the French should be of Brodino, between Mojaisk and Tjate, intinitely greater, because of the pursuit, on the great road from Smolensk to Mos- and because the fre of their artillery ceased COW. - It appears that Buonaparté had at an early hour, while that of the Russiaus concentrated his forces after the affair of continued as long as the guns could be Smolensk.-- Prince Koutousoff, on his bronght to bear. - The new raised troops part, had selected a position, and had esta- | from Moscow were brought up, and appear blished his forces in its vicinity. On to be perfectly efficient. Those who were

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engaged behaved well. The right wing, O.S. (7th Sept.) not very far from Moswas not much called upon; and of the cow, in which the whole of the two grand Guards one battalion only is stated to have armies were engaged, and the enemy's sustained any loss. -Reports have been completely defeated. It is said the image received of the junction of the head of the of the VIRGIN MARY was brought from arıny from Moldavia with General Torma- the Cathedral of Moscow, and placed in zofi's corps, which, with another corps, front of the Russian army before the battle. consisting of several divisions, which has General Koutouzoff and all liis officers then joined that officer, will amount to an army pledged themselves, by a solemn oath, to of eighty thousand men, of the best de conquer or die. This ceremony operated scription. The corps of eighteen thou- on the Russian army like electricity, and sand men which embarked at Helsingfors, the attack instantly commenced, with an has landed at Revel, and is by this time impetuosity beyond all example. The near Riga, which will lead to an immediate slaughter of the enemy is said to be imreinforcement of General Wittgenstein's mense, and he was already driven fifteen corps.- Too much praise cannot be given wersts from the field of. battle, when the to the national spirit which animates all dispatch was sent off, which was done beranks of the Russians, especially those pro- fore any account of the number of killed, perly so called, and the most sanguine ex. wounded, and prisoners could be made up, pectations which were formed of their con that the account might reach the Emperor duct have been exceeded.-- It appears yesterday, being St. Alexander's day. that much reliance was placed by Buona- This intelligence arrived just as the Impeparte on the effects of his attempts to intro- rial Family were going to church, and it duce French principles, and a popular cry may easily be imagined with what grateful of emancipation and liberly; but that they feelings the TE DEUM (always sung on have been received as an artifice lo destroy that day) was celebrated. The victory their liberty and their religion ; and it is was announced to the public by the disvery confidently asserted, that he has given charge of 101 great guns from the citadel, very strong marks of indignation against and the town illuminated in the evening. those upon whose reports of the disposition

It is said that Davoust is among the of the people he relied. I have enclosed killed, Murat and Ney among the prisoners.. herewith translations of the Bulletins of the affairs of the 5th and 7th September, new

St. Petersburgh, 12th Sepl. N.S. style.The accounts of the battle of the At ten o'clock a Courier had arrived from 7th reached the Emperor early on the Prince Koutouzoff, dated 111 wersts in the morning of his name-day, which is always neighbourhood of Mojaisk, that he had celebrated with religious and other ceremo- been attacked by the French at Borodina, nies, and illuminations. His Imperial Ma- and, in a general engagement, the French jesty immediately sent an Aid-de-Camp lo were repulsed at all points, leaving 25,000 notify il lo me; and after divine worship killed and wounded, and 16,000 prisoners. in the Cathedral, in presence of their Im- | The official Bulletin was expected to be perial Majesties and the whole Court, an printed every moment, and it was with officer was ordered to read the Bulletin dilliculty they could make the Russians take aloud, which gave the populace an oppor- any prisoners. When the Courier had left tunity of expressing their exultation. -A the field of battle, the Russians had broken corps of militia, of ten thousand men, re- through the centre of the French army, ceived their colours this morning, and are which retired precipitately three wersts, to march in two days from hence.

and Platoff was in pursuit with the Uhlans I have the honour to be, &c. and Cossacks. - This is the report of the

CATHCART. Minister to the people. The important

victory was announced by the firing of guns No. III.

from the citadel. St. Pelersburgh, Aug. 30,0. S./ Sepl. 11).

St. Petersburgh, Sept. 13. We have, thank God! glorious news This moment has been published the of. from the interior. No news of the battle ficial account, that General Koutouzoff has is published yet, and consequently we can- totally defeated the French, and takeni not discriminate what is official from what 20,000 prisoners, among whom are the is only report. Certain it is, that a general | Viceroy of Italy and Marshal Ney. Da. and-bloody battle was fought on the 26th, vouse is dead. Another account says,

that the battle was fought 20 wersts from enemy had made on the 5th instant, with a Moscow, on the (27th ult.) 8th Sept. It considerable force upon the left flank of our is said that Murat is among the prisoners. ariny, nothing of importance was under

Various other letters from St. Peters- taken against us during the whole of the burgh have been received; they all agree 6th. But yesterday, at day-break, that is that the result of the battle was in favour to say, about four o'clock in the morning, of the Russians. It is stated in some of the enemy, availing himself of the foggy them that the French lost 100 pieces of weather, again directed the whole of his cannon. One of them concludes with ob- forces against our left fank. The batile serving, that the rejoicings at St. Peters- became general, and lasted until night: the burgh on account of the victory was exces- loss on both sides is great; that of the sive: he says he could not write for the enemy, to judge from his terrible attacks roaring of cannon.

upon our fortified position, must greatly

have surpassed ours. Your Imperial Ma. No. IV.

jesty's troops sought with incredible valour.

The batteries passed from the possession of (Translalion.)- Bulletin 4.

one party to that of the other, and the rePrince Koutouzoff, General of Infantry, sult was, that the enemy, with his superior Commander in Chief of all the armies, re- force, has, in no one part, gained an inch ports to his Imperial Majesty as follows, of ground. I remained at night master of from the village of Brodino, under date of the field of battle. So soon as I shall have the 6th September:--- After my last most recruited my troops, supplied my artillery, humble report to your Imperial Majesty, in and augmented my forces by reinforcements, which I aunounced that I was waiting the from Moscow, I shall, trusting in the asattack of the enemy in the position of Bro-sistance of the Almighty, and the incredible dino, the 5th September, the enenay di- valour of the army, see what I can under. ; rected a very strong force against our left cake against the enemy. -Prince Bagraflank, which was commanded by Princetion, to our great regret, has been wounded Bagration. Observing the impetuosity with in the foot by a ball. Lieutenant-Generals which the main force of the enemy threw Toutschkoff, Prince Gortschakoff, Majorthemselves upon this point, I judged it Generals Bachustieff, Counis, Worouzoff necessary, in order to fix his attack, to di- and Krecotf, have been wounded. We rect it against the heights, which had been have taken from the enemy some prisoners, previously fortified. The engagement last some guns, and a General of Brigade. It ed, with great obstinacy, from two o'clock is still night; and I have not been able to until very late at night, and your Majesty's procure any more details.His Imperial troops displayed on that day the bravery Majesty, in acknowledgment of the distinwhich I had observed from my first joining guished services of the General of Infantry, the army. The second division of cuiras- Prince Koutouzoff, has been pleased to apsiers being obliged to make its second attack point him Marshal General, and to grant to in the dusk, particularly distinguished it- him 100,000 roubles, and also five roubles self, and in general all the troops, so far to each soldier who has had a share in this from losing an inch of ground, defeated the memorable battle. enemy on every side, with much greater loss than they sustained themselves : eight

No. V. guns were taken, of which three, being rendered totally useless, were left on the Eighteenth Bulletin of the Grand French held. Many officers deserve to be indi Army.--Mojaisk, Sept. 10, 1812. vidually named to your Majesty, a list of

On the 4th the Emperor set out from whom I shall forthwith have the happiness Ghjat, and encamped near the post of Gritof transmitting; for the present

I confine

-The 5th, at six o'clock in the myself to giving your Majesty a precis.

morning, the army put itself in motion,

At two in the afternoon, we perceived the (Translation.) Bulletin B.

Russians formed with their right upon General Prince Koutouzoff, Commander Moskwa, the left upon the heights on the in Chief of the armies, makes most respect left bank of the Kologha. At 1,200 toises fully to his Imperial Majesty the following in advance of the left, the enemy had be: report from the field of baule at the village gun to fortify a fine height, between two of Brodino, the 8th of September. woods, where they had placed 9 or 10,000 Since my report of the attack which the men. The Emperor having reconnoitred



it, resolved not to lose a moment, and to did at Austerlitz, at Friedland, Vitepsk, at carry this position. Orders were given to Smolensk: and that the latest posterity may the King of Naples to pass the Kologha, speak of your conduct this day with pride with the division Compans and the cavalry. that it may say of you, He was at that Prince Poniatowski, who had marched on great battle under the walls of Moscow.' the right, was in a condition to turn the At the Imperial Camp, on the heights of position. At four o'clock the attack com- Borodino, 7th Sept. three o'clock a. m." menced. In one hour the enemy's redoubt -The army answered with reiterated was carried, with the cannon; the enemy's acclamations. The ground on which the corps driven from the wood, and put to ariny stood was spread with the dead bom flight, leaving the third part on the field of dies of the Russians killed the preceding battle. At seven in the evening the firing day, Prince Poniatowski, who was on ceased. On the 6th, at two o'clock in the right, put himself in motion to turn the morning, the Emperor surveyed the the forest on which the enemy rested his enemy's advanced posts: the day was pass. left. The Prince of Eckmuhl marched on ed in reconnoitring. The eneniy were in a the skirt of the forest, the division Composition much contracted. Their left was pans at the head. Two batteries of 60 weakened by the loss of the position on the cannon each, commanding the enemy's poday before; backed by a large wood, sup- sition, had been constructed in the night. ported by a fine height, crowned by a re-l -At six o'clock, General Count Sorbier, doubt, planted with twenty-five pieces of who had armed the battery on the right

Two pther heights, crowned with with the artillery of the reserve of the redoubts at 100 paces from each other, guard, commenced the fire, General Perprotected their line, as far as a large village netty, with thirty pieces of cannon, put which the enemy had destroyed, to cover himself at the head of the division Comthe ridge with artillery and infantry, and pans (4th of the 1st corps), who skirted the to support the centre. Their right extend-wood, turning the head of the enemy's poed behind the Kologha, in the rear of the sition. At half past six General Compang village of Borodino, and was supported by was wounded; at seven the Prince of Eck.

two fine heights, crowned with redoubes, muh) had his horse killed. The attack adit and fortified with batteries. This position vanced; the musketry commenced. The

appeared strong and favourable. It was Viceroy, who formed our left, attacks and easy to manoeuvre, and to oblige the enemy carries the village of Borodino, which the to evacuate it, but that would have been enemy could not defend; that village being renouncing our object, and the position was on the left bank of the Kologha. At seven not judged sufficiently strong to render it the Marshal Duke of Elchingen put himself necessary to avoid fighting. It was easy to in motion, and under the protection of sixty perceive that the redoubts were but half pieces of cannon, which General Foucber formed, the fosse shallow, and neither pa- had placed the evening before against the lisaded nor defended with chevaux-de-frise. enemy's centre, bore upon the centre. A We reckoned the enemy's force at about thousand pieces of cannon spread death on 120 or 130,000 men. Our forces were all sides. At eight o'clock the positions equal, but the superiority of our troops of the enemy were carried, his redoubts was not doubtful. On the 7th, at two taken, and our artillery crowned his in the morning, the Emperor was surround-heights. The advantage of position which ed by the Marshals in the position taken the enemy's batteries had enjoyed for two the evening before. At half past five hours, now belonged to us. o'clock, the sun rose without clouds: it which had been occupied against us during had rained the preceding evening. " This the attack, were now to our advantage. is the sun of Austerlitz," said the Empe- The enemy saw the barile lost, which he ror. Though but the month of September, thought had only commenced. A part of it was as cold as a December in Moravia. his artillery was taken ; the rest was with The army received the omen: the drum drawn to his lines in the rear. In this exbeat, and the following order of the day tremity he attempted to restore the combat, was read: Soldiers ! there is the field and to attack with all his masses those of battle you have so much desired! hence- strong positions which he was unable to forth victory depends on you: it is necessa- protect. Three hundred pieces of French Ty to us: it will give us plenty, good quar- cannon placed on these heights, thundered ters for the winter, and a speedy return to upon his masses, and his soldiers died at your country. Behave yourselves as you the foot of those parapets which they had

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