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that the battle was fought 20 wersts from enemy had made on the 5th instant, with a Moscow, on the (27th ult.) 8th Sept. It considerable. force upon the left flank of our is said that, Murat is among the prisoners. army, nothing of importance was under

Various other letters from St. Peters. taken against us during the whole of the burgh have been received; they all agree 6th. But yesterday, at day-break, that is that the result of the battle was in favour to say, about four o'clock in the morning, of the Russians. It is stated in some of the enemy, availing himself of the foggy them that the French lost 100 pieces of weather, again directed the whole of his cannon, One of them concludes with ob- forces against our left flank. The battle serving, that the rejoicings at St. Peters- became general, and lasted until night: the burgh on account of the victory was exces- loss on both sides is great ; that of the sive: he says he could not write for the enemy, to judge from his terrible attacks. roaring of cannon.

upon our fortified position, must greatly
have surpassed ours.

Your Imperial Ma.
No. IV.

jesty's troops fought with incredible valour.

The batteries passed from the possession of
Translation.)- Bulletin 4.

one party to that of the other, and the rePrince Koutouzoff, General of Infantry, sult was, that the enemy, with his superior Commander in Chief of all the armies, re. force, has, in no one part, gained an iach ports to his Imperial Majesty as follows, of ground. I remained at night master of from the village of Brodino, under date of the field of battle. So soon as I shall have the 6th September:--- After my last most recruited my troops, supplied my artillery, humble report to your Imperial Majesty, in and augmented my forces by reinforcements which I announced that I was waiting the from Moscow, I shall, trusting in the as attack of the enemy in the position of Bro-sistance of the Almighty, and the incredible dino, the 5th September, the enery di- valour of the army, see what I can underrecued a very strong force against our left take against the enemy.- -Prince Bagraflank, which was commanded by Prince Lion, to our great regret, has been wounded Bagration. Observing the impetuosity with in the foot by a ball. Lieutenant-Generals which the main force of the enemy threw Toutschkoff, Prince Gortschakoff, Majorthemselves upon this point, I judged it Generals Bachiustieff, Counts, Worouzoff necessary, in order to fix his attack, to di- and Kreloff, have been wounded.

We rect it against the heights, which had been have taken from the enemy some prisoners, previously fortified. The engagement last some guns, and a General of Brigade. It ed, with great obstinacy, from two o'clock is still night; and I have not been able to until very late at night ; and your Majesty's procure any more details. His Imperial troops displayed on that day the bravery Majesty, in ackuowledgment of the distinwhich I had observed from my first joining guished services of the General of Infantry, the arıny. The second division of cuiras- Prince Koutouzoff, has been pleased to apsiers being obliged to make its second attack point him Marshal General, and to grant to in the dusk, particularly distinguished it-him 100,000 roubles, and also five roubles self, and in general all the troops, so far to each soldier who has had a share in this from losing an inch of ground, defeated the memorable battle. enemy on every side, with much greater loss than they sustained themselves : eight

No. V. guns were taken, of which three, being rendered totally useless, were left on the Eighteenth Bulletin of the Grand French held. Many officers deserve to be indi- Army.- Mojaisk, Sept. 10, 1812. vidually named to your Majesty, a list of On the 4th the Emperor set out from whom I shall forthwith have the happiness Ghjat, and encamped near the post of Grit. of transmitting; for the present I confine

- The 5th, at six o'clock in the myself to giving your Majesty a precis.

morning, the army put itself in motion,

At two in the afternoon, we perceived the
-- Bulletin B.

Russians formed with their right upon General Prince Koutouzoff, Commander Moskwa, the left upon the heights on the in Chief of the armies, makes most respect left bank of the Kologha. At 1,200 toises fully to his Imperial Majesty the following in advance of the left, the enemy had bereport from the field of baule at the village gun to fortify a fine height, between two of Brodito, the 8th of September. - woods, where they had placed 9 or 10,000 Since my report of the attack which the men. The Emperor having reconnaitred

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it, resolved not to lose a moment, and to did at Austerlitz, at Friedland, Vitepsk, at carry this position. Orders were given to Smolensk: and that the latest posterity may the King of Naples to pass the Kologha, speak of your conduct this day with pride with the division Compans and the cavalrythat it may say of you, He was at that Prince Poniatowski, who had marched on great battle under the walls of Moscow.'the right, was in a condition to turn the At the Imperial Camp, on the heights of position. At four o'clock the attack com- Borodino, 7th Sept. three o'clock a. M." menced. In one hour the enemy's redoubt -The army answered with reiterated was carried, with the cannon; the enemy's acclamations. The ground on which the corps driven from the wood, and put to ariny stood was spread with the dead boflight, leaving the third part on the field of dies of the Russians killed the preceding battle. At seven in the evening the firing day-Prince Poniatowski, who was on ceased. On the 6th, at tivo o'clock in the right, put himself in motion to turn the morning, the Emperor surveyed the the forest on which the enemy rested his enemy's advanced posts: the day was pass. left. The Prince of Eckmuhl marched on ed in reconnoitring. The enemy were in a the skirt of the forest, the division Composition much contracted. Their left was pans at the head. Two batteries of 60 weakened by the loss of the position on the cannon each, commanding the enemy's poday before; backed by a large wood, sup- sition, had been constructed in the night, ported by a fine height, crowned by a re-At six o'clock, General Count Sorbier, doubt, planted with twenty-five pieces of who had armed the battery on the right cannon. Two other heights, crowned with with the artillery of the reserve of the redoubts at 100 paces from each other, guard, commenced the fire, General Perprotected their line, as far as a large village netty, with thirty pieces of canuon, put which the enemy had destroyed, to cover himself at the head of the division Comthe ridge with artillery and infantry, and paus (4th of the 1st corps), who skirted the to support the centre. Their right extend wood, turning the head of the enemy's poed behind the Kologha, in the rear of the sition. At half past six General Compane village of Borodino, and was supported by was wounded ; at seven the Prince of Eck. two fine heights, crowned with redoubes, muh) had his horse killed. The attack adand fortified with batteries. This position vanced; the musketry commenced. The appeared strong and favourable. It was Viceroy, who formed our left, attacks and easy to maneuvre, and to oblige the enemy carries the village of Borodino, which the to evacuate it, but that would have been enemy could not defend; that village being renouncing our object, and the position was on the left bank of the Kologha. At seven not judged sufficiently strong to render it the Marshal Duke of Elchingen put himself necessary to avoid fighting. It was easy to in motion, and under the protection of sixty perceive that the redoubts were but half pieces of cannon, which General Foucher formed, the fosse shallow, and neither pa- had placed the evening before against the lisaded nor defended with chevaux-de-frise. enemy's centre, bore upon the centre. A We reckoned the enemy's force at about thousand pieces of cannon spread death on 120 or 130,000 men. Our forces were all sides.At eight o'clock the positions equal, but the superiority of our troops of the enemy were carried, his redoubts was not doubtful. On the 7th, at two taken, and our artillery crowned his in the morning, the Emperor was surround-heights. The advantage of position which cd by the Marshals in the position taken the enemy's batteries had enjoyed for two the evening before. At half past five hours, now belonged to us.

The parapets o'clock, the sun rose without clouds: it which had been occupied against us during had rained the preceding evening. “This the attack, were now to our advantage is the sun of Austerlitz," said the Empe- The enemy saw the battle lost, wirich he Tor. Though but the month of September, thought had only commenced. A part of it was as cold as a December in Moravia his artillery was taken ; the rest was with The army received the omen : the drum drawn to his lines in the rear. In this exbeat, and the following order of the day tremity he attempted to restore the combat, was read: Soldiers ! there is the field and to attack with all his masses those of battle you have so much desired! hence- strong positions which he was unable to forth victory depends on you: it is necessa- protect. Three hundred pieces of French Ty to us: it will give us plenty, good quar- cannon placed on these heightsy thundered ters for the winter, and a speedy return to upon his masses, and his soldiers died at your country, Behave yourselves as you the foot of those parapets which they had

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raised with so much labour, and as a pro-wounded. Our total loss may be estimated tecting shelter.—The King of Naples, at 10,000 men ; that of the enemy, at with the cavalry, made various charges. from 40 to 50,000. Never was there seen The Duke of Elchingen covered himself such a field of battle. Out of six dead with glory, and displayed as much intrepi- bodies, there were five Russians for one dity as coolness. The Emperor ordered a Frenchman. Forty Russian Generals were charge of the front, the right in advance; killed, wounded, or taken; General Bagrathis movement made us masters of three tion was wounded.- -We have lost the parts of the field of battle. Prince Poni- General of Division Montbrun, killed by a atowski fought in the wood with various cannon

on-ball; General Count Caulincourt, success. There still remained to the who was sent to occupy his place, was enemy his redoubts to the right. General killed by a shot of the same kind, an hour Count Morand marched thither, and car- afterwards. The Generals of Brigade ried them ; but at nine in the morning, at- Compere, Plauzanne, Marion, and Huart, tacked on all sides, he could not maintain were killed; seven or eight Generals were himself there. The enemy, encouraged by wounded, the most of them slightly. The this advantage, made bis reserve and his Prince of Eckmuhl has received no injury, last troops advance to try his fortune again. The French troops covered themselves with The Imperial Guards formed a part of glory, and displayed their great superiority them. He attacked our centre, which to the Russian troops.-Such, in a few formed the pivot to our right. For a mo- words, is a sketch of the battle of Moskwa, ment it was feared that he might carry the fought a few leagues in the rear of Mojaisk, village which was burnt; the division and twenty-five leagues from Moscow, near Friant advanced thither: 80 pieces of the little river Moskwa. We fired 60,000 French cannon immediately arrest, and cannon-shot, which are already replaced by then annihilate the enemy's columns, which the arrival of 800 artillery carts, which stood for two hours in close order under the passed Smolensko previous to the battle. chain-shot, not daring to advance, unwill. All the woods and villages from the field of ing to retire, and renouncing the hope of battle to this place are covered with dead victory. The King of Naples decided and wounded. We have found here 2,000 their uncertainty. He caused the 4th corps killed or amputated Russians. A number of cavalry to make a charge, who penetrated of Generals and Colonels are prisoners. through the breaches which our cannon- The Emperor was never exposed; neither shot had made in the condensed masses of the foot nor horse guards were engaged, or the Russians, and the squadrons of their lost a single man. The victory was never cuirassiers; they dispersed on all sides. uncertain. Had the enemy, when driven The General of Division, Count Caulin. from his intrenchments, not endeavoured court, Governor of the Emperor's Pages, to retake them, our loss would have been advanced at the head of the 5th regiment greater than his; but he destroyed his army of cuirassiers, overthrew every thing, and by keeping it, from eight o'clock till two, entered the redoubt on the left by its gorge. under the fire of our batteries, and in obstiFrom this moment there was no longer any nately attempting to regain that which was uncertainty. The battle was gained. He lost. This was the cause of his immense turned upon the enemy the 21 pieces of loss.- -Every one distinguished himself. cannon which were found in the redoubt. The King of Naples, and the Duke of ElCount Caulincourt, who had distinguished chingen, were peculiarly conspicuous.himself in this fine charge, has terminated The artillery, and particularly that of the his career. He fell dead, struck by a bul- guards, surpassed itself. The actions let; a glorious death, and worthy to be en- which have rendered this day illustrious vied.- It was now two in the afternoon; shall be made knowu in detailed reports. the enemy had lost all hope; the battle was 6 Monsieur Bishop of the passage ended, the cannonade still continued; the of the Niemen, of the Dwina, the Borysenemy fought for retreat and safety, but no thenes, the combats of Mohilow, of the longer for victory.—The loss of the Drissa, of Polotsk, of Ostrowno, of Smoenemy is enormous ; from 12 to 13,000 lensko, and, in fine, the battle of Moskwa, men, and from 8 to 9,000 Russian horses, furnish so many respective reasons for adhave been counted on the field of batile: dressing thanks to the God of armies; our 60 pieces of cannon and 5,000 prisoners will, therefore, is, that on receiving this prehave remained in our power.- We have sent letter, you concert measures with those had 2,500 killed, and thrice that number to whom it of right belongs. Assemblemy

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people in the churches to chant prayers, to each company. -2d. The 1st division conformably to the usage of the Church in of grenadiers, consisting of the grenadiers similar circumstances. This letter having of the body guard, of St. Petersburgh, no other object, I pray God to have you in Ekaterinoslay, Taurida, Pawlowski, and his holy keeping: - -From our Imperial | Arakschezeff, commanded by Count Stroquarters at Mojaisk, the 10th of Sept. 1812. gonoff, and forming part of the 3d corps “ By the Emperor,

NAPOLEON. d'armée, was on the extremity of the left, “ The Minister Secretary of State,

in the rear of the battery, where it suffered 66 Count Darv.”

considerably by the fire of the artillery ; it was Aanked by two squadrons of cuirassiers,

which equally suffered without being Report to his Majesty the Emperor and brought into action. The respective strength King.

of these grenadier regiments amounted, beSire,—The result of the examination of fore the battle, to from 8 to 900 men. the prisoners, of whom the greater part are Their loss is estimated at one-third, which ignorant recruits, or men taken before the they ascribe to the cowardice of the officers, close and off the field of battle, as well as who abandoned their ranks, and concealed almost all of them wounded with bullets, themselves in the brush-wood. -Two and the greater part dying, has afforded me regiments of chasseurs attached to this dithe following information with regard to vision, which were stationed in advance, some divisions of the enemy's army.

were dispersed; their loss is unknown.1st. The 12th division, forming part of the A soldier, named Gregoriot de Pskow, who 7th corps, composed of the infantry regi- has served for nine years in the regiment of ments of Smolensko, Narva, Alexopol, and St. Petersburgh, declares, that he never New Ingria, as well as of the 6th and 41st saw his regiment give way as it did on this regiments of foot chasseurs, and command occasion. He says, that before the battle, ed by Major-General Palitzin, who had Gen. Koutouzoff rode along their line, and succeeded General Kulbakin, wounded at harangued his troops, which, however, did Mohilow, received its recruits, which were not produce much effect. This man adds, that drawn from depots, and brought up by he heard Major Dalin, the commandant of his Miloradowitz on the 3d instant, in conse- regiment, say, that about mid-day Beningsen quence of which the regiments of infantry had gone 40 versts beyond Mojaisk, to prewere raised to 800 each, and the chasseur pare there the means of defence : he believes regiments to 1.200, which makes the that he went to Little Viasma. strength of this division to have amounted, not known wliat had become of Tutsckow, before the battle, to 4,800 men, exclusive the Commander in Chief of the 3d corps, of two companies of artillery, with twenty- or of the 3d division of Kanowitzin, which four pieces of cannon, from 6 to 12 pound formed part of it. -3d. The ad division ers. On the day of the battle of the 7th of grenadiers, consisting of the regiments of September, this division was stationed of Astracan, Fanagoria, Kioff, Moscow, in the centre of the first line. About two Little Russia, and Siberia, cominanded by in the afternoon it had already' sustained Prince Charles of Mecklenburgh, and formgreat loyses, and was in want of ammuni- ing part of the 8th corps of Borosdin, was tion. A Lieutenant of the regiment of stationed on the 5th of September at the Alexopol, named Peter Voronin, who, great redoubt, which was taken on the same having been sent to the reserve to demand day, and where it lost its cannon, a Colo: more, lost his way among the brush-wood, nel, and more than the half of its men. and was taken after the retreat of the army, The regiments of this division were quite declares, that General Rajewsky, command full on arriving at Smolensko; but they had ing the corps d'armée, received a severe not more than 1,000 each on the 5th, becontusion, which obliged him to quit the fore the action ; and numbered not more held of battle, and that the General in that from 7 to 800 each, on thc morning Chief, Prince Bagration, was wounded. of the 7th, when they were in the village All the prisoners of this division agree in which they were charges to defend, in adstating, that it lost more than half of its vance of the batteries of the left fank. It number; that its confusion was complete at was at this time that the Prince of Meckthe time of its retreat; and that it owed its lenburgh was wounded.-4th. The 2d safety solely to Platow and Uvaroff, who corps of Bagavout had maneuvred on the covered it. Those of the 41st chasseurs 6th and 7th, in order to advance to the left say, that there. scarcely remained 50 men of the line, to support the 3d corps. AHL

-It was


the prisoners assert, that not one half of ictered Moscow. The enemy had raised on returned to Mojaisk.- The musketeer re- the Sparrow Mountain, two wersts from the giments of Minsk, Tobolsk, Volhynia, and city, some redoubts, which he abandoned. Krementschug, as well as the 4th and 34th -The city of Moscow is as large as chasseurs of the 4th division, commanded Paris ; it is an extremely rich city, full of by the Prince of Wirtemburg, amounted to palaces of all the nobles of the empire. 800 men each; and after the battle, none The Russian Governor, Rostapchin, wished of them could muster 400: it was the same to ruin this fine city when he saw it abanwith the regiments of Raizan, Belosersky, doned by the Russian army. He had armBresc, and Wilmanstradt, as well as the ed 3,000 malefactors, whom he had taken 30th and 48th chasseurs of the division of from the dungeons ; he also summoned toAlsoufeff. - A subaltern of the regiment gether 6,000 satellites, and distributed of Raizan, named Prohoroff, declares, that arms among them from the arsenal.his Colonel, Avens, was killed; and that Our advanced guard, arrived in the centre during the retreat, he saw on the bank of of the city, was received by a fire of musa the river, the General in Chief Tutsckow ketry, which issued from the Kremlin. wounded, as well as the Colonel of the The King of Naples ordered a battery of a grenadiers of Moscow. This corps had few pieces of cannon to be opened, disfew officers, killed, but many wounded. persed this rabble, and took possession of

5th. The 24th division of the 6th the Kremlin. We have found in the arsecorps, which was stationed in the grand nal 60,000 new muskets, and 120 pieces of central battery, mustered after the battle cannon on their carriages. The most comonly 30 men each company, though two plete anarchy reigned in the city; some days before they amounted to 100 each in drunken madmen ran through its different the regiments of Shirwansk, Butinkas, Usa, quarters, and every where set fire to them, and Tomsk; while the companies of the The Governor Rostapchin had caused all the 191h and 40ch chasseurs amounted to 115 merchants and shopkeepers to be carried off, men each, by means of recruits drawn from through whose instrumentality order might Novogorod-Sewersky.—6th. The 2d di- have been re-established. More than 400 vision of the guards, composed of the Is- French and Germans were arrested by his mailoff and Lithuanian regiments of grena- orders; in fine, he had taken the precaudiers, and of two chasseur regiments of the tion of carrying off the firemen with the guards, and of Finland, under the orders of fire-engines; so that the most complete General Lawroff, were stationed in line in anarchy has desolated this great and fine the rear of the three batteries on the left of city, and the flames are devouring it. We the centre.

These regiments suffered con- have found in it considerable resources of siderably from the artillery; but that of Is- every kind. The Emperor is lodged in the mailoff having advanced with the bayonet, Kremlin, which is in the centre of the city, was so vigorously charged by the cavalry, like a kind of citadel, surrounded by high that not inore than 40 men of each company walls. Thirty thousand wounded or sick were left to it. General Krapowitski, com- Russians are in the hospitals, abandoned, manding a brigade, and the Colonel of the without succour and without nourishment, regiment of Ismailoff, were there wounded. -The Russians acknowledge that they SOKOLNICKI, Gen. of Division,

lost fifty thousand men in the battle of the Charged with a special service. wounded. A list has been made of the

Moskwa. Prince Bagration was mortally Mojaisk, Sept. 10, 1812.

Russian Generals wounded or killed in the

battle: it amounts to between forty-five and Nineteenth Bulletin of the Grand Army. ffty.

Moscow, Sept. 16. After the battle of the Moskwa, the French army pursued the enemy upon Mos Twentieth Bulletin of the Grand Army. cow, by the three routes, Mojaisk, Sveni

Moscow, Sept. 17. gorod, and Kalouga.- The King of Na- The Russians have celebrated Te Deum ples was on the 9th at Koubinskoe, the for the battle of Polotsk. Te Deums bave Viceroy at Rouza, and Prince Poniatowski been sung for the battles of Riga, for the at Feminskoe. The head-quarters were on battle of Ostrowno, and for that of Smothe 12th transferred from Mojaisk to Pese-lensko. According to the Russian accounts, lina; on the 13th they were at the castle of they were every where conquerors, and Berwska; on the 14th, at mid-day, we en- they drove the French to a great distapce

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