raised with so much labour, and as a pro- | wounded. Our total loss may be estimated tecting shelter.

The King of Naples, at 10,000 men ; that of the enemy, at with the cavalry, made various charges. from 40 to 50,000. Never was there seen The Duke of Elchingen covered himself such a field of battle. Out of six dead with glory, and displayed as much intrepi- bodies, there were five Russians for one dity as coolness. The Emperor ordered a Frenchman. Forty Russian Generals were charge of the front, the right in advance; killed, wounded, or taken; General Bagrathis movement made us masters of three tion was wounded. We have lost the parts of the field of battle. Prince Poni- General of Division Montbrun, killed by a atowski fought in the wood with various cannon-ball; General Count Caulincourt, success. There still remained to the who was sent to occupy his place, was enemy his redoubts to the right. General killed by a shot of the same kind, an hour Count Morand marched thither, and car- afterwards. The Generals of Brigade ried them; but at nine in the morning, at- Compere, Plauzanne, Marion, and Huart, tacked on all sides, he could not maintain were killed; seven or eight Generals were himself there. The enemy, encouraged by wounded, the most of them slightly. The this advantage, made bis reserve and his Prince of Eckmuhl has received no injury. last troops advance to try his fortune again. The French troops covered themselves with The Imperial Guards formed a part of glory, and displayed their great superiority them. He attacked our centre, which to the Russian troops.--Such, in a few formed the pivot to our right. For a mo- words, is a sketch of the battle of Moskwa, ment it was feared that he might carry the fought a few leagues in the rear of Mojaisk, village which was burnt; the division and twenty-five leagues from Moscow, near Friant advanced thither: 80 pieces of the little river Moskwa. We fired 60,000 French cannon immediately arrest, and cannon-shot, which are already replaced by then annihilate the enemy's columns, which the arrival of 800 artillery carts, which stood for iwo hours in close order under the passed Smolensko previous to the battle. chain-shot, not daring to advance, unwill. All the woods and villages from the field of ing to retire, and renouncing the hope of battle to this place are covered with dead victory. The King of Naples decided and wounded. We have found here 2,000 their uncertainty. He caused the 4th corps killed or amputated Russians. A number of cavalry to make a charge, who penetrated of Generals and Colonels are prisoners. through the breaches which our cannon- The Emperor was never exposed; neither shot had made in the condensed masses of the foot nor horse guards were engaged, or the Russians, and the squadrons of their lost a single man. The victory was never cuirassiers; they dispersed on all sides. uncertain. Had the enemy, when driven The General of Division, Count Caulin- from his intrenchments, not endeavoured court, Governor of the Emperor's Pages, to retake them, our loss would have been advanced at the head of the 5th regiment greater than his; but he destroyed his army of cuirassiers, overthrew every thing, and by keeping it, from eight o'clock till two, entered the redoubt on the left by its gorge. under the fire of our batteries, and in obstiFrom this moment there was no longer any nately attempting to regain that which was uncertainty. The battle was gained. He lost. This was the cause of his immense turned upon the enemy the 21 pieces of loss.-Every one distinguished himself. cannon which were found in the redoubt. The King of Naples, and the Duke of ElCount Caulincourt, who had distinguished chingen, were peculiarly conspicuous. himself in this fine charge, has terminated The artillery, and particularly that of the his career. He fell dead, struck by a bul- guards, surpassed itself. The actions let; a glorious death, and worthy to be en- which have rendered this day illustrious vied. It was now two in the afternoon; shall be made knowu in detailed reports. the enemy had lost all hope; the battle was “ Monsieur Bishop of —, the passage ended, the cannonade still continued; the of the Niemen, of the Dwina, the Borysenemy fought for retreat and safety, but no thenes, the combats of Mohilow, of ihe longer for victory. The loss of the Drissa, of Polotsk, of Ostrowno, of Smoenemy is enormous ; from 12 to 13,000 lensko, and, in fine, the battle of Moskwa, men, und from 8 to 9,000 Russian horses, furnish so many respective reasons for adhave been counted on the field of battle: dressing thanks to the God of armies; our 60 pieces of cannon and 5,000 prisoners will, therefore, is, that on receiving this prehave remained in our power. -We have sent letter, you concert measures with those had 2,500 killed, and thrice that number to whom it of right belongs. Assemblemy

people in the churches to chanı prayers, to each company. -2d. The 1st division conformably to the usage of the Church in of grenadiers, consisting of the grenadiers similar circumstances. This letter having of the body guard, of St. Petersburgh, no other object, I pray God to have you in Ekaterinoslay, Taurida, Pawlowski, and his holy keeping. From our Imperial Arakschezeff, commanded by Count Stroquarters at Mojaisk, the 10th of Sept. 1812. gonoff, and forming part of the 3d corps By the Emperor,

NAPOLEON. d'armée, was on the extremity of the left, “ The Minister Secretary of State,

in the rear of the battery, where it suffered

considerably by the fire of the artillery; it Count DARU."

was flanked by two squadrons of cuirassiers,

which equally suffered without being Report to his Majesty the Emperor and brought into action. The respective strength King.

of these grenadier regiments amounted, beSire,—The result of the examination of fore the battle, to from 8 to 900 men. the prisoners, of whom the greater part are Their loss is estimated at one-third, which ignorant recruits, or men taken before the they ascribe to the cowardice of the officers, close and off the field of battle, as well as

who abandoned their ranks, and concealed almost all of them wounded with bullets, themselves in the brush-wood.

Two and the greater part dying, has afforded me regiments of chasseurs attached to this dithe following information with regard to vision, which were stationed in advance, some divisions of the enemy's army.

were dispersed; their loss is unknown.1st. The 12th division, forming part of the A soldier, named Gregoriot de Pskow, who 7th corps, composed of the infantry regi- has served for nine years in the regiment of ments of Smolensko, Narva, Alexopol, and St. Petersburgh, declares, that he never New Ingria, as well as of the 6th and 41st saw his regiment give way as it did on this regiments of foot chasseurs, and command occasion. He says, that before the battle, ed by Major-General Palitzin, who had Gen. Koutouzoff rode along their line, and succeeded General Kulbakin, wounded at harangued his troops, which, however, did Mohilow, received its recruits, which were not produce much effect. This man adds, that drawn from depots, and brought up by he heard Major Dalin, the commandant of his Miloradowitz on the 3d instant, in conse- regiment, say, that about mid-day Beningsen quence of which the regiments of infantry had gone 10 versts beyond Mojaisk, to prewere raised to 800 each, and the chasseur pare there the means of defence: he believes regiments to 1.200, which makes the that he went to Little Viasma.strength of this division to have amounted, not known what had become of Tutsckow, before the battle, to 4,800 men, exclusive the Commander in Chief of the 3d corps, of two companies of artillery, with twenty- or of the 3d division of Kanowitzin, which four pieces of cannon, from 6 to 12 pound- formed part of it. -3d. The ad division ers. On the day of the battle of ihe 7th of grenadiers, consisting of the regionents of September, this division was stationed of Astracan, Fanagoria, Kioff, Moscow, in the centre of the first line. About two Little Russia, and Siberia, commanded by in the afternoon it had already sustained Prince Charles of Mecklenburgh, and formgreat losses, and was in want of ammuni- ing part of the 8th corps of Borosdin, was tion. A Lieutenant of the regiment of stationed on the 5th of September at the Alexopol, named Peter Voronin, who, great redoubt, which was taken on the same having been sent to the reserve to demand day, and where it lost its cannon, a Colo; more, lost his way among the brush-wood, nel, and more than the half of its men. and was taken after the retreat of the army, The regiments of this division were quite declares, that General Rajewsky, command full on arriving at Smolensko; but they had ing the corps d'armée, received a severe not more than 1,000 each on the 5th, becontusion, which obliged him to quit the fore the action ; and nunbered not more field of battle, and that the General in than from 7 to 800 each, on the morning Chief, Prince Bagration, was wounded. of the 7th, when they were in the village All the prisoners of this division agree in which they were charged to defend, in adstating, that it lost more than half of its vance of the batteries of the left Bank. It number; that its confusion was complete at was at this time that the Prince of Meckthie time of its retreat; and that it owed its lenburgh was wounded.-4th. The 2d safety solely to Platow and Uvaroff, who corps of Bagavout had maneuvred on the covered it. Those of the 41st chasseurs 6th and 7th, in order to advance to the left say, that there. scarcely remained 50 inen of the line, to support the 3d corps. AH

It was

the prisoners assert, that not one half of ictered Moscow. The enemy had raised on returned to Mojaisk. The musketeer re- the Sparrow Mountain, two wersts from the giments of Minsk, Tobolsk, Volhynia, and city, some redoubts, which he abandoned. Krementschug, as well as the 4th and 34th -The city of Moscow is as large as chasseurs of the 4th division, commanded Paris; it is an extremely rich city, full of by the Prince of Wirtemburg, amounted to palaces of all the nobles of the empire. 800 men each; and after the battle, norie The Russian Governor, Rostapchin, wished of them could muster 400: it was the same to ruin this fine city when he saw it aban. with the regiments of Raizan, Belosersky, doned by the Russian army. He had armBresc, and Wilmanstradt, as well as the ed 3,000 malefactors, whom he had taken 30th and 48th chasseurs of the division of from the dungeons ; he also summoned toAlsoufieff.- A subaltern of the regiment gether 6,000 satellites, and distributed of Raizan, named Prohoroff, declares, that arms among them from the arsenal.his Colonel, Avens, was killed; and that Our advanced guard, arrived in the centre during the retreat, he saw on the bank of of the city, was received by a fire of muss the river, the General in Chief Tutsckow ketry, which issued from the Kremlin. wounded, as well as the Colonel of the The King of Naples ordered a battery of a grenadiers of Moscow. This corps had few pieces of cannon to be opened, disfew officers, killed, but many wounded. persed this rabble, and took possession of

-5th. The 24th division of the 6th the Kremlin. We have found in the arsecorps, which was stationed in the grand nal 60,000 new muskets, and 120 pieces of central battery, mustered after the battle cannon on their carriages. The most comonly 30 men each company, though two plete anarchy reigned in the city; some days before they amounted to 100 each in drunken madmen ran through its different the regiments of Shirwansk, Butinkas, Usa, quarters, and every where set fire to them, and Tomsk; while the companies of the The Governor Rostapchin had caused all the 19th and 40ch chasseurs amounted to 115 merchants and shopkeepers to be carried off, men each, by means of recruits drawn from through whose instrumentality order might Novogorod-Sewersky.—6th. The 2d di- have been re-established. More than 400 vision of the guards, composed of the Is- French and Germans were arrested by his mailoff and Lithuanian regiments of grena- orders; in fine, he had taken the precaudiers, and of two chasseur regiments of the tion of carrying off the firemen with the guards, and of Finland, under the orders of fire-engines; so that the most complete General Lawroff, were stationed in line in anarchy has desolated this great and fine the rear of the three batteries on the left of city, and the flames are devouring it. We the centre. These regiments suffered con

have found in it considerable resources of siderably from the artillery; but that of Is- every kind. The Emperor is lodged in the mailoff having advanced with the bayonet, Kremlin, which is in the centre of the city, was so vigorously charged by the cavalry, like a kind of citadel, surrounded by high that not more than 40 men of each company walls. Thirty thousand wounded or sick were left to it. General Krapowitski, com- Russians are in the hospitals, abandoned, manding a brigade, and the Colonel of the without succour and without nourishment, regiment of Ismailoff, were there wounded. - The Russians acknowledge that they SOKOLNICKI, Gen. of Division,

lost fifty thousand men in the battle of the Charged with a special service.

Moskwa. Prince Bagration was mortally

wounded. A list has been made of the Mojaisk, Sept. 10, 1812.

Russian Generals wounded or killed in the

battle: it amounts to between forty-five and Nineteenth Bulletin of the Grand Army. ffty.

Moscow, Sept. 16. After the battle of the Moskwa, the French army pursued the enemy upon Mos Twentieth Bulletin of the Grand Army. cow, by the three routes, Mojaisk, Sveni

Moscow, Sept. 17. gorod, and Kalouga.- The King of Na The Russians have celebrated Te Deum ples was on the 9th at Koubinskoe, the for the battle of Polotsk. Te Deums have Viceroy at Rouza, and Prince Poniatowski been sung for the battles of Riga, for the at Feminskoe. The head-quarters were on battle of Ostrowno, and for that of $mothe 12th transferred from Mojaisk to Pese-lensko. According to the Russian accounts, lina; on the 13th they ere at the castle of they were every where conquerors, and Berwska; on the 14th, at mid-day, we en- they drove the French to a great distance

from the field of battle. It was then, the inhabitants, during the last twenty-four amidst the strains of the Russian Te Deums, hours, had saved many articles. They enthat the army arrived at Moscow. There deavoured to stop the progress of the flames, they thought themselves conquerors, at but the Governor had taken the horrid least the populace thought so, for well-in-precaution to carry off or destroy all the formed persons knew what was passing. engines. The army is recovering from

-Moscow is the entrepot of Asia and of its fatigues ; it has abundance of bread, poEurope. Its warehouses were immense ; tatoes, cabbages, and other vegetables, every house was provided for eight months meat, salted provisions, wine, brandy, with necessaries of every description. sugar, coffee, and, in short, provisions of It was only the evening before, and the day all sorts. The advanced guard is twenty of our entrance, that the danger became wersts on the road to Kassau, by which the known. We found in the house of the mi-enemy is retreating. Another French adserable Rostopchin some papers, and a let- vanced guard is on the road to St. Peterster half written; he fled without finishing burgh, where the enemy has not a single it. Moscow, one of the finest and richest soldier. -The temperature is still that of cities in the world, is no more.

On the autumn; the soldiers have found, and con14th the Russians set fire to the Exchange, tinue to find, a number of pelisses and furs to the Bazar, and the Hospital. On the for the winter. Moscow was the depot of 16th a violent wind arose. Three or four those articles. hundred ruffians set fire to the city in 500 different places at the same moment, by order of the Governor Rostopchin. Five

RUSSIAN BULLETINS. sixths of the houses were built of wood ; the fire spread with a prodigious rapidity: Official Intelligence from General Barclay it was an ocean of flame. Churches, of

de Tolli, dated Umolze, 9, (21) Aug. which there were 1,600—above 1,000 pa

1812. laces, immense magazines, nearly all have After my last official report to your Imfallen a prey to the flames. The Kremlin perial Majesty, very important events have has been preserved. Their loss is in- iaken place respecting the positions of the calculable for Russia, for her commerce, army.- -On the 3d (15th) August, a reand for her nobility, who had left all there. port was received from Major-General It is not over-rating its value to state it at Newerauskye, that the enemy, who admany milliards. -About 100 of these in- vanced in great force towards Krasmow, cendiaries have been apprehended and shot: had pushed on his advanced guards to Lady; all of them declared that they acted under in the mean time I also received informathe orders of Rostopchin, and the Director tion that Napoleon had left Witepsk, and of the Police. -Thirty thousand sick concentrated his whole force near Baloand wounded Russians have been burnt. moutzchy, Orocha, and Dubrowna.The richest commercial houses in Russia In consequence of this, it was immediately are ruined. The shock must be consider- determined that the 2d army should march able. The clothing, the magazines, and to Smolensk, and after uniting all its corps the equipments of the Russian army have on the left bank of the Duieper, halt. The been consumed. They have thus lost every 1st army was to approach Smolensk, or thing; they would remove nothing, because act offensively, should the enemy divide they always thought it impossible for us to his forces. On the night of the same day reach Moscow, and because they were will- Lieutenant-General Rajewski reported that ing to deceive the people. When they Major-General Newerauskye, after having saw all in the hands of the French, they been attacked by a superior force, had conceived the horrible project of destroying found himself under the necessity of reby fire this first capital, this holy city, the treating, after having suffered considerable centre of the empire; and they have re- loss, and that he was only 7 wersts from duced to beggary 200,000 respectable in- Smolensk. All the other accounts agreed habitants. This is the crime of Rostopchin, in stating that the enemy with his whole executed by felons liberated from the pri- force were passing to the left bank of the

The resources which the army had Dnieper, in consequence of which, withfound are consequently much diminished; out loss of time, I immediately put the however, we have collected, and are still army in motion, and in the night of the collecting a number of necessaries. All4th (16th) arrived near Smolensk, just as the cellars are untouched by the fire, and the enemy were making a heavy attack on


The enemy,

Lieut.-General Rajewski's corps. This the loss of our valiant soldiers; for which affair has already been made known to reason, after having successfully repulsed your Majesty by the Commander-in-Chief a severe attack, I determined, in the night of the 2d army, and serves as a new proof between the 5th and 6th (17th and 18th) of the invincible courage of your Majesty's to leave it; but still keeping possession of troops. Having ascertained that the enemy the suburbs, called St. Petersburgh, and concentrated their whole force at one point, with the whole army take possession of the and had even drawn Prince Poniatowski's heights opposite Smolensk, and to appear corps to their assistance, it was to be sup- as if waiting their attack.posed, his real intention was to anticipate after garrisoning the town, skirmished the us in Dorogubush, or any other point by whole day with our Yagers, who were which he might obtain possession of the posted in the suburbs of which during the Moscow road. Taking this into considera- whole evening ; they attempted to take tion, we determined, together with Prince possession, but were constantly driven back. Bagration, that the 7th army should oc- Nevertheless, during the night they succupy Smolensk, and remain on the right ceeded in throwing a bridge across above bank of the Dnieper, and by that means the suburbs and in repairing the old one in cover the march of the 2d army to Doro- the suburbs.

-At 7 p, m. when no fur: gubush. In the night between the 4th | ther attack from the enemy was expected, and 5th (16th and 17th) this plan was ex a part of the army which formed the 28 ecuted. The 6th corps, to which was column of the 2d and 3d corps of the caattached the 3d division of infantry, took valry, and 5th and 6th of infantry, and possession of Smolensk and all the out- a part of Major-General Newerowkye, unposts.

- The 2d army, which put itself | der General Docktorow, put themselves in in motion on the same night, took its po- motion, and continued their march through sition 15 wersts from Smolensk, and sent Sakilena, Bisklow, &c. At 9 p. m. the the irregular troops towards Jilnce and first column, consisting of the 2d, 3d, and Rosbowl to observe the enemy. Mean-14th divisions of infantry, and of the first while the enemy concentrated their whole four of reserve of cavalry, under the comforce, and brought 150,000 men against mand of Lieut.-General Kutusow, marched Smolensk.-On the 5th (17th), at one by the way of Krachatschens, Gedonow, p. m. they attacked our troops, who were &c. to the high road of Dorogubush, but drawn up on the road from Krosno and the troops under the command of Majorother points round Smolensk, but after an General Baraskorf who garrisoned the Deengagement, which continued without in- tersburgh suburbs, marched on the 7th termission for three hours, they were re- (19th) two hours after midnight, and pulsed at every point. At 5 p. m. after formed the rear-guard of the front column. bringing a strong column of their forces, General Platow detached part of his and an uncommonly numerous artillery light troops, and formed a chain of de forward, they attacked the city in every tachments from Smolensk to Porilschiji, in direction, but all their efforts and endea- such a manner, that we could approach vours were vain; although they drove back with both columns to the Dnieper, and our advanced troops even to the ruins of that these detachments should approach the walls of Smolensk, and appeared de- each other and form a mass, which could termined to storm the city, our valiant be freely used on all sides. On the retreat troops not only defeated them back to such of Major-General Korf, at three p. m. the a distance, that at night our advanced enemy began to pursue, and at the same guards were placed without the walls. time detached a great part of his troops in The attack of the enemy was very impe- the high road to Moscow, and scarcely had tuous, but they received their recompense the 2d corps passed the village of Gidenin their loss, which was so incredibly great nowo, where the road divides, one of which that ours bear no proportion to it, although leads to Moscow, and the other to Bridiwe had 4,000 killed or wounded.Our chens, to which the first column marched intention in defending Smolensk was to ar: when the enemy drove back the rear-guard, rest the enemy, and prevent their arrival which was on the high Moscow road, and at Jilna and Dorogubush, and thereby give whilst they were furiously advancing to Prince Bagration time to arrive, without take possession of those points which the opposition, at the latter place; the further rear-guard of Major-General Korf's dividefence could have been no longer useful, sion had to pass. To prevent any danger but only on the contrary have occasioned to this General's detachment, which co

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