finch, of the engineers, it is put into as good conduct. To Capt. Pinto Savedra, my a state as circumstances will admit; he is Assistant-Adjutant-General; to Capt. Watcontinuing strengthening it. Capt. Gold- son, Light Dragoons, Assistant-Quartertinch has been of great assistance to me. Master-General; and to Capt. Bunbury, my

I have appropriated to each regiment Aid-de-Camp, I consider myself obliged, a district of this town, and the-commaod for their prompt execution of my orders. ing officer has barricaded the streets and -I enclose a return of the killed and buildings in a very judicious manner. Bri- wounded, and trust we shall not have many gadiers Da Costa and Campbell's brigades more casualties. I have the honour, &c. are in our position on the left bank of the

(Signed) John Hamilton, Lieut. Gen. Tormes. Brig. Campbell reports his hav.

Lieut. Gen. Sir Rowland Hill. ing caused the enemy some loss, in their attempt to pass a ford near his position.

Return of killed and wounded of the Army under Lieut. Col. Tulloh has made so good an ar- the cominand of the Marquis of Wellington, rangement of his two brigades of guns, K. B. in an affair at Alba de Tormes, ou the that, united with the position of the two

10th and 11th November, brigades of infantry on the left bank of the Total British loss.--13 rank and file killed ; 1 Tormes, I consider my flanks secure.

Lieutenant, 3 serjeants, 52 rank and file wound

ed. Early yesterday morning Major Gen. Long,

Total Portuguese loss. —8 rank and file killed; commanding the cavalry in front, reported 1 captain, 1 licutenant, 1 serjeant, 33 rank and that the enemy were advancing in great tile wounded. force; I was, therefore, induced to retire

Grand total.--21 rank and file killed; 1 cap

tain, 2 lieutenants, 4 serjeants, 85 rank and file the cavalry.--About 10 o'clock the ene

wounded, my appeared on the heighis in considerable Names of the Officers wounded. "British force of cavalry and a few infantry, cover- 92d Foot, Lieutenant A. Hill, severely. ins, as I conceived, a reconnoissance of se- Portuguese.—2d Regiment of the Line, Capt.

Rezinde, slightly. Lieut. Pinta, dangerously. veral officers of rank. About two o'clock the enemy's force was increased to 15 squa- Return of killed, wounded, and missing in the drons, and 6,000 infantry, and 20 guns,

movements of the army under the cunimand

: of his Excellency General the Marquis of Wel. inclusiog six 6-inch howitzers, which im

lington, K. B. from the 22d to the 29th of Oc. mediately commenced firing, and continued

tober, 1812, inclusive. until it was dark. The enemy's light troops Total Portuguese loss.-4 sesjeants, 2 drumadvanced close to the walls we had hastily mers, 32 rank and file killed ; 1 Major, 2 Cap

tains, 3 Lieutenants, 4 Ensigni, 1 Staff, 9 serthrown up; but from the cool and steady jeants, 1 drummer, 125 ravk and file wounded; conduct of the 51st regiment, Col. Stewart; 2 serjeauts, 1 drummer, 14 rank and file, missing. 71st regiment, the Hon. Col. Cadogan; Total British loss.-9 Captains, 4 Lieutenants, the 92d, Col. Cameron, Gen. Howard's 10 serjeants, 75 rank and tile, 74 horses, killed

3 Lieut.-Colonels, 1 Major, 4 Captains, 20 Lieubrigade, the enemy dare not attempt the

tenants, 6 Ensigns, 26 serjeants, 2 drummers, 514 town. About eight o'clock in the even- rank and file, 65 horses, wounded ; 1 Lieut.-Coing, I was repeatedly informed that the lonel, 1 Major, 2 Captains, 2 Lieutenants, ? Enenemy's infantry was considerably increas- signs, 10 serjeants, 1 drummer, z07 rank and file, ing, which induced me to order three bat-59 horses, missing.

General total of British and Portuguese loss.' talions of Brigadier Da Costa's brigade -2 Captains, 2 Lieutenants, 14 serjeants, % into town, leaving his other battalion for drummers, 107 rank and file, 74 horses, killed; the protection of the fords. The enemy,

3 Lieut.-Colonels, 2 Majors, 6 Captains, 23 Lieuduring the night, withdrew their artillery, tenants, 10 Ensigos, 1 Staff, 35 serjeants, 3 drum

mers, 439 rank and tile, 65 horses, wounded; 1 and I have left a small force of cavalry and Lieut.-Colonel, 1 Major, 2 Captains, 2 Lieute. infantry, who keep up a smart fire. I have nants, 2 Ensigns, 12 serjcants, 2 drummers, 291 to regret the loss of a considerable number rank and file, 59 horses, missing. of men, but which I trust you will not

KILLED, 25th Oct.-Capt. Todd, 38th Foot,

1st Bat.; Lieut. Lennon, 44th Foot, 2d Bat.; deem great, when you consider the heavy Capt. Sternfeldt, and Lieut. Hartwig, of the and incessant fire of artillery for so many Brunswick Light Infantry. hours. The loss of the Portuguese was Wounded, 23d Oct.—Lieuts. Lye and Knipe, while on duty this morning, and I have 11th Light Dragoons; Lieut. Taylor, 12th ditio;

Capt. Murray, Lient. Lockhart(since dead), 16th real pleasure in reporting their steady and ditto ; Major Meydell and Lients. Deeken and animated conduct. - I feel much indebted Phibbs, ist Dragoons, K.G.L.; Lieut. Hugo to Major-Gen. Howard, who rendered me and Cornet De Massau, 20 ditto. every possible assistance, as also to every col. Piper, 4th Foot, 1st Batt. slightly; Lieut


Oct. 25th. Lieut. Jolinstone, Artillery. Lient, officer and soldier of his excellent brigade, Edgell, ditto, severely. Lients

. Ackland, Tay. for their steady, zealous, and soldier-like lor, Hon. W. Curzons, Ford, 9th Foot, 1st Bait.

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severely; and Ross Lewin, slightly. Capt. Hit- | in vain attempted to arrest his progress, chins, Lients. Andrews, slighily, and Lumley, and, after several brilliant charges by the 30th Foot, 2d Batt. severely; Lieut. Brisac, En. signs Beere and Tincombe, ditto, slightly; Mad- Russian cavalry, were driven through the den, ditto, severely. Lieut.-Col

. Harding, 44th town of Viasma at the point of the bayonet, Foot, 2d Batt. slightly; Lieut. Elwis, ditto, dan- and pursued to Erenina by the light cavalry, gerously; Ensign Smith, ditto, severely. Capt. under General Platow : in this attack the Nassan, Brunswick Vels ; Ensign Joze de Moneado, sd Portuguese Regiment of the Line; infantry regiment of Pernoff, led by its CoMajor Hill, slightly; Capt. Western, severely; lonel, General Tchoglokoff, and by MajorCapt. Manoel Castin, slightly; Lients. Antonio General Parkivitch, formed the head of the Carlos and Joao Baptist, severely; Lt. Domingo column, and charged into the town with Fontenha, slightly; Ensigns Joao* dos Santos, Joao Sebastiano, and Ridrigo Navarre, and Ad- drums beating and colours flying. The jntant Leech, severely'; 8th Cacadores.

loss of the enemy in killed and wounded in 27th October,- Lieut--Col. Rope, Royal Ar- this affair is stated to be at least six thoutillery, severely, not dangerously.

sand, with two thousand five hundred pri28th October.--Lient. Hickie, 51st Foot, severely, arm amputated.

soners, among which are General Peltier, Missing.–Lient.-Col. Pelly, and Lieut. Ba- of the artillery, and Colonel Morat, Aid. ker, 16th Light Dragoons. Major Fischer, 18t de-Camp to Marshal Davoust.- - In the Pragoons, K. G. L. Captain Lenthe, Cornet Droege, and Cornet Schaeffer, qu Dragoons, numbers of the enemy were killed, one

course of the pursuit from Viasma, great K. G. L.

25th October.-Lieut Whitley, 9th Foot, 1st standard and three pieces of cannon were Batt.; and Brevet Major Evans, 38th Foot, 1st taken, and upwards of one thousand men Batt.

made prisoners.--- In the former part of S. A. GOODMAN, D.A. A. Gen.

the retreat, Rainusé, Secretary to the Duke of Bassano, was taken, with all the Ghan

cery.- -Referring to the relations which LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. have been regularly transmitted for more Tuesday, Dec. 8.

minute details of the several actions, I will briefly recapitulate the few great movements

which have taken place since the arrival of St. Pelersburgh, Nov. 11, 1812. the French at Moscow.---Marshal Kutu. My Lord, -l have the honour to acquaint sow continued in his position behind the your Lordship, that Buonaparte has escaped river Pokhra till the 28th October, coverfrom the Government of Moscow, and has ing the old road to Kalouga, the Toula and followed the road to Smolensko by which Rezan roads; but having made occasional he came. Generals Count Platow and movements on the same line, according as Count Orloff Denizoff have been incessantly the enemy's operations appeared to point to in his rear, and on both flanks of his line either Aank. - In the mean while the of march; the former attacked a position enemy, by his own 20th Bulletin, and by defended by infantry and cannon, which he his conduct, seems to have been for some carried, taking two colours, twenty-two time uncertain of the position of the Ruspieces of artillery, and such prisoners as sian army. As soon as it was ascertained, could be saved. Count Orloff Denizoff has a considerable portion of the army under likewise met with resistance which he has Murat occupied the intermediate country every where overpowered, and has taken between Moscow and the Pokhra.--It many trophies and quantities of baggage, was presumed that the French, having it in ammunition waggons, with prisoners, and their power to bring forward their whole some ordnance. - From the quantities of force to either flank of Murat's position, ammunition blown up by the enemy, and would endeavour to maneuvre so as to infrom the state of the road, described to be duce Marshal Kutusow to retire behind the covered with the bodies of dead men and Oka, in order to procure a more extensive horses, the retreat of the rear divisions of theatre of ground, with the convenience of the French is stated to have every character moving either on Kalouga or Smolensko; to. of continued. Hight. --On the 3d of No- avoid which, and with a view to preserve a vember, General Millaradovitch, with the more certain conveyance for provisions and column under his command, reached the reinforcements from the south, and at the main road near Viasma, where he had a same time to hold the command of the Smosharp engagement with the rear-guard, lensko road, the Russian army began its which is reported by the prisoners to have march to occupy the position behind the been composed of the divisions of Beauhar- river Nara, changing its front to the right, nois, of Davoust, and Ney; their divisions upon or parallel to the old Kalouga road.

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This position, strong in itself, and Marshal, in the mean while, put his army strengthened by art, was not likely to be in motion by the left, and arrived at Mala. attacked in front; but it was of course Jaroslaff, establishing his head-quarters foreseen, that if it were to be attacked, a two wersts to the southward of that towa, previous disposition must be made by the which was burned, and detaching a con enemy on the new Kalouga road, to turn siderable corps under General Platow, to the left and rear of this position, and the Medina, on his left, where he took eleven Marshal professed his readiness to meet the pieces of cannon, and left the ground coenemy upon that ground.--The move- vered with dead. The obstinacy of this ment was completed on the 3d of October ; contest for Mala-Jaroslaff, with other ciron the 4th of Oct. a smart affair of advanced cumstances, tended to confirm the Field. guard took place with most decisive success Marshal's opinion, that the object of the on the side of the Russians, which was fol- enemy was to force a passage to the Southlowed on the 5th of Oct. by the flag of truce ern Provinces ; and although there were sent by Buonaparıé, with an overture to ob- also strong grounds to believe that he was tain an armistice, and to open a negociation, prepared to attempt à retreat upon Smowhich was rejected. At this period se lensko, and by Wilna to the Niemen, yet veral considerable detachments were made the Marshal deemed it necessary to direct to harass the enemy, which appear to have his principal attention to the roads pointbeen conducted with equal skill and success: ing to the southward ; and, with a view to the most important of these was the one obtain more complete command of them, against Verrea, which place was taken by retired to a position within 40 wersts of assault on the 14th of October.----On the Kalouga, near Gorki.--Finding that the 16th of October, several regiments of Cos- enemy were moving, by Verrea, on Mosacks having arrived, it was proposed to jaisk, he again advanced upon Medina, attack Murat; the attack did not take place and having received intelligence that the till the 18th of October.---The enemy French head-quarters were, on the 30th of after this affair, of which I had the honour October, at Coloki, a monastery not far to transmit to your Lordship a report in my from Borodino, he formed his disposition dispatch, retreated behind the little river to attempt to intercept him near Smolensko. Moza.---Buonaparte was not heard of out -Placow and the Cossacks having been of Moscow or its vicinity till after this pe- detached for the purpose of barassing and riod. The only detachment of any im- surrounding the enemy, Marshal Kutusow portance made by the French in a northern reinforced General Millaradovitch's corps direction, was the one stationed at Deme. to upwards of 18,000 men, and directing trioff, which was recalled in great haste, as him to march by his left towards Viasma, soon as the evacuation of Moscow was de- the Marshal hiniself proceeded by Spaskoi termined on. The Russians occupied the and Celinka, in a parallel direction io that latter city the 22d of October, with the allotted to General Millaradovitch; the loss of Lieutenant-General Winzingerode, main road forming an arch, these parallel most treacherously carried off, with his lines of march were shorter, but exposed Aid-de-Camp, Captain Narishkin, while to greater difficulties, the roads being less advanced with a flag of truce to remonstrate practicable. The head of General Milagainst a protracted and unnecessary resist. Iaradovitch's column reached the main road ance on the part of the rear-guard. -On first, near Viasma; the head-quarters of the 24th of October, the French army was Marshal Kutosow were established at the reconnoitred by an officer of Cossacks be- village of Bikovoi, a little to the southward longing to the corps of Moscow, who saw of Viasma.--In regard to the French four camps, one on the new Kalouga road army, it appears by the papers of a Cornear Borofsk, and three on the left bank of missary-General, who was made prisoner, the Protya.- In the night of the 24th of that they victualled one hundred and twenOctober, General Dorocoff was ordered to ty thousand men, but that their efficient occupy Mala- Jaroslaff, a post-lown on the force was reduced to eighty-five thousand, new Kalouga road, between Borofsk and at the period of the evacuation of Moscow, that place ; that General already found it and that Buonaparte had contracted with a occupied in force by a French detachment; company of Jews for a supply of previsions a very obstinate contest immediately took in the line of his retreat. His guards, and place, in the course of which the troops on some select corps, have been nursed with both sides were reinforced, and the town peculiar care, and kept as much as poswas taken and retaken eleven times. The sible out of action, and these corps appear

to have preceded the retreat of the remain- | the 20th of October, took the Polish Geing troops. It is reported that Buona- neral Konotkoff with the whole of the 3d parté travels in a coach, accompanied by regiment of Hulans, of the French guard. Murat, who has received a contusion in his -Prince Schwartzenberg had crossed knee, and Berthier. It is hardly to be the Bog, without giving the Admiral an conceived that this rear-guard at least can opportunity of bringing him to action.continue its march without halting, in Admiral Tchichagoff and Count Wittgenwhich case, with the assistance of the light stein had reciprocally sent detachments to troops, the Russian army will be enabled ascertain each other's position.- -Sir Ros to overtake them. They have before them bert Wilson, with his usual activity, has the gallant and active Count Wittgenstein, been in every action, and has contrived to whose character for zeal and enterprise is see every remarkable occurrence ; his last so well established; and they have also, ou dispatches are dated at Viasma, the 4th of the Minsk road, to encounter Admiral November; his accounts tally with the Tchichagoff, with the Moldavian Army, Official Bulletins, which have been pubwhich, it is to be hoped, may have time lished here. Lord Tyrconnel has and notice either to unite with Count Witt- joined Admiral Tchichagoff, by whom genstein to wait for them on the above he has been received with every posnamed road, or to move to either flank. sible attention ; his letters, of the 22d

-Marshal Kutusow has sent out, among of October, have been received by Sir others, a considerable detachment, which Robert Wilson, at Viasma, and by mywas at Elnee, nearer to Smolensko, under self. His Lordship speaks in high terms Lieutenant-General Shepetoff, on the 1st of of the condition of all the corps of that November, and which may have the means army, which he had until then had the of interposing delay. Thus the fruits of means of seeing. Having obtained the the incursions of the French to Moscow, at Emperor's permission for Major-General the expense of the lives of so many brave Dornburg to serve as a volunteer in the Officers and men, seem to have been li- army under General Count Wittgenstein, I mited to the burning and destruction of that have given to that General Officer instruccity, and to the ruin and desolation of the tions similar to those of Sir Robert Wilson inhabitants and proprietors near the great and Lord Tyrconnel, and I expect by the road, and in the vicinity of Moscow ; while, next courier to have the pleasure of learnon the other hand, it will, to the latest ing his safe arrival at the head-quarters of period of history, reflect lustre on the spi- that army.--I have the honour to be, &c. rit and patriotism of the Russian Empire.

CATHCART. ---The last accounts from Count Wiugenstein . are dated the 3d November, at Nov. 12.-It having been found imprace Tchasnik, two stages east of Lepel. After ticable to pass the Neva, the Messenger the affair of Polotzk, that General detached has been detained until his Morning. I a corps to observe Mac Donald, whilst he have now the honour to enclose lierein the sent General Steinheil on the road to Vilna, report of the capture of Witepsk, by Gen. who, after having cut off the Bavarian Count Wittgenstein, who has made pricorps from that of St. Cyr, and entirely soners the Commanding Officer of the enedispersed it, with the loss of cannon and my's forces there, General Count Pouget, colours, joined Count Wittgenstein, who and the Governor of the town, Colonel proceeded to attack the remainder of the Chavondes.

G. French under the command of Legrand, Marshal St. Cyr having retired on account

BULLETIN. of his wound. This corps was reinforced St. Petersburgh, Nov. 11, 1812. by Marshal Victor at the head of fifteen Witepsk is taken by Count de Wiugenthousand men, and, having taken post near stein. The General Count Pouget, who Tchasnik, was there defeated on the 31st commanded the troops, is made prisoner, October by Count Wittgenstein, who con- as well as Colonel Chavondes, the Comsidering the enemy's position a good one mandant of the Town. for himself, has continued to occupy it, detaching a corps to take possession of

St. Petersburgh, Nov. 15. Witepst.-Admiral Tchichagoff's last My Lord, I avail myself of the dedispatches of the 22d of October, from parture of a Spanish courier to acquaint Breslitow, report the success of a detach- your Lordship, that several Officers are ment under General Tchaplitz, who, on rived here in the course of last night, dis

patched from the head-quarters of Marshal received a report from General Platow, of Kutusow, at Elnee, on the 9th November. his having overtaken four divisious of the

-The Field-Marshal reports that the French army, under the command of flight of the enemy coutimes with increased Beauharnois, upon the road from Dorogoprecipitation; and that the pursuit, by the bugsh to Doughovtchstchina.---That Geseveral corps of the Russian army, has been heral states, that the Cossacks charged constant, vigorous, and successful; a part through this body, dividing it into two only of the relation of the affairs which parts, with great slaughter and the caphave taken place has, as yet been publish-ture of sixty-two pieces of ordnance, which ed ; the remainder is in the press : the fol- had been already brought in and counted, lowing are the most important particulars. and some standards; many plans and pa

On the 5th November General Mil-pers of consequence, and upwards of 3,000 Jaradovitch reached a village forty verts prisoners, among which, as well as among from Viasma, on the road to Smolensko, the killed, are many Officers of rank and in pursuit of the enemy. General Platow distinction. - -Part of the remains of this marched to the right of the road, to endea- corps fled in the direction of Dorogobugsh, vour to reach the head of the column, and the other part, in the direction of while the main army moved on the left of Doughovichstchiua, closely pursued by the it, under the field-Marshal, towards Cossacks and light cavalry.-General Elnee.- Sir Robert Wilson describes the Sanson, Quarter-Master-General of the march on the main road as one which ex- whole French army, was takey, with 500 hibited scenes of destruction without ex- men of different ranks, upon the right flank ample in modern war, from the number of General Platow, near Doughovtchstchipa. of dead and dying men and carcasses of -Major-General Kutosow, who has horses, many of them cut up for food; been intrusted with the command of the peasants' houses every where on fire, an- corps lately under the orders of General munition carriages blowing up, and quan- Wiozingerode, lad, by extraordinary -tities of wreck of every description.-forced marches, reached the main army may be observed that the frost is set in, with his cavalry.- Au officer has been and is stated to have been from 10 to 15 intercepled with letters froin Beauharnois, degrees. The effect of famine, fatigue, which will be published to-morrow, and and cold upon a Aying army, through a which will afford indelible proof of the country full of exasperated peasants, may state in which Buonaparte has left this part · be easily understood.-- In the course of of his army. These letters are addressed this march the Cossacks took standards from co Berthier. - It does not appear that the the Hulans of the larperial guard, who are march of the French Guards, and of the left behind with the army now retreating, ist divisiou has been effected without great and the enemy also abandoned a howitzer. loss, many of their bodies having been

-On the morning of the 7th Noveinber, found on the road.+-Field-Marshal KuGeneral Millaradovitch entered Dorogo- rusow intended to continue his march upon bugsh. The eneiny attempted some re. Krasnoy, two stages beyond Smolensko, sistance, but was driven from his advant- leaving that town upon his right hand, and ageous position by the Russian chasseurs, intersecting the communications towards with the loss of 300 men taken prisoners, Mohiloff. I have not heard that it is exclusive of the sick and wounded. In this ascertained where Buonaparte himself was attack, and on the preceding day, one how on the 9th of November. --The first itzer and three guns were taken, and up- Bulletin, containiug General Platow's Rewards of 140 ani munition waggons. The purt, is herewith enclosed. number killed at this place must have been

I have the honour to be, &c. - very great, but I have not yet heard it estimated. Two Russian officers of note

(Signed) CATHCART. were retaken on this occasion. The enemy are described to be in a state of much in. subordination, and it was understood that Twenty-eighth Bulletin of the French Grand their march is directed upou Smolensko.

On the 9th of November, Marshal

Smolensko, Nov. 11. Kutusow had arrived at Elnee, where he The Imperial head-quarters were, on

the 1st of November, at Viasma; and on

the 9th, at Smolensko. The weather was • Reaumur.

very fine up to the 6th, but on the 7th

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