Elements of the Integral Calculus: With a Key to the Solution of Differential Equatons, and A Short Table of Integrals

Ginn, 1895 - 339 sider

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Side 93 - The angle formed by a tangent and a chord is measured by half the intercepted arc.
Side 108 - ... inversely proportional to the square of the distance of the body from the centre of the earth.
Side 3 - A being merely a symbol for the word increment, and the expression Ax representing a single quantity. It is to be noted that as an increment is a difference, it may be either positive or negative. 5. If a variable which changes its value according to some law can be made to approach some fixed, constant value as nearly as we please, but can never become equal to it, the constant is called the limit of the variable under the circumstances in question.
Side 167 - If two right-angled triangles have the hypothenuse and a side of the one equal to the hypothenuse and a side of the other, each to each, the triangles are equal. Let...
Side 168 - EXAMPLE. Prove that a tangent to an hyperbola bisects the angle between the focal radii drawn to the point of contact. 168. To find the area of a segment of a parabola cut off by a line perpendicular to the axis. Compare the required area with the area of the circumscribing rectangle. We can regard the...

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