A Treatise on Masonry Construction

J. Wiley & sons, 1909 - 745 pagina's

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Pagina 756 - No. 5. Harmonic Functions, by William E. Byerly. No. 6. Grassmann's Space Analysis, by Edward W. Hyde. No. 7. Probability and Theory of Errors, by Robert S. Woodward. No. 8. Vector Analysis and Quaternions, by Alexander Macfarlaie.
Pagina 748 - Chemistry 8vo, 3 00 * Laboratory Manual for Students 12mo, 1 00 * Holleman's Laboratory Manual of Organic Chemistry for Beginners. (Walker.) 12mo, 1 00 Text-book of Inorganic Chemistry. (Cooper.) 8vo, 2 50 Text-book of Organic Chemistry. (Walker and Mott.) 8vo, 2 50 * Holley's Lead and Zinc Pigments Large 12mo, 3 00 Holley and Ladd's Analysis of Mixed Paints, Color Pigments, and Varnishes. Large 12mo, 2 50 Hopkins's Oil-chemists...
Pagina 749 - Leach's Inspection and Analysis of Food with Special Reference to State Control 8vo, 7 50 Mason's Examination of Water. (Chemical and Bacteriological) 12mo, 1 25 Water-supply. (Considered principally from a Sanitary Standpoint). 8vo, 4 00...
Pagina 79 - The moulds should be filled at once, the material pressed in firmly with the fingers and smoothed off with a trowel without ramming; the material should be heaped up on the upper surface of the...
Pagina 722 - This term shall be applied to the finely pulverized product resulting from the calcination of an argillaceous limestone at a temperature only sufficient to drive off the carbonic acid gas.
Pagina 749 - Engineers 12mo, 1 50 Morse's Calculations used in Cane-sugar Factories 16mo, mor, 1 50 * Muir's History of Chemical Theories and Laws 8vo, 4 00 Mulliken's General Method for the Identification of Pure Organic Compounds. Vol. I. Compounds of Carbon with Hydrogen and Oxygen. Large 8vo, 5 00 Vol. II. Nitrogenous Compounds. (In Preparation). Vol. III. The Commercial Dyestuffs.
Pagina 761 - Richards's Synopsis of Mineral Characters 12mo, mor. 1 25 * Ries's Clays: Their Occurrence, Properties and Uses 8vo, 5 00...
Pagina 722 - The cement shall be stored in such a manner as to permit easy access for proper inspection and identification of each shipment.
Pagina 723 - Pats of neat cement about three inches in diameter, one half inch thick at the center, and tapering to a thin edge, shall be kept in moist air for a period of twenty-four hours.
Pagina 761 - Manual of Mineralogy and Petrography 12mo, 2 00 Minerals and How to Study Them 12mo, 1 50 System of Mineralogy Large 8vo, half leather, 12 50 Text.book of Mineralogy 8vo, 4...

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