Woolwich and Sandhurst Examinations.

The Editor prepares Pupils for these Examinations, privately, in class, and by means of correspondence through the post.

POSTAL PREPARATION. Candidates are prepared for all Army Examinations by means of Correspondence. To prove the advantage of this system it is only necessary to refer to the fact that only one of the Editor's postal pupils, out of a considerable number, has ever been postponed.

LAST MONTH'S AND FORTNIGHT'S CLASSES. Special Classes, mainly formed for the benefit of Postal Pupils, but which others can also join, commence, one a month and the other a fortnight before each examination. During this time all the most important points are gone into, and by working out test papers students get into the proper way of answering-a point in which so many, even those who are fairly well up in their subjects, fail.

RESIDENTIAL PUPILS. The Editor receives eight Pupils, to prepare for these Examinations, into his house at Bromley, Kent.

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