The references are to the sections in the margin.

ACADEMIES may incorporate themselves, 75, 135.
ACCOUNTS of committee, how kept, 98.

of town treasurer, 23, 84.


See Engagement.

AGE OF ADMISSION should be uniform, 16, 97.

over fifteen not excluded except by general rule, 60.
ALTERATION of districts. See Districts.

ANNULLING certificate, form for, 141.

APPEAL, to Commissioner, in what cases, 65, 133.

if legal votes rejected, 116.

decided without cost, 65.

on appeal, strict notice may be dispensed with in certain

cases, 30.

form for, 165.

rules may be prescribed by Commissioner, 65.
from appraisal of land taken for school house, 13.
APPORTIONMENT of property, 49.

of money. See Money.

APPROPRIATION for schools, 2.

for Indian school, 74.

for deaf, dumb, blind and idiots, 73.

for teachers' institutes, 58.

for poor insane, 134.

See act of January, 1850.

ARCHITECTURE of school houses, 93.

ASSESSMENT. See Trustees and Rate-bill.

ASSESSORS of town. See Tax.

ASSISTANT teacher to be examined, 54.

ASSOCIATIONS for libraries and academies may incorporate them-

selves, 75, 135.

ATTENDANCE average, how calculated, 127.

register to be kept by teacher, 57, 126.

half of State money apportioned according to, 20.

The references are to the sections in the margin.

ATTORNEY. Districts must execute all deeds, leases, &c. by At-


vote to appoint Attorney to execute deed, 162.

[blocks in formation]

BARNARD Henry, 92, 93, 111, 135.

BIBLE, remarks on use of in schools, 129.
BLACKBOARDS may be furnished by tax, 35.

BLANK forms prescribed by Commissioner, 4, 21, 22.
to be distributed by town clerks, 24.
BLIND, provision for education of, 73, 134.
BOND, form of district treasurer's, 154.

[blocks in formation]

collector and treasurer need not give, unless required, 37.`
Books to be recommended by Commissioner, 3.

to be regulated by school committee, 16, 96.
to be furnished to poor scholars by trustees, 41.
sectarian, should not be admitted, 96.

distributed by Legislature to school districts, 111.
See Bible.

BOUNDARIES of districts. See District Boundaries.
BUILDING contracts, form of, 151.

plans to be approved, 35.

See Remarks, 93.

BURRILLVILLE, special acts as to No. 2, January, 1836, and Jan-

uary, 1838, repealed.

Special act for town, June, 1840, repealed.

CERTIFICATE of election. See Warrant.

of engagement. See Engagement.
of qualification of teachers, 55.

by whom annulled, 54, 56, 94.
form of certificate, 139.

form for annulling, 141.

given by committee valid for one year in town, 54.

by inspector valid in county two years, 54.

by Commissioner in State three years, 54.

subjects of and manner of examination, 55, 94.

CHARLESTOWN, school for Indians in, 74.

Indians not to be reckoned in apportioning money, 74.
special act for building school houses, June 1837, repealed.

CLERK of town. See Town Clerk.

of district, must be an elector, 113. See Constitution.

The references are to the sections in the margin.

CLERK of committee may engage certain officers, 62.
to be engaged, 62, form 138.


of district may engage officers, 62.


of district may sign all official papers, 10.
to be engaged, 62, 123, form of, 138.
may be engaged by moderator, 62.


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to procure book of record, 72.
should record district boundaries.
to deliver papers to successor, 64.
to give copies, 64.

violating laws, 64, 123.

his record evidence of engagement, 62.

[blocks in formation]

to record names of persons voting if requested, 32.
holds until successor appointed, 63.

should record rejected as well as adopted mo-
tions, 123.

should read minutes of record in open meeting, 123.
See Records and Tax.

CHAIRMAN of committee to be engaged, 62.

may engage certain officers, 62.
or clerk to sign all official papers, 10.


may be appointed at annual or any meeting, 37.
must be elector, 113. See Constitution.

should be engaged, 62.

form of, 138.

need not give bond unless required, 37.

form of bond, 155, 125.

to have powers of town collector, 37.

to receive warrant for collecting from trustees, 42.
town collector may be employed by district, 37, 59.
need not be engaged anew, 37.



selling land should preserve evidence of advertising, 152.
form of deed on sale for taxes, 157.
holds until successor appointed, 63.
penalty for violating laws, 64.
COMMISSIONER, powers and duties, 2, 3, 4.
to be engaged, 62.

to decide appeals without cost, 65.

may make rules regulating appeals, 65, 4.

to apportion school money in May, 2.

to exclude Indians in apportioning. See Indians.
to draw orders in favor of towns, 2.

to prepare forms, 4, 22, 43.

[blocks in formation]

The references are to the sections in the margin.

COMMISSIONER to visit schools, 3.

to recommend books, 3.

to hold teachers' institutes, 58.
to appoint county inspectors, 4.
form of appointment of inspector, 169.

to grant certificates in cases, 54.

to report to January session of Assembly, 4.

to hold until successor appointed, 63.

case of sickness, &c. Commissioner pro tem., 1.
may approve plans of school houses, 35.

may remit fines and forfeitures, 4.

to distribute fund for deaf, dumb, blind and idiots, 73, 134.
may order a tax in certain cases, 46.

may correct errors in tax, 47.

may abate tax in case of person changed from one district to

another, 48.

may waive strict notice in certain cases, 30.
to receive report from Indian school, 74.
CONSOLIDATION of school districts. See Union.
COMMITTEE, when chosen and how many, 8.

may be chosen by town council, in case, 85.
to be engaged, 62.

form of engagement, 138.

need not be electors. See Constitution.
hold until successors appointed, 63.

quorum of, 11.

vacancies how filled, 18, 86.

to have certificate of election, 85.

form of, 137.

will meet quarterly and when, 11.

will receive report from town treasurer of unexpended money,23.
should send list of Committee to Commissioner, 89.

special meetings how called, 87, 106.

to receive no compensation unless, &c. 8.

to examine teachers, 14, 54.



subjects of examination, 94.

form of certificate, 139.

may employ some person to examine, 14, 54.

may annul certificates, 14, 54.

form for annulling, 141.

remarks on annulling certificates, 94.

may dismiss teacher by whomsoever examined, 56.

may make rules and regulations, 16, 97.

forms for, 171.

may prescribe books and modes of instruction, 16, 96.


The references are to the sections in the margin.

COMMITTEE may lay off and alter school districts, 12.
remarks on, 90.

history of law relating to alterations of districts, 92.
may apportion property of districts when altered, 49.
may authorize two districts in town to unite, 51.
may form joint district with another town, 52, 91.
form of vote, 167.

may let scholars attend schools in other towns or districts, 53.
to locate all school houses, 13.

remarks on, 93.

to fill vacancies in committee, 18, 86.

to report to Commissioner on or before July 1st, 22.

to town at town meeting, 22, 99.

may reserve money to print their report, 22, 99.

if not printed, report must be read in town meeting, 22.

may suspend or expel scholars, 17, 128.

to visit schools and how often, 15.

may employ person to visit, 15.

remarks on visiting, 95.

subjects for enquiry when visiting, 95.

duty of com. when town is not divided into districts, 5, 59, 19.
may assess a rate where there are no districts, 59.

duty of com. when district devolves care of school on them, 38,




when district neglects to keep school, 38.
to apportion school money early and how, 20, 98, 74.
may divide town money, if town does not, 20.
may divide unexpended money, 21.

to draw orders in favor of teachers, in case, 21.
need not give orders until services performed, 21.
form of order, 164.

as to records. See records.

deaf, dumb, blind, idiots and insane, 73, 134.

should approve district tax and rate-bill, 36, 59.

may abate tax when person is removed from one district to
another, 48.

may call district meeting for organization, or where no trus-

[blocks in formation]

may be authorized by town to appoint superintendent, 7.
superintendent, (if not one of committee) should be elector.


CONSTITUTION of state, provision for education. Article 12th.

permanent school fund not to be diverted.


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