The references are to the sections in the margin.

CONSTITUTION, school committee need not be electors. Article 9th.
all other officers must be. Idem.

any elector may be elected to office. Idem.
CONTRACT, with teacher. Form 142, 107.

for building, 151.

of district may be enforced by Commissioner, 46.
CORPORATIONS, districts to be, 33.

academies and libraries may, 75, 135.

COSTS, appeal to be decided without costs, 65.

on suits against district officer, no costs if acted in good faith, 67.
COUNCIL. See town council.

COUNTY inspector. See inspector.

COVENTRY. Special act as to No. 6, Jan. 7, 1842, repealed.

CRIMINALS, juvenile may be sentenced to Providence Reform School.
See acts of January and October, 1850.

CUMBERLAND. Special acts of October, 1834, and October, 1838, now

DEAF, dumb, blind and idiots, provision for, 73, 134.
DEBTS and damages, how recovered of district, 46, 69.
DECLINING office, 18, 37.

DEED, form of, from school district, 163.

power from district to execute, 162.

to district, form of, 161.

from tax collector. form of, 157.

[blocks in formation]


DISTRICT TREASURER, may be elected at any meeting, 37.
should be elector, 113. See Constitution.

[blocks in formation]

holds until successor appointed, 63.

need not give bond unless required, 37.

form of bond, 154, 124.

if receives school money, to pay it to trustees, 21.
DISTRICT BOUNDARIES, to be fixed by committee, 12.
on what principles, 90, 12.

when altered, property to be apportioned, 49.

history of the law relating to, 92.

existing districts confirmed, 12.

no new district with less than 40 children, unless approved by
School Commissioner, 12.

DISTRICTS, as to notice of meetings, see notice.

may organise at any time on notice by committee, 25.

The references are to the sections in the margin.

DISTRICTS, annual meeting, when, 26, 114.

meeting, if no trustees, called by committee, 25.
shall be called on request, 27.

if trustees neglect, committee may call, 27.
shall be held at school house unless, 28.
district may fix place of meeting, 28.
meeting shall be in district, 28.

if called by committee they shall notify, 30.
district may prescribe mode of notice, 30.
form of vote for this, 148.

may choose moderator at each meeting, 31, 114.
moderator need not be engaged, 62.


may engage clerk, 62.

may choose clerk, one or three trustees, &c., 37.
may fill vacancies, 37.

if don't choose them at annual meeting, may at any other, 37.
officers must be electors, 113. See Constitution.

may require bonds of collector and treasurer, 37.

may insure against fire, 35.

remarks on powers of, 114, 117, 120.

quorum of district meeting, 118.

may devolve care of school on committee, 38, 101.

if do not organise or neglect, committee may provide school, 38.
fix rates for tuition and incidentals, 59.


[blocks in formation]

cannot keep scholar from school on account of poverty,
should exempt the poor from assessment, 59, 117.

may build school houses by tax, 36.

may_tax for all school purposes, 36, 120.

see Tax.


may provide maps, blackboard, library, clock and appendages
by tax, 35.

must have plan of house and tax approved by committee or
Commissioner, 35, 36.

remarks on this provision, 93.

must make returns to obtain money, 43, 21.

must keep school in house approved by committee, 21.

may adopt a seal, 168.

must execute deeds, leases and contracts by attorney.

debts and damages, how recovered, 46, 69.

when can rescind vote, 46, 120.

forms of votes. See Forms.

inhabitants may be witnesses, 71.

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may answer suit against district, 68.

The references are to the sections in the margin.

DISTRICTS may place tax, &c, in hands of town collector, 37.
refusing to collect tax in certain cases, 46, 69.

writs against, how served, 70.

school house exempt from execution, 69.

[blocks in formation]

taxation. Digest, p 431.

may take land for school house, 13.

may abate tax in case of person removed, 48.

may join to establish secondary or grammar school, 50.

in same town may join without losing money, 51,

may form joint district with another town. See Districts Joint.
existing districts confirmed, 12.

DISTRICTS JOINT, in adjoining towns, how formed, 52, 122.
form of vote, 167.

meeting, how called, 52.

may prescribe mode of notifying meetings, 52, 30.
form of vote, 148,

money, how apportioned to, 52.

under supervision of committee, where house located, 52.
collecting tax in, 52.

how altered, 52.

DISTURBING School, how punished, 132.

scholars expelled for, 17.

DIVISION of Districts, property how apportioned, 49, 90.
DUMB, provision for education of, 73, 134.

EAST GREENWICH, special act of January, 1832, now repealed.
ELECTION, of school committee, 8.

who may be committee.


of chairman and clerk of committee, 10.

of sub-committee for examination, 14.

of district officers, 37, 114.

ENGAGEMENT to office, 62.

penalty for not taking, 62.

officers holding over, need not be engaged anew,


town collector need not be engaged anew, 37.

record of clerk of district to be evidence of engagement, 62.

Justice of peace cannot act out of his own town in civil mat-
ters. Digest, p. 104, § 5.

EXAMINATION by committee. See Committee.

by inspector, 54, 55.

manner of conducting, 94.

See Certificate and Teacher.

EXECUTIONS against districts, how served, 69.
EXEMPTIONS from taxes. See Tax.

poor exempt from rate-bill, 59, 61.

The references are to the sections in the margin.

EXEMPTIONS, property exempt from distress, 152, note.
school house exempt from execution, 69.

school house exempt from taxation. Digest, page 431.

EXETER, special acts, January, 1838, and January, 1839, repealed.
as to No. 4, Oct. 1841, repealed.



FINES. See Penalty.

FIRE insurance, provision for, 35.


FORMS, warrant or certificate of election of school officers, 137.
oath and certificate of engagement of, 138.

certificate to a teacher from committee, 139.
certificate from county inspector, 140.

annulling certificate, 141.

contract with teacher to keep school, 142.

notice of first meeting of district, 143.
notice of annual district meeting, 144.
application to trustees for special meeting, 145.
commencement of district records, 146.
form for choosing officers, 147.

vote of district prescribing mode of notice, 148.
vote of district to devolve school on committee, 149.
vote of district to build school house, 150.

contract to build house, 151.

vote to lay a tax, 152.

form of a tax bill, 153.

district treasurer's bond, 154.

collector's bond, 155.

warrant to collect taxes, 156.

tax collector's deed, 157.

rate bill for tuition, 158.

lease to a district, 159.

power of attorney from district to take a lease, 160.
deed to a school district, 161.

vote appointing attorney to sell district's land, 162.

deed of district land, 163.

order for money, 164.

notice of appeal, 165,

vote to establish secondary school, 166.

vote of committee to establish joint district, 167.

vote prescribing form of seal for district, 168.

appointment of county inspector, 169.

form of district's return, 170.

rules and regulations of town schools, 171.
of voluntary incorporation of libraries, &c. 136.

The references are to the sections in the margin.

FORMS, of town treasurer's certificate to obtain school money, 84.
of regulations for libraries, 135.

FUEL, how provided, 59.

FUND, permanent school fund cannot be diverted. Constitution,
Art. 12.

deposit fund or U. S. surplus revenue. See Act of Oct. 1836.

GENERAL Treasurer.

See Treasurer General.

GLOCESTER, special act, January, 1840, repealed.

GOVERNOR to appoint Commissioner of Public Schools, 1.



committee to superintend Indian school, 74.
may aid poor insane persons, 134. See Act of January,

GRADATION of schools provided for by towns, 5.

district may establish graded schools, 59, 103.
two districts may establish secondary schools, 50.
HISTORY of school legislation in Rhode-Island, 92.

HOPKINTON, special acts passed June, 1829, Nov. 1831, and June,
1835, now repealed.

special act as to No. 9, Oct. 1838.

IDIOTS, provision for training and education of, 73, 134.

IMBECILES. See Idiots.

INCORPORATIONS, voluntary, 75, 135.

INDIANS in Charlestown, school for, 74.

teacher to be examined, 74.

not to be reckoned, 74.

INSANE poor may be aided by Governor out of treasury, 134. Act
of January, 1850.

INSPECTORS to be appointed for each county, 4.

form of appointment, 169.

his certificate good for two years, 54.

may be annulled, 54, 56.

should import higher degree of qualification, 54.

office expires first Tuesday of May and do not hold over, 4.
may be removed, 4.

INSTITUTE, teachers', to be held by Commissioner, 58.

INSURANCE against fire, 35.

INTERRUPTING school, how punished, 132.

scholars may be expelled for, 17.

JAMESTOWN, wardens may engage officers, 62.

JOHNSTON, special act as to No. 13, March, 1842, repealed.

JOINT districts. See Districts Joint.

JUDGE may engage any office within the state, 62.

of supreme court may decide appeals, 65.

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