THESE forms have been drawn out in order to assist those who may be disposed to undertake any office or duty under the school laws, to save them expense and trouble, and to bring about a uniformity of practice, as far as can be done. These forms are not

prescribed by law, but are believed to conform substantially to the law, and to be safe precedents.

137. Warrant or Certificate of election of School Officers.

[blocks in formation]

or district No.


were at a

day of

of [the town

and are by virtue of said appointment fully

authorized and empowered to discharge all the duties of said office, and to exercise all the powers thereto belonging, according to law.

Witness my hand, and the seal of said [town or district] hereto affixed by me, this

L. S.

[blocks in formation]

took an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution and laws of this State, and faithfully to discharge the duties of the office of School Committee [or Clerk, Trustee, Treasurer of school district No, as the case may be] so long as he continues therein.

Note. Sec § 62 of the law.

A. B. Justice of the Peace or
Notary, as the case may be.


Certificate to a Teacher from a Committee.

The School Committee of the town of

certify that A. B. of


is qualified to teach in

the public schools in said town, according to the provisions of the acts relating to public schools. This certificate is to be valid within said town for one year from the date thereof, unless previously annulled by the School Committee or some superior authority. Date. In behalf of the School Committee of said town.

Chairman, or Clerk.

140. Certificate from an Inspector.

I, A. B., County Inspector for the county of


the provisions of the act relating to public schools, hereby certify that C. D. of is qualified to teach in the public schools of said county, according to the provisions of said act. This certificate to be valid in and throughout the county, for the space. of two years from the date thereof, and if signed by the Commissioner of Public Schools, to be valid throughout the State for three years, unless sooner annulled according to law.


A. B., County Inspector.

141. Form for annulling a Certificate.

To the Trustees of School Districts in the town of

and all others it may concern.

Whereas the School Committee of this town did on the

day of

A. D. 18

issue to


a certificate of qualification as a teacher in the public schools: Now know ye, that upon further examination, investigation and trial, the said

and unqualified, (or the said

has been found deficient has refused to conform

to the regulations made by the Committee, as the case may be,) and we do therefore, by the authority given us by law, declare the said certificate to be annulled and void from this date, of which all per

sons whose duty it is to employ teachers of public schools, are hereby requested to take notice.

By order and in behalf of the School Committee of the town of
Chairman, or Clerk.

NOTE. If a complaint is made against a teacher, it will in most cases be proper for him to be notified before a decision on his case. And notice of the annulling should be immediately given to the trustees of the district, and generally, in order to prevent his being again employed.


142. Memorandum of a Contract with a Teacher. This agreement, made this

day of

A. D.

between A. B., &c. [trustee, school committee or agent appointed by the school committee, as the case may be,] of

on the one part, and X. Y. of

on the other part, witnesses, that the said X. Y. hereby agrees to teach, for the compensation herein mentioned, a district school in and for said district, specify the building, if desired] for the term of months [or weeks] commencing



ending and the said X. Y. further engages to exert the utmost of his ability in conducting said school, and improving the education and morals of the scholars; to keep such registers and make such returns to the trustees and to the school committee, as may be required of him, and in all respects to conform to all such regulations for the government of said school, as may be made by the school committee of said town, and to the provisions of the laws regulating public schools. And in case the certificate of qualification of said X. Y. should be annulled, or if he shall not keep the register and make return, as aforesaid, or should violate such regulations as aforesaid, this agreement from thenceforth shall be of no effect. And the said [committee, trustee or agent,] agree to pay the said X. Y. therefor at the rate of per month, [or per week] to be paid at the end of each month [or the term] out of the school money by law apportioned to said district, and the legal assessments which may be made, and in no event out of the private property of the contractor. And it is further agreed, that the possession of the school house and its appurtenances shall

at all times be considered as being in the trustees [or school com

mittee or agent.]

Witness our hands and seals hereto, the day first above mentioned.

[blocks in formation]

Sealed and executed in presence of

143 Notice of the first meeting of a District.

in the town of

L. S.

Notice is hereby given that there will be a meeting of the legal voters of School District No. at the school house in said district, [if no school house, then the school committee must appoint a place] at

[blocks in formation]

o'clock in the

A. D. 185,

for the purpose of organizing said district, of electing officers for said district for the ensuing year, or for the purpose of considering the expediency of building [or repairing] the school house in said district, and laying a tax on the rateable property of the district therefor, [as the case may be] and of transacting any other business which may lawfully come before said meeting.

By order and in behalf of the school committee of said town. Date. Chairman, or clerk

NOTE. See the provisions of the law as to notice. As to where the notice shall be posted up, see the law. All notices must be put up five days. And care should be taken to preserve evidence that the meeting was properly notified.

144 Notice of Annual District Meeting.

Notice is hereby given to the legal voters of School District No. that the annual meeting of

of the town of

said district, for the choice of officers and the transaction of any other business which may lawfully come before said meeting, will

[blocks in formation]

NOTE. A special meeting may be called by like form, except that the object of all special meetings must be stated. All notices must be posted up five days. As to where posted, see law.

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