Narrative of the Earl of Elgin's Mission to China and Japan in the Years 1857, '58, '59, Volum 2

W. Blackwood and sons, 1859

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Side 342 - And trembling, shrinking from the spoiler's hand, Far, far away, thy children leave the land. Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where wealth accumulates and men decay: Princes and lords may flourish or may fade; A breath can make them, as a breath has made; But a bold peasantry, their country's pride, When once destroyed, can never be supplied.
Side 483 - All questions in regard to rights, whether of property or person, arising between citizens of the United States in China, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of, and regulated by the authorities of their own Government.
Side 480 - Commerce, have named as their Plenipotentiaries, that is to say : — Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, the Right Honourable...
Side 14 - Decima ; and chose to suffer many hardships in a foreign and heathen country — to be remiss in performing Divine service on Sundays and solemn festivals — to leave off praying and singing of psalms — entirely to avoid the sign of the cross, the calling upon the name of Christ in presence of the natives, and all the outer signs of Christianity ; and, lastly, patiently and submissively to bear the abusive and injurious behaviour of these proud infidels towards us, than which nothing can be offered...
Side 483 - Chinese authorities, according to the laws of China. British subjects who may commit any crime in China shall be tried and punished by the Consul, or other public functionary authorized thereto, according to the laws of Great Britain.
Side 232 - All foreign coin shall be current in Japan, and shall pass for its corresponding weight in Japanese coin of the same description. British and Japanese subjects may freely use foreign or Japanese coin, in making payments to each other. As some time will elapse before the Japanese will become acquainted with the value of foreign coin, the Japanese Government will, for the period of one year after the opening of each port, furnish British subjects with Japanese...
Side 484 - British subjects with Japanese coin in exchange for theirs, equal weights being given, and no discount taken, for recoinage. Coins of all description (with the exception of Japanese copper coin), as well as foreign gold and silver uncoined, may be exported from Japan.
Side 487 - It is agreed that either of the High Contracting Parties to this Treaty may demand a further revision of the...
Side 245 - Then he order'd us to take off our Cappa, or Cloak, being our Garment of Ceremony, then to stand upright, that he might have a full view of us; again to walk, to stand still, to compliment each other, to dance, to jump, to play the drunkard, to speak broken Japanese, to read Dutch, to paint, to sing, to put our cloaks on and orT.
Side 483 - In like manner, if a Chinese have reason to complain of a British subject, the Consul shall no less listen to his complaint, and endeavour to settle it in a friendly manner. If disputes take place of such a nature that the Consul cannot arrange them amicably, then he shall request the assistance of the Chinese authorities, that they may together examine into the merits of the case, and decide it equitably.