Now, lastly, for their diet there cannot be much to say, save only that it would be best in the same house ; for much time else would be lost abroad, and many ill habits got; and that it should be plain, healthful, and moderate, I suppose is out of controversy. Thus, Mr. Hartlib, you have a general view in writing, as your desire was, of that which at several times I had discoursed with you concerning the best and noblest way of education ; not beginning, as some have done, from the cradle, which yet might be worth many considerations, if brevity had not been my scope; many other circumstances also I could have mentioned, but this, to such as have the worth in them to make trial, for light and direction may be enough. Only I believe that this is not a bow for every man to shoot in that counts himself a teacher, but will require sinews almost equal to those which Homer gave Ulysses ; yet I am withal persuaded that it may prove much more easy in the assay than it now seems at a distance, and much more illustrious ; howbeit not more difficult than I imagine, and that imagination presents me with nothing but very happy, and very possible according to best wishes; if God have so decreed, and this age have spirit and capacity enough to apprehend.




Τουλέυθερον δ' εκείνο τίς θέλει πόλει
Χρηστόν τι βούλευμ' είς μέσον φέρειν έχων και
Και ταύθ' ο χρήζων λαμπρός έσθ, μη θέλων
Σιγά τί τούτων έστ' ίσαίτερον πόλεις-Euripides.
This is true liberty, when free-born men,
Having to advise the public, may speak free,
Which he who and will, deserves high praise ;
Who neither can, nor will, may hold his peace :
What can be juster in a state than this?




HEY who to states and governors of the com.

monwealth direct their speech, high court of parliament, or wanting such access in a private condition, write that which they foresee may ad. vance the public good; I suppose them, as at the beginning of no mean endeavour, not a little altered and moved inwardly in their minds; some with doubt of what will be the success, others with fear of what will be the censure ; some with hope, others with confidence of what they have to speak. And me perhaps each of these dispositions, as the subject was whereon I entered, may have at other times variously affected ; and likely might in these foremost expressions now also disclose which of them swayed most, but that the very attempt of this address thus made, and the thought of whom it hath recourse to, hath got the power within me to a passion, far more welcome than incidental to a preface,

Which though I stay not to confess ere any ask, I shall be blameless, if it be no other than the joy and gratulation which it brings to all who wish to promote their country's liberty; whereof this whole

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