My Diary in India, in the Year 1858-9, Volum 2

Routledge, Warne, and Routledge, 1860
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Side 440 - But it is so obviously to the advantage of the State, that the Gwalior rebels should be first effectually destroyed, that our relief should be a secondary consideration.
Side 425 - ... officer in command was emulous of Neill, and thought he could show equal vigour. In two days forty-two men were hanged on the road-side, and a batch of twelve men were executed because their faces were 'turned the wrong way' when they were met on the march.
Side 160 - The social distinctions are by no means lost sight of in India ; — on the contrary, they are perhaps more rigidly observed here than at home, and the smaller the society the broader are the lines of demarcation. Each man depends on his position in the public service, which is the aristocracy : and those who do not belong to it are out of the pale, no matter how wealthy they may be, or what claims they may advance to the consideration of the world around them. The women depend on the rank of their...
Side 440 - The latter post, having now been amply supplied with food, and sufficiently strengthened to defy attack, is no longer a source of anxiety; and however desirable it may be to support me here, I cannot but feel that it is still more important that the Gwalior rebels (said to be preparing to cross into the Doab) should "be first disposed of. I would therefore urge on Brigadier Wilson, to whom I beg you will communicate this as if addressed to himself, that I consider that the Delhi column, strengthened...
Side 46 - All these kinds of vindictive, unchristian, Indian torture, such as sewing Mohammedans in pig-skins, smearing them with pork-fat before execution, and burning their bodies, and forcing Hindus to defile themselves, are disgraceful, and ultimately recoil on ourselves.
Side 65 - ... loose-lipped, nerveless, quivering and gasping mouth, filled with a flacid tongue; but from chin and upper lip, there streamed a venerable, long, wavy, intermingling moustache and beard of white, which again all but retrieved his aspect. His hands and feet were delicate and fine, his garments scanty and foul. Recalling youth to that decrepit frame, restoring its freshness to that sunken cheek, one might see the king glowing with all the beauty of the warrior David ; but as he sat before us, I...
Side 158 - I will speak the truth, if the Sahib will not be displeased at it." " Well, pray speak. I am certain that you will not willingly offend us." " Does the Sahib see those monkeys ? They are playing very pleasantly. But the Sahib cannot say why they play, nor what they are going to do next. Well, then, our poor people look upon you very much as they would on those monkeys ; but they know you are very fierce and strong, and would be angry if you were laughed at.
Side 55 - ... and sensuality. We shut the gates of military preferment upon them ; we closed upon them the paths of every pursuit ; we took from them every object of honourable ambition : and then our papers and our mess-rooms teemed with invectives against the lazy, slothful, and sensuous princes of his house.
Side 8 - Then I sank to sleep. I know not what my dreams were, but well I remember the waking. There was a confused clamour of shrieks and shouting in my ear. My dooly was raised from the ground and then let fall violently. I heard my bearers shouting 'Sowar! sowar!' I saw them flying with terror in their faces. All the camp-followers, in wild confusion, were rushing for the road. It was a veritable stampede of men and animals. Elephants were trumpeting shrilly as they thundered over the fields, camels slung...
Side 77 - The fact is, that the Mahomedan element in India is that which causes us most trouble and provokes the largest share of our hostility. Our missionaries make no progress in the Mussulman districts. Our religious and educational movements are watched by the Moulvies and fanatics with the greatest suspicion ; above all, the recollection of the days when the...

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