than disgust them by an ill timed gravity. My bill of fare will consist of great variety : solid food must be prepared for the hungry, but kickshaws shall be interspersed to enliven the entertainment. To lay aside a metaphor, I shall endeavour to adapt my papers to the taste of my readers, by introducing lively anecdotes, curious facts, or interesting narratives," that shall counterbalance a few of a more serious nature, to which I persuade myself, they will have no objection.

Having sketched out my plan, I trust it will be received with candour and approbation, and that its ultimate design will be crowned with





THE retrospect of domestic and foreign occurrences, collected in many of the periodical publications, afford a variety of entertainment, by recording singular events, ludicrous marriages, and other odd circumstances that arise from the excentricities of individuals; whilst, on the other hand, it supplies useful lessons concerning the vicissitudes and uncertainty of life. We there read a slight sketch of the havoc the grim tyrant death has made in the course of one month, amongst the old and the young, the worthy and the vile, the happy and the miserable ; and frequently are we animated to a more ar

; duous progress in the path of virtue, by the noble example of departed excellence. Can a generous mind, at the outset of life, read the following paragraph without feeling a strong desire to become useful, to live for the good of others, and to be honoured by the public esteem:


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