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'She shall be brought unto the king in rai: All, all that is necessary is for us to desire ment of needlework. The most beautiful them, and to ask for them, and we shall relaces worn by our women of wealth and ceive. And some day, in white robes, we fashion are made in the underground places, shall be presented faultless before the presence where sunlight comes not, and the lives of of His glory with exceeding joy. the makers of the favourite point lace are the • “Buy of Me," I hear Thee say. price of its beauty. We shall know by-and

I have naught wherewith to pay; by the meaning of all the sadness and suffer

But I give myself to Thee. ing of earth when we see the beautiful spiritual Clothed, adopted I shall be.' raiment that has been made in sick rooms and under the most trying circumstances. The 'costly raiment of needlework' will then be DANCING.–Here is what a purely secular explained.

paper says about dancing :- A great deal can And now we come in sight of a dress of gold. be said about dancing; for instance, the chief

The king's daughter is all glorious within : of police of New York City says that threeher clothing is of wrought gold.' Not merely fourths of the abandoned girls in this city trimmed with golden fringe, but the whole were ruined by dancing. Young ladies allow dress of wrought gold.

gentlemen privileges in dancing which, taken

under any other circumstances, would be con*Wrought into gold! Ye that pass down life’s hours sidered as improper. It requires neither

So carelessly Might make your dreary ways so beautiful with As the love of the one increases, the love of

brains nor good morals to be a good dancer. flowers, If ye would try.

the other decreases. How many of the best Then every gentle deed we'v; done and every kind men and women are skilful dancers? In

word given, Wrought into gold, would make us wondrous rich in Alcohol is the spirit of beverages. So sex is

ancient times the sexes danced separately. heaven.'

the spirit of the dance; take it away, and let Now, the question for you and me is simply the sexes dance separately, and dancing would this: Shall we put on these 'beautiful gar- go out of fashion very soon. Parlour dancing ments'? or, in other words, Shall we put on

is dangerous. Tippling leads to drunkenness, the Lord Jesus Christ? All these garments and parlour dancing leads to ungodly balls

. He wore; or, to drop the figure, all these Tippling and parlour dancing sow to the wind, qualities were His, and they must be ours. and both reap the whirlwind. Put dancing

Many years ago, in one of the beautiful in the crucible, apply the acids, weigh it, and churches of England, I listened to a clergy. the verdict of reason, morality, and religion is

, man of the Establishment, and never shall I Weighed in the balance and found wanting forget his voice as he leaned over the desk, New York Journal of Education. and, looking at his wealthy congregation, said, 'Ah! you look most respectable to men; but I am afraid that in the sight of the angels you She whom I Loved is Dead! are not fit to be seen.'

Now, I appeal to you, as women, to do by She whom I loved is dead! your spiritual body as you do for your natural

Nay, rather should

I say body. "You say, I need such and such clothes, That she has passed through Death's dark night and I must have them. And, as far as your

To everlasting day; means allow (I do not say you go beyond your Her Father's voice has called her home, means), you buy what you feel you must have. And heaven has claimed her for its own. And you

make preparations, if you are sensible women, before the season comes, so that you

She whom I loved is dead! are prepared for the change of season. Now,

And sleeps beneath the sod; I ask you, Are you making preparations for Yes, but beyond the starry sky the coming time-for the exchange of worlds?

Her spirit dwells with God! And yet, as I speak of another world, I feel For death, which laid her low in earth, how necessary that you should be well dressed Gave to her soul immortal birth. in spirit in this world. Will you not come and look at these garments again? Will you

She whom I loved is dead! not open your Bibles and make an inventory, That bond of everlasting love

But death hath not undone
of these dresses? The garment of praise
(Is. Txi. 3), The robe of righteousness' (Is. Eternity seems very near,

Which knit our souls in one;
Ixi. 10), • The cloak of humility,' (1 Peter v. 5), When I remember she is there.
* The raiment of needlework' (Ps. xlv. 14),
The clothing of wrought gold' (Ps. xlv. 13). She whom I loved is dead!
Do you say, “Yes, they are very beautiful,

And I must dwell alone;
very attractive; but can I really have them?' | Oh may her gentle memory be
I answer in the words of Christ, and He is

A star to guide me home, truth, “If God so clothe the grass of the field, Until upon the heavenly shore which to-day is and to-morrow is cast into the We meet again, to part no more. oven, will He not much more clothe you?'

G. A. T.

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see light, cease;

All the pro

mis es do tra vail, With the glo rious day of That di vine and glo-rious con- quest Once ob

tain'don Cal - vaAnd from east - ern coast to west - ern Let the morn - ing chase the May thy last - ing, wide do - min - ion Mul - ti - ply, and still in

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grace: Bless-ed ju - b'lee, bless-ed ja - b'lee, Let the glo - rious morning dawn.

-ry: Let the gos - pel, let the gos - pel, Loud re- sound from pole to pole.
And re-

demp-tion, and re- demp-tion, Free-ly pur-chas'd, win the day.
• crease: Sway thy scep -tre, sway thy scep - tre, Sa-viour all the world a -round.

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A Daily Portion.
MAY 17.



RECONCILED TO God.'—2 Cor. v. 20. The more we grow in grace, the more glory

This is the message of the gospel, and that we bring to God; God's glory is more worth which the ministry aims at, and therefore the than the salvation of all men's souls. This ministers ought to be suitors, not for themshould

be our design, to raise the trophies of selves, but for Christ, to espouse souls to Him, God's glory; and how can we do it more than and to bring in many hearts to love Him. by growing in grace? Hereby is My Father And certainly this is the most compendious glorified, if ye bring forth much fruit. Though way to persuade to all other Christian duties, the least drachm of grace will bring salvation this is to converse with Jesus Christ; and, to us, yet it will not bring so much glory to therefore, where His love is, no other incentive God: filled with the fruits of righteousness, will be needful; for love delights in the preswhich are to the praise of His glory. It com

ence and converse of the party loved. If we mends the skill of the husbandman when his are to persuade to duties of the second table, plants grow and thrive; it is a praise and the sum of those is love to ou brethren, honour to God when we thrive in grace.-T. resulting from the love of Christ, which Watson.

diffuseth such a sweetness into the soul, that

it is all love, and meekness, and gentleness, MAY 18.

and long-suffering.-Leighton. 'SHE LOVED MUCH.'—Luke vii. 47.

MAY 21. Many directions and means of begetting and increasing this love of Christ may be here


2 Peter i. 6. offered, and they that delight in number may multiply them; but sure this one will compre

Religion bars not the lawful delights that hend the greatest and best part, if not all of are taken in natural things, but teaches the them. Believe, and you shall love; believe moderate and regular use of them, which is much, and you shall much; labour for far the sweeter; for things lawful in themstrong and deep persuasions of the glorious selves are in their excess sinful, and so prove things that are spoken of Christ, and this will bitterness in the end; and if, in some cases, it command love. Certainly did men indeed requires the forsaking of lawful enjoyments, believe His worth they would accordingly love as of pleasure, or profits, or honour, for God Him; for the reasonable creature cannot but and for His glory, it is generous, and more affect that most which it firmly believes to be truly delightful to deny them for this reason, worthy of affection. Oh, this mischievous un- than to enjoy them. Men have done much belief is that which makes the heart cold and this way for the love of their country, and by dead towards God. Seek, then, to believe a principle of moral virtue; but to lose any Christ's excellency in Himself, and His love delight, or to suffer any hardship for that to us, and our interest in Him, and this will highest end, the glory of God, and by the kindle such a fire in the heart as will make it strength of love to Him, is far more excellent ascend in a sacrifice of love to Him.-Leighton, and truly pleasant.-Leighton.

MAY 22.
MAY 19.



Salvation expresses not only that which is UNSPEAKABLE.'—1 Peter i. 8.

negative, but implies likewise positive and No wonder, seeing the matter of it is incon- perfect happiness. Thus, forgiveness of sins ceivable, it is an infinite good. God recon. is put for the whole nature of justification ciled in Jesus Christ, and testifying and frequently in Scripture. It is more easy to sealing His love unto the soul, and giving say of this unspeakable happiness, what it is assured hope of that blessed vision of eternity; not, than what it is. There is in it a full and what more unspeakable than this? The best final freedom from all annoyance; all tears worldly joys are easily speakable; they may are wiped away, and their fountain is dried be expressed to the utmost; yea, usually more up; all feeling

and fear, or danger of any the

; is spoken of them than they are indeed. Their least evil, either of sin or punishment, is name is beyond their worth; they are very banished for ever; there are no invasions of seldom found upon experience equal to the enemies, no robbing or destroying in all this opinion and expectation that men have of holy mountain, no voice of complaining in the them. But this spiritual joy is above the streets of the New Jerusalem. * Here it is at report any can make of it, say what they can the best but interchanges of mornings of joy of it who are of happiest expression ; yet with sad evenings of weeping. But there, when a man comes to know it in his own there shall be no light, no need of sun nor breast, he will say, as that queen said of moon, for the glory of the Lord shall lighten Solomon's wisdom, the half was not told me it, and the Lamb shall be the light thereof.of it.-Leighton.




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HE one hundred and twenty-first discovered and disgraced.' Assuredly, the

psalm is one of the most soul- young Hebrew who was put to the strain of a inspiring in the whole psalter. tremendous temptation in the house of PotiIt is named 'a song of degrees,' phar, laid hold of vastly higher motives than i.l., a song of ascents, leading these. He lifted his eyes to the hills, and from the lower up to the higher. made his appeal to God. 'How can I do this Whether this was originally in- great wickedness,' he cries out, and sin tended as a musical expression against God?' That appeal lashed him, as it

or as a description of the ascent were, to the everlasting throne, and divine to the sacred mount in Jerusalem, it happily grace made him temptation-proof. describes the spiritual idea of the psalm. The Here is the only safeguard under the preskey-note is in the first verse. 'I will lift up sure of assaults against conscience, or of mine eyes unto the hills (or mountains) from powerful enticements to some sinful selfwhence cometh my help. My help is from gratification. The young man who is too the Lord, which made heaven and earth.' fond of the champagne-glass needs something The grand idea is, that we niust look higher more than the conviction that the bottle is if we would live higher. We must have help endangering his health and his pocket in order from heaven if we would reach heaven. to keep him abstinent. He must recognise

In things material and in things spiritual sin as well as sorrow in the sting which the not one of us is created to entire independence. viper in the glass ' inflicts, and seek his help From infancy, when we depend on a mother's from the Highest. That is no trustworthy milk for nourishment, and childhood, when honesty which spurns the enticement to fraud we depend on our teachers for instruction, simply because detection may bring disgrace, clear through the activities of manhood, which because the man may persuade himself that require the aid of customers and clients in in his circumstances detection is impossible. order to prosper, we cannot ever live a year in He is only safe when he looks up from these and by ourselves. Still more true is it that paltry motives—up high enough to see God. our moral life is one of weakness and of want. In these days, when the press teems with The important question is: Where shall we obituaries of lost characters, it ought to be find the supplies for the soul's wants and the known that the only principle which can hold help for the soul's weakness? And the fatal a merchant, or a cashier, or an accountant is mistake so often made is, that the soul does a Bible-conscience, which draws its strength not look high enough to secure substantial from the everlasting hills of Right. help and to insure a complete victory. For There are some of us who have known what example, we are exposed to perpetual tempta- it is to drink bitter draughts of affliction, and tions, which draw us toward sin, and thus to have the four corners of our house smitten tend to drag us downward. How are we to by a terrible sorrow. At such times, how meet them?

hollow and worthless were many of the stereoWe may employ arguments that are wholly typed prescriptions for comfort. Time must of the earth, earthy. They have no motives do its work' was one of them. As if time that are not essentially selfish; they do not could bring back the dead or cruelly eradicate recognise anything higher than self-interest, the beloved image from the memory. “Travel or appeal to any supernatural power for aid. is another of these quack recommendations Here is a young man of ardent temperament, for a wounded spirit. Just as if God had who is strongly tempted to sensual indulgence. ever made an Atlantic wide enough to carry He may say to himself, “This will not pay for us out of the reach of heart-breaking ery. the risks. I will injure my health; I will wretched comforters are they all. The sufferstain the reputation of another; I may be ing heart heeds not the voice of such charmers,


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charm they ever so wisely. Never, never have is a heart transaction, by which you lay hold I been able to gain one ray of genuine conso- on Jesus, and Jesus saves. His sacrifice for lation until I lifted my eyes unto the hills from sin avails for you, His strength becomes yours, whence cometh the Almighty help. As soon His example teaches you how to live your as I have begun to taste of God's exceeding own daily life, His Spirit comes to dwell great and precious promises my strength began within you, His armour protects you, and His to revive. As soon as His everlasting arm service becomes the inspiration of your whole got hold around me the burden grew lighter. being. When you ascend into Christ, you Yea, it carried me and the load likewise. reach a loftier, purer atmosphere. Security God opened to me paths of usefulness which is gained up there as in a stronghold on a were in the line of His service, and also of cliff. Six times over in this psalm the inspired blessings to my fellow-men; and so help penman tells us how the Lord is thy keeper, flowed down to me from the hills like the and how He shall preserve thy soul to all streams that make music from the precipices eternity. My friend, lift your eyes upward. to one who climbs the Wenzern Alp.

Let your voice go up in fervent prayer to the This sublime passage from Psalm cxxi. everlasting hills. Put your feet firmly on the throws its suggestive side-light on the ques- path that leads straight toward God. When tion why many of my readers have never you reach Him in this world, you have reached obtained a solid and satisfactory religious heaven in the next world. hope. You will admit in your honest hours that you are not what you ought to be, nor what you yet intend to be. You admit that you

HEDGING UP OUR WAYS. are sinners. You have no expectation of being lost to all eternity. Certain steps you have In my boyhood I lived in the family of Dr taken in past times, but they all left you as C., a man of devoted piety. Twice a day we low down as you started. Both

were accustomed to bow together at the family motives

your and your methods were pitched too low. All remember a petition that was frequent in his

altar. After the lapse of half-a-century I well attempts at self-salvation were as futile as

prayers. It was, that God would hedge up would be the attempt to lift yourself by grasp- our ways whenever we might be inclined to ing hold of your own shoes. Even religious go in wrong ones. He would have God to services failed to bring you any substantial stop us in those ways, and to turn us to such change of heart and character, because you

as should be wise and good.

Men greatly like to have their own ways. did not get your eye or thought above them.

They prefer those of their own choosing. The best sermon ever preached is only a cup, They don't like to be restrained in them, or after all. It may bring the water, but the cup to be turned from them into other ways. itself cannot quench thirst.

They would break through the hedge that is What you need is to lift your eyes above mercifully placed across their path. It is the your sinful, needy self, above

language of their hearts: 'Let us break His churchyour

bonds asunder, and cast away His cords from goings and other religious observances, above

us. And yet the prayer of Dr C. was a every one and everything, to the only moun- proper prayer. It is a prayer that all would tain whence cometh your help. That moun- do well often to offer. We are short-sighted tain is Calvary. The crucified and now living creatures. None of us can see far ahead of Son of God is the object on which you must

us. And, naturally, we are inclined to go in

unwise paths. Left to ourselves, we shall fix your eye. As a living man, you need a

make mistakes, and serious mistakes, that living Christ. You want not a system of will occasion us regret. So has it often been. doctrine, but a personal Saviour. You need On a review of our lives, we can see many a some one not only to lay your hand upon, but place in the road that we have travelled where one who can return the grasp of that hand. it had been well for us had our way been The lift must come from Him. The new life hedged up, and our feet been turned to

another course. must come from Him. 'His blood cleanseth less headstrong, less bent on having our own

We can see that had we been from all sin’ is a mere abstract truth until way, it would have been far better for us. you come up to that atoning blood for your God sees the end of any path from its beginself. Submit to its cleansing, as Naaman ning, and He knows infinitely better than we submitted to be washed in Jordan. 'A living do what paths will prove safe and good for us; trust in Jesus has power unto salvation only seek and follow the leadings of His Spirit and

and if one would be guided aright, one must because it is the means by which the saving providence. It is a precious promise of His power of God may come into your heart.' | Word: 'In all thy ways acknowledge Him, Faith is not a mere intellectual opinion. It and He shall direct thy paths.'-H, S.

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