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HE approach of the New Year has the Tract Society's, although it does not con

brought round the Almanacs tain so much of the information usually sought again. Their makers must for in an almanac. But its selection of Scriphave been busy during the ture passages is also excellent, and its parasummer, and in most instances graphs on savings banks, on the broken jar,

for the instruction and profit on Sabbath work in the Post Office, and cabs, of their readers. Comparing them with are as appropriate as they are likely to do almanacs of forty years ago, the change good. We transfer its texts for February, is immeasurably for the better. The tone, and a paragraph on how to stop the delivery the variety and fulness of information, the of letters by the postman on the Lord's artistic beauty of nearly all of them are Day:worthy of high commendation. It is a wonder to us, who live away from where such things

1 W It is the Spirit that beareth witness. are produced, how they can be sold for the

2 TH He will guide you into all truth.

3 F I will render praises unto Thee. price they are published at. To review the

4S The Lord...will preserve me. Almanacs of the year would be a Herculean task, so many are they in number. We simply

5S Let brotherly love continue. propose to look at four of one class — the

6 M Commit thy way unto the Lord. Penny Sheet Almanacs.

7 Tu God... will also raise up us. First, we take one of the oldest, if not the 8 W The Lord maketh poor, and maketh rich. oldest, and still one of the best of its class- 9 Th If one died for all, then were all dead. the Sheet_Almanac of the Religious Tract 10 F The...righteous speaketh wisdom. [word. Society. It has fully the average amount of i1s Strengthen Thou me according unto Thy almanac information, but the daily texts have been selected according to a special and very

12S Follow Me. useful plan. After a text for the Lord's Day, 13 M. As thy days, so shall thy strength be.

14 Tu Godliness with contentment is great gain. a word is selected, and the other days of the

15 W Affliction cometh not forth of the dust. week are other passages where this word is 16 Tu Walk ye in Him. used. For January it is

17 F Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. IS From this day will I bless you.

18 S Do all things without murmurings. 2 M The Lord shall guide thee continually. 3 To I will guide thee with Mine eye.

19 S Lay hold on eternal life. 4 W My Father, Thou art the Guide of my youth. 20 M Fight the good fight of faith. 5 Th For Thy Name's sake lead me, and guide me. 21 Tu Have ye received the Holy Ghost? 6 F He will be our Guide even unto death. 22 W Teach me Thy way, O Lord. 78 The meek will He guide in judgment. 23 TH See that ye love one another,

24 F Lead me in a plain path. 8 S As thy days, so shall thy strength be. 25 S Having food and raiment let us be...content. 9 M See then that ye walk circumspectly. 10 Tu Walk before Me, and be thou perfect.

26 S Behold the Lamb of God. 11 W Walk as children of light.

27 M To be carnally minded is death. 12 TH They shall walk with Me in white.

28 Tu He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God. 13 F Walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing. 14 S Walk in newness of life.


LETTERS INSTEAD OF GOING TO CHURCH. 15 S The Lord knoweth them that are His. 16 M Keep yourselves from idols.

These words were uttered with deep feeling 17 Tu Keep the door of my lips.

by a rural postman, just as the congregation 18 W I... will keep thee from the hour of temptation.

were leaving the village church. For four 19 T. He will keep the feet of His saints.

hours the man had been on his 'round. Over 20 F Keep yourselves in the love of God. twelve miles of ground he had tramped with 21 S Keep thy tongue from evil.

his letter-bag that Sabbath morning.

entering into conversation with him, I found 22 S Let us go on unto perfection.

that from the 1st of January to the last of 23 M I know that my Redeemer liveth.

December he had no Sabbath rest.' 24 Tu Cause me to know the way wherein I should

What public servants are entitled to our 25 W I know thy works.


sympathy and help more than postmen? 26 Tu For I know whom I have believed. 27 F I know that Thou canst do everything.

London gives its postmen the rest of the Sab; 28 S Iamthe Good Shepherd, and know Mysheep. bath; but in the provinces they have to toil

Sunday and week-day alike! The public have 29 S Fear thou not,... I will help thee.

the power of giving this boon to the postmen at 30 M Ask, and it shall be given you.

once, without any appeal to Parliament! If 31 Tu Whatsoever we ask we receive of Him. every parishioner will write to his postmaster

and say, Please don't deliver my letters on The British Workman Almanac is a larger the Sunday, the Sunday work of the lettersheet, and with larger pictures than that of carriers will cease.'


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The Band of Hope Almanac is, like the Office, and send it on at once.. 'It will do you British Workman Almanac, issued by Messrs good to do good, and the blessing of them that $. W. Partridge & Co., and is, like it, and, in- are ready to perish will come upon you.' As deed, all their publications, remarkable for a specimen of the riches in John Ploughman's the beauty of its illustrations. It is just the Almanac,

we transfer the Proverbs for April, almanac for the wall of the nursery. We and The Ploughman's Belief :transfer its daily texts for March, and a para

IS He who knows everything is a fool but does graph on The Half-way House.

(not know it.

28 Sin kisses and kills.
1 W Seek ye the Lord while He may be found.
2 TH Examine yourselves.

[tion. 3M A small house is big enough for love. [aim. 3F Blessed is the man that endureth tempta- 4 To Tospeak without thinking is to shoot without 48 As much as lieth in you, live peaceably.

5 W When things are at their worst they will

6 TH Judge a daughter by her mother. [mend. 58 Ask in faith, nothing wavering.

7F Do not throw the handle after the hatchet.

8S Hear both sides or none.
6 M My son, give Me thine heart.
7 To He only is my rock and my salvation.
8 W Present your bodies a living sacrifice.

98 As is God's majesty such is His mercy. 9 Tu Mercy rejoiceth against judgment.

10 M Too much sail suits not a small boat. 10 F Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ.

11 Tu Call a fig a fig.

[a worse supper, 11 S Thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive. 12 w. Dependence on others is a bad breakfast and

13 T. Leave it alone if you cannot improve it. 12 S The Lord loveth the gates of Zion.

14 F Those in the same boat should row together. 13 M Be not conformed to this world.

15 S Ill weeds grow apace; folly runs a rapid race. 14 Tv Fret not thyself because of evil men. 15 W Receive with meekness the engrafted word.

16 S Learn to hear and hear to learn. 16 Tu Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord. 17 M It takes all sorts of people to makeupaworld. 17 F Every tree is known by his own fruit. 18 Tu Mind your courting does not end in court. 18 S He that giveth, let him do it with simplicity. 19 W He who is full of care lives like a hare.

20 Tu Money spent on brain is never spent in vain. 19 S Take ye hear.

21 F Time enough is little enough. 20 M Pride goeth before destruction.

22 S Beware of the time when the door is shut.' 21 To The thought of foolishness is sin. 22 W Let love be without dissimulation.

23 S Christ took the burden of our misery to give us 23 TH Trust in the Lord, and do good.

24 M No bees, no honey. [the benefit of His mercy. 24 F O Lord, how great are Thy works.

25 To He that hath no wife is poor. 25 S See that none render evil for evil.

26 W Wear your greatcoat till May, for fickle is

27 Th Never meet troubles half way. [the day. 26 S Buy the truth, and sell it not.

28 F Before you get a bird provide a cage. 27 M II ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin.

29 S Empty tubs are easy rolled; bald heads are 28 To The way of transgressors is hard.

[quickly polled. 29 W all their dues.

We must not let crosses load us down, but 30 Th I will call upon Thee; for Thou wilt answer

we must lift them up and carry them. 31 F Is any thing too hard for the Lord ?


I believe that there is a God, and that He S. Warren, Esq., Q.C., the well-known author sees me and knows all that I do. I am sorry of The Diary of a Late Physician, and other to say He must have known me do a great works, once addressing the Grand Jury of the mind has been grieved with me for the faults

deal that is


I feel sure that His pure Hull Easter Sessions, said, in his capacity as Recorder, “A dram-shop has always appeared to my good works, or my prayers, or anything

of my living, and therefore I dare not trust to me, ever since I began to take an interest in I can do. I have read in the Bible, which ľ criminal matters, and that is now many years believe to be the Word of God, that God sent ago, as simply the half-way house to Norfolk His own Son into the world, born

of a woman, Island or the hulks. Two-thirds of the crime committed is committed by persons who in

to take up our cause and make amends for tentionally, or unintentionally, have placed I find that Jesus Christ saves all those wlio

our sins; and this I do firmly believe. Then themselves beyond control by the liquor they put their trust in Him, and as He is God as have drunk.'

well as man, and has offered a great sacrifice Mr Spurgeon's John Ploughman's Almanac, for sin, I feel that I can safely rely upon Him. like everything he does, bears the stamp of Since I have done so, I have become quite a genius. It must now be in its tenth or new man: whereas I was blind, now I see. eleventh year, but it shows no falling off ; Either the world has grown new, or else I indeed, perhaps it has never been better than have; and as I find my old companions are in the one for 1882. Its collection of proverbs much the same as they used to be, I feel is as racy as ever. In one of its short notes pretty sure that the change is in me. Ur Spurgeon pleads very characteristically change it is, for I love the things I once hated, for the Stockwell Orphanage. There will and I hate the things I once loved. I seem very soon be five hundred children in it. to see all things in a fresh light; and one They need money to support them, and he thing I know, I have a feeling that God is all asks his readers to get an order on the Post around me, and that in Him I live. Some

[me. 30 S

A rare


ways this is a check to me, for it keeps me suaded that the Lord whom I trust will keep back from sinning; and other ways it is a me to that day, and give me a place among kind of spur, and urges me on to do my best His risen ones. Wherefore I am of good as in God's sight.

cheer, and patiently wait till the Lord Jesus I believe that God hears prayer, and cer- shall come to take me to Himself. I meet tainly He has answered mine, weak as they with some who try to shake me out of my I believe that His

providence takes care belief, but it is of no use, for the gospel of of all His people, and I am sure He has God is the life of my soul, and I would sooner watched over me in many ways, for which I part with all things than give up my only bless His name. I believe also that He has hope. I sigh and cry because my fellowgiven His Holy Spirit to dwell in renewed ploughmen reject the truth which is so prehearts, and I have known His secret power cious to me, and I pray God that these few on my poor heart, to guide and comfort me. words of mine may show some of them the I believe that though I die I shall rise again, way, and may God's blessed Spirit lead them and in my flesh shall see God, and I am per- in it. Amen.





AMMA,' said Lina, I should a special promise to the merciful. We shall

think Mr Ray had forgotten surely need mercy, the mercy of man, and that there ever was a promise God's mercy. The promise is that if we deal made to the merciful. He mercifully, with our fellow-men, God will shows no pity for any one's bless us by conferring on us His sovereig weakness, and has no mercy mercy.

It is strange indeed that any are upon any one who fails to come up to his willing to shut themselves off from the mercy standard. His boys, his own children, avoid of God, by hardening their hearts against him, simply because they never meet him that their fellow-beings, and treating them with he does not blame them for something. No censoriousness and cruelty.' matter how small the offence, he never ex- God is merciful,' said Lina. His mercy cuses it, or makes the least allowance for it. endureth for ever. The Bible tells us that He He just makes all there is to be made of it, delights to show mercy.' and censures without regard to one's feelings. 'Yes,' replied her mamma. And in noI would hate to have my father treat my thing do we imitate God more than in showing faults as harshly as the Ray boys' father treats mercy. We read in the Psalms that mercy is theirs. I don't believe I could love him as an attribute of all good men. “The righteous well

. Phil Ray says his father doesn't know is ever merciful.” And how many were the what it is to have mercy. He sets your sins blessings pronounced upon Israel of old in array before you, and then just scorches “ when he showeth mercy. you with his words of condemnation. It Lina slowly repeated the words of Jesus, doesn't do the boys a bit of good either. Isn't Blessed are the merciful for they shall obit too bad ?'

tain mercy.' Then her thoughts turning Mrs Lacy sighed. She had often yearned again to the Ray boys, and their severe father, over her neighbour's sons, bright, lovable lads, she said thoughtfully, I wish some one would whose young hearts were becoming hardened, put Mr Ray in mind of this beatitude.' and their lives soured by the strict and cen- 'Let us learn the sweet lesson of gentle sorious treatment of their harsh and almost mercy ourselves,' said her mother. “It may tyrannical father.

be that by so doing we may recommend, by • I'm afraid that poor Mr Ray seldom thinks our example in daily life, the heavenly virtue of the sweet promise,' she said, 'or if he does, to others. Let us not blame harshly or unhe fails to feel his lack of title to the blessing reasoningly those whom we deem blame. There will come a time, however, when he worthy, lest by so doing we exhibit the very will need the mercy he is so reluctant to ex- lack of the quality of mercy that we so much tend to others. I hope he will learn, by some deplore in others. We must have merciful process, the excellent lesson of the blessedness thoughts toward all, if we would truly attain of mercy,

before that times comes. None of to the state of happiness spoken of by our us are so perfect that we have never need of blessed and mercy-loving Lord. In His mercy the merciful consideration of our fellows. He makes opportunity for us to do good to None of us are so conditioned that we find others. We may obtain the mercy of such never occasion to show mercy. Our loving opportunity to benefit our neighbour Mr Ray, Saviour, to teach us the duty of cherishing a if we earnestly seek it from Him who has promerciful spirit, has included in the Beatitudes mised that the merciful shall obtain mercy.'

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Blind Bartimeus.

The wayside beggar is blind no more,
He sees as he never saw before ;

He has not been given the riches of earth, BY KATHLEEN MARY SMITH, AUTHOR OF

But a treasure in heaven, a second birth,

And a loving friend, unto whom he can say, He that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness.'

* Lead me onward, and show me the way.' Blind Bartimeus sat by the gate

If any there be who are blind within, Thronged with the high, the rich, and the great, who have never rejoiced in the living light,

Whose souls are sightless and full of sin,
But no one heedeth his lonely cry,
His hollow cheek and his sightless eye;

But who walked alone in the shadows of night, And thus he is sitting day by day,

Oh! kneel to the Saviour, kneel and pray, Begging an alms from the rich in the way.

‘Lead me onward, and show me the way.'

The Friend of the beggar will lend an ear, The wayside beggar is old and blind,

If the prayer is earnest the Lord will hear; He has no father, no mother kind,

Those who will come unto Me in faith Perchance no son, neither daughter dear,

I will save to the uttermost,' Jesus saith.
His age to brighten, his life to cheer ;

The gentle Saviour to thee will say
No loving friend unto whom he can say, * Follow thou Me, for I am the way.'
• Lead me onward, and show me the way.'
His form is bent and his locks are grey,

WHAT CAN TAKE ITS PLACE?-Suppose the He never knows the night from the day. enemies of Christianity should succeed in But ah ! far worse ! he is blind within, destroying it.

This is what they mean, if His soul is sightless and full of sin;

they mean anything. Suppose the Bible He does not even know how to pray,

burned, the churches closed, the pulpits "Jesus, my Saviour, show me the way.' silenced, all Christian schools of instruction

stopped, all Christian institutions of whatBut now, as he sits in the gathering crowd, ever kind overthrown, all Christian doctrines, He hears the multitude clamouring loud; Christian piety, Christian duty, Christian He raises his voice in this joyful cry,

worship, Christian influence, Christian life in It is the Saviour who passeth by.

public and in private, in the church and in He knows 'tis the Saviour; he will not stay, the family, by individuals and communities, Though the crowd are angry that throng the to be wholly a thing of the past, and no trace way.

of them permitted to remain anywhere in all

the land. This would be the result if they "Jesus of Nazareth, pity me!

should succeed in their insane crusade against Open mine eyes, so that I may see !!

Christianity. What would we choose instead? “What wilt thou have ?' saith the Prince of What systems now prevailing anywhere in the Light.

wide world would we adopt in place of disLord, that I might receive my sight.

carded Christianity? Where would we look O Lord, I am weary day by day ;

for a better system than that which we would I have no friend who will show me the way.' so wholly renounce? We have cut down this

tree; where do we find another that bears 'If then thou believest,' the Lord replies ; better fruit? Let us look around and see He toucheth him gently, He opes his eyes. what systems prevail in the world, and under He is blind no longer, oh, wondrous sight! whose control large numbers of the people are His spirit is filled with a new-born light; now living Which would be selected in He worships his Saviour, he hears Him say, place of Christianity renounced --E. Green'Tam the life, the truth, and the way.' wald, D.D.

A Daily Portion.

| ment to us to be in the same rank and order "THE WHOLE FAMILY IN HEAVEN AND EARTH.' the bonour that you have by Christ's service;

with the angels and saints departed. Value -Eph. iii. 15.

as that emperor counted it a greater privilege As we have a glorious Master, so consider to be a member of the Church than head of your fellow-servants, the glorified saints and the empire. Look upon duty as an honour, we make but one family. And the angels and service as a privilege. And if ever you themselves are called His ministers : Ye be put to your choice, either to enjoy the ministers of His that do His pleasure;' they greatest outward honours, or to serve Christ are a part of God's attendance, and wait upon with disgrace, choose the latter. Moses retheir Master's person. When we have such fused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter fellow-servants, we should not count our work when he came to age. Galeacius Carraciolus a slavery and baseness; it can be no disparage- I left the honour of his marquisate for an

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obscure life and the gospel at Geneva.


JANUARY 17. dignities and dishonours done you in the way ‘THE PATH OF THE JUST IS AS THE SHINING of duty are honours; `reproaches for Christ's LIGHT, THAT SHINETH MORE AND MORE sake' are treasure. One of Paul's honorary

UNTO THE PERFECT DAY.'--Prov. iv. 18. titles is, 'Paul, a prisoner of Jesus Christ; Still making forward, and ascending towards and elsewhere he holdeth up his chain in a perfection, moving as fast when they are kind of triumph: ‘For the hope of Israel am clouded with affliction as at any time else; I bound with this chain.' Whatever befalleth yea, all that seems to work against them us in and for our service to Christ, be it never furthers them. Those graces that would posso disgraceful, it is rather a mark of honour sibly grow heavy and unwieldy by too much than a brand of shame.-T. Manton.

ease are held in breath, and increase their

activity and strength by conflict. Divine JANUARY 15.

grace, even in the heart of weak and sinful * BLESSED BE THE GOD AND FATHER OF OUR

man, is an invincible thing. Drown it in LORD JESUS CHRIST, WHO ACCORDING TO the waters of adversity, it rises more beautiHIS ABUNDANT MERCY HATH BEGOTTEN ful, as not being drowned indeed, but only US AGAIN UNTO A LIVELY HOPE BY THE washed; throw it into the furnace of fiery RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST FROM trials, it comes out purer, and loses nothing THE DEAD.'—1 Peter i. 3.

but the dross which our corrupt nature mixes It is a cold, lifeless thing to speak of with it.-Leighton. spiritual things upon mere report. But they

JANUARY 18. that speak of them as their own, as having ABOVE ALL, TAKING THE SHIELD OF FAITH.' share and interest in them, and some experi

-Eph. vi. 16. ence of their sweetness, their discourse of them is enlivened with firm belief and ardent

Faith will be of more use to us than any affection; they cannot mention them, but grace. As an eye, though dim, was of more their hearts are straight taken with such use to an Israelite than all the other members gladness as they are forced to vent in praises. of his body, not a strong arm or a nimble Thus our Apostle here, and St Paul (Eph. i), foot; it was his eye looking on the brazen and often elsewhere, when they considered serpent that cured him. It is not knowledge

, these things wherewith they were about to com

though angelical, not repentance, though we fort the godly to whom they wrote, they were

could shed rivers of tears, could justify us; suddenly elevated with the joy of them, and only faith, whereby we look on Christ. Withbroke forth into thanksgiving ; so teaching us,

out faith it is impossible to please God; and by their example, what real joy there is in the if we do not please Him by believing, He will

Faith is the consolations of the gospel, and what praise is not please us in saving of us. due from all the saints to the God of those condition of the covenant of grace; without consolations. This is such an inheritance that faith, without covenant;

and without covethe very thoughts and hopes of it are able to nant, without hope.—T. 'Watson. sweeten the greatest griefs and afflictions.

JANUARY 19. What, then, shall the ssession of it be, 'HOLDING THE MYSTERY OF THE FAITH IN A wherein there shall be no rupture, nor the PURE CONSCIENCE.'—1 Tim. iii. 9. least drop of any grief at all ?-Leighton. Faith is in the soul as fire among metals, JANUARY 16.

it refines and purifies ; morality, may wash

the outside, faith washeth the inside. Having ‘THE EXCELLENCY OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF purified their hearts by faith; faith makes CHRIST JESUS MY LORD.'- Phil. iii. 8.

the heart a sacrary, or holy of holies. Faith The sun seems less than the wheel of a is a virgin-grace, though it doth not take chariot; but reason teaches the philosopher away the life of sin, yet love of sin. Examine that it is much bigger than the whole earth, if your hearts be an unclean fountain, sending and the cause why it seems so little is its out mud and dirt, pride, envy; if 'there be great distance. The naturally wise man is as legions of lusts in thy soul, there is no faith. far deceived by this carnal reason in his esti- Faith is a heavenly plant, which will not grow mate of Jesus Christ, the Sun of Righteous- in an impure soil.—7. Watson. ness, and the cause is the same, his great distance from Him, as the Psalmist speaks of

JANUARY 20. the wicked, Thy judgments are far above out | 'I BESEECH of his sight. He accounts Christ and His OF THE VOCATION WHEREWITH YE ARE glory a smaller matter than his own gain, CALLED.'—Eph. iv. 1. honour, or pleasure; for these are near him, Walk compassionately. Pity such as are and he sees their quantity to the full, and yet uncalled. Hast thou a child that God counts them bigger, yea, far more worth hath not yet called, a wife, a servant? weep than they are indeed. But the Apostle Paul, over their dying souls; they are in their blood, and all that are enlightened by the same under the power of Satan. Oh pity them! spirit, they know by faith, which is divine let their sins more trouble you than your own reason, that the excellency of Jesus Christ far sufferings; if you pity an ox or ass going surpasses the worth of the whole earth, and astray, will you not pity a soul going astray! all things earthly.—Leighton.

Show your piety by your pity.—7. Watson.


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