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Side 595 - Webster's International Dictionary of the English Language, being the authentic edition of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, comprising the issues of 1847, 1864, and 1880, now thoroughly revised and enlarged under the supervision of Noah Porter, DD, LL.D., of Yale University, with Valuable Literary Appendices.
Side 215 - Recherches historiques et critiques sur le véritable auteur du livre de l'Imitation de Jésus-Christ...
Side 647 - Denmark in the Early Iron Age. Illustrated by recent Discoveries in the Peat-Mosses of Slesvig. 33 Plates (giving representations of upwards of a thousand objects), Maps, and numerous other Illustrations on wood.
Side 649 - PARKER, Hon. MA Oxon. Crown 8vo., cloth, 12s. THE FIRST PRAYER-BOOK OF EDWARD VI., compared with the Successive Revisions of the Book of Common Prayer ; together with a Concordance and Index to the Rubrics in the several editions. By the same Author. Crown 8vo., cloth, 12s. DID QUEEN ELIZABETH TAKE " OTHER ORDER " in the "ADVERTISEMENTS
Side 9 - Traité de la législation des mines, des minières, des usines et des carrières en Belgique et en France, ou commentaire théorique et pratique de la loi du 21 avril 1810 et des lois et règlements qui s'y rattachent, par Aug.
Side 649 - TURPIE (Dr. D. McC.). MANUAL OF THE CHALDEE LANGUAGE. Containing Grammar of the Biblical Chaldee and of the Targums, and a Chrestomathy, with a Vocabulary. Square 8vo, cloth.
Side 623 - Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, and the Libraries of the Royal Asiatic Society and the East India House; with copious Notes, an English Translation, and Index of Prakrit words, to which is prefixed an easy Introduction to Prakrit Grammar. By EDWARD BYLES COWELL, of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, Professor of Sanskrit at Cambridge. Second issue, with new Preface, and corrections. 8vo. pp. xxxii. and 204. 14*.
Side 649 - The Principles of Divine Service ; Or, An Inquiry concerning the True Manner of Understanding and Using the Order for Morning and Evening Prayer, and for the Administration of the Holy Communion in the English Church.
Side 599 - HOOPER'S (G.) Waterloo : The Downfall of the First Napoleon : a History of the Campaign of 1815.
Side 621 - EDKINS.— CHINA'S PLACE IN PHILOLOGY. An attempt to show that the Languages of Europe and Asia have a common origin.

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