Rapports judiciaires revises de la Province de Quebec ...

C.O. Beauchemin & Fils, 1893

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Side 496 - If, from the plaintiff's own stating or otherwise, the cause of action appears to arise ex turpi causa or the transgression of a positive law of this country, there the Court says he has no right to be assisted. It is upon that ground the Court goes; not for the sake of the defendant, but because they will not lend their aid to such a plaintiff.
Side 165 - Subject to this condition, he may dam up the stream for the purpose of a mill, or divert the water for the purpose of irrigation. But he has no right to interrupt the regular flow of the stream, if he thereby interferes with the lawful use of the water by other proprietors, and inflicts upon them a sensible injury.
Side 243 - Provided always, that nothing in this act shall extend to discharge out of prison any person charged in debt, or other action, or with process in any civil cause, but that after he shall be discharged of his imprisonment for such his criminal offence, he shall be kept in custody according to the law, for such other suit.
Side 187 - By the general law applicable to running streams, every riparian proprietor has a right to what may be called the ordinary use of the water flowing past his land, for instance, to the reasonable use of the water for his domestic purposes and for his cattle, and this without regard to the effect which such use may have, in case of a deficiency, upon proprietors lower down the stream.
Side 257 - Provided always, that if upon the Trial of any Person indicted for such Misdemeanor it shall be proved that he obtained the Property in question in any such Manner as to amount in Law to Larceny, he shall not by reason thereof be entitled to be acquitted of such Misdemeanor...
Side 12 - In other words, as the rule is now more briefly expressed, "parol contemporaneous evidence is inadmissible to contradict or vary the terms of a valid written instrument.
Side 448 - ... objections and equities to which it was liable in the hands of the person from whom he takes it...
Side 55 - ... or other pleading under this Act, the parties may state the facts upon which they rely, in plain and concise language, to the interpretation of which the rules of construction applicable to such language in the ordinary transactions of life shall apply.
Side 347 - HIS MAJESTY having taken into consideration the said Report, and the Draft Charter accompanying it, was pleased, by and with the advice of His Privy Council, to approve thereof, and to order, as it is hereby ordered, that the...
Side 257 - Provided that if upon the trial of any person indicted for such misdemeanor it shall be proved that he obtained the property in question in any such manner as to amount in law to larceny, he shall not by reason thereof be entitled to be acquitted of such misdemeanor; and no person tried for such misdemeanor shall be liable to be afterwards prosecuted for larceny upon the same facts...

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