A Collection Of Voyages: In Four Volumes : Containing I. Captain William Dampier's Voyages Round the World ... II. The Voyages of Lionel Wafer ... III. A Voyage Round the World ... IV. Capt. Cowley's Voyage Round the Globe ... V. Capt. Sharp's Journey Over the Isthmus of Darien ... VI. Capt. Wood's Voyage Through the Streights of Magellan ... VII. Mr. Roberts's Adventures and Sufferings Amongst the Corfairs of the Levant ... ; Illustrated with Maps and Draughts: Also Several Birds, Fishes, and Plants, Not Found in this Part of the World ; Curiously Engraven on Copper-Plates. ¬A Collection of Voyages : Containing I. A Supplement to the Voyage round the World ... II. Two Voyages to Campeachy ... III. A Discourse of Trade-winds, Breezes, Storms, Seasons of the Year, ...

Knapton, 1729 - 316 sider
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