The Scientific Library; Or, Repository of Useful and Polite Literature: Comprising Astronomy, Geography, Mythology, Ancient History, Modern History, and Chronology. In Six Volumes, Volum 4

J. Wallis sen., J. Wallis jun. and J. Harris, 1806

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Side 73 - The discovery of America, and that of a passage to the East Indies by the Cape of Good Hope, are the two greatest and most important events recorded in the history of mankind.
Side 114 - Mahrattas on the one part, and Tippoo Sultan on the other, by which he ceded one half of his territorial possessions, and delivered up two of his sons to lord Cornwallis, as hostages for the fulfilment of the treaty.
Side 75 - VIII., for his writings in favour of Popery, receives the title of Defender of the Faith from his holiness.
Side 108 - Ratification of the definitive treaty of peace between Great Britain, France, Spain, and the United States of America, Sept. 3.
Side 108 - Provisional articles of peace signed at Paris between the British and the American commissioners, by which the Thirteen United American colonies are acknowledged by his Britannic majesty to be free, sovereign, and independent states, NoV. 30.
Side 51 - England. 896 Alfred the Great, after subduing the Danish . invaders, (against whom he fought fifty-six battles by sea and land,) composes his body of laws ; divides England into counties, hundreds and tithings ; erects county courts ; and founds the university of Oxford about this time.
Side 9 - Jews into captivity. 601 Battle between the Medes and Lydians, who are separated by a great eclipse of the sun, predicted by Thales.
Side 123 - Admiralty ; and in the following year he succeeded Lord Bute as Prime Minister, uniting in himself the offices of Chancellor of the Exchequer and First Lord of the Treasury. He resigned the premiership in 1765, and died in 1770.
Side 2 - Universal Deluge. 2247 The Building of Babel ; the Dispersion of Mankind ; and the Confusion of Languages. 2217 Nimrod supposed to have built Babylon, and founded the Babylonish Monarchy ; and Assur to have built Nineveh, and founded the Monarchy of Assyria. 2188 jMenes (in Scripture Misraim) founds the Monarchy of Egypt.

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