The matter presented herewith constitutes the Fifteenth Annual Directory of Labor Organizations in Massachusetts,' the first directory of this character having been published by this Bureau in August, 1902. The present edition consists of four divisions, as follows:

(I.) "National and International Organizations," having one or more affiliated local unions in the United States (page 5);

(II.) "State, District, and Trades Councils," consisting of organizations composed of delegates from local organizations within a particular trade or group of trades, or within a definite district comprising more than a single city or town (page 9);

(III.) "Central Labor Unions and Local Councils," composed of delegates from local unions in the same locality (page 12);

(IV.) "Local Trade Unions," composed of wage-earners in a single locality directly associated in what may be called the "unit body" of organization (page 16).

Since issuing the Directory in 1915, careful records have been kept, as heretofore, of all changes in meeting places, secretaries, and other information pertinent to the subject. Schedules were sent in December, 1915, to all of the National and International Unions in the United States requesting a list of their affiliated locals in Massachusetts, together with the names and addresses of the respective local secretaries, and similar schedules were sent to all State, District, and Trades Councils and Central Labor Unions and Councils. The Bureau has been able, by these means, and also by a careful consideration of rosters issued by labor organizations and of newspaper clippings relative to organizations in the Commonwealth,

1 Prior editions of the directory have been published in our Labor Bulletins as follows: No. 23 (August, 1902), No.-24 (November, 1902), No. 33 (September, 1904), No. 37 (September, 1905), No. 43 (September, 1906), No. 52 (September, 1907), No. 61 (September, 1908), No. 68 (October, 1909), No. 76 (September, 1910), No. 83 (September, 1911), No. 93 (August, 1912), No. 94 (March, 1913), No. 98 (March, 1914), No. 106 (April, 1915).

to secure information with reference to the organization of new unions, the disbanding of those formerly existing, and changes in the data relative to organizations previously listed.

A schedule of inquiries, among which were certain inquiries which had special reference to this edition of the directory, was mailed on December 31, 1915, to each local union in Massachusetts known to be in existence. Schedules were received by mail directly or were obtained by special agents of the Bureau from nearly all of the organizations listed in this edition.1 In the remaining cases, the desired information has been obtained from the secretary of the National or International organization with which the local organization is affiliated, or from some other reliable


Owing to the fact that the collection of returns and the preparation and printing of the directory necessarily cover a period of several weeks, some changes have no doubt occurred since the information herein presented was obtained; consequently those who have occasion to consult this directory should bear this fact in mind. Local secretaries are urged to send notice of any change in the particulars published herein concerning the organizations with which they may be connected.

The Bureau wishes, herein, to express its sincere appreciation of the very cordial and prompt response to its inquiries made, with few exceptions, by the officials with whom it has had occasion to communicate.


Abbreviations for titles of union officials follow: B. A. for Business Agent; C. R., Corresponding Representative; C. S., Corresponding Secretary; Ch., Chairman; D. M. W., District Master Workman; F. A. E., First Assistant Engineer; F. S., Financial Secretary; Gen. S., General Secretary; Gr. S., Grand Secretary; Int. S., International Secretary; M. W., Master Workman; Nat. S., National Secretary; Org., Organizer; Pres., President; R. S., Recording Secretary; S., Secretary; S. T., Secretary-Treasurer; Treas., Treasurer; V. P., Vice President.

1 The total number of schedules sent out was 1,814, of which number 160 were to national organizations, 75 to State, district, and trades councils, 99 to central labor unions and councils, and 1,480 to local trade unions.


In this division of the directory appear the names of those national and international organizations which have one or more affiliated local unions in the United States. The name of the union is first given, followed by the name and address of the general secretary or other officer acting as correspondent.

Organizations which are affiliated with the American Federation of Labor are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Organizations which have no affiliated local unions or councils in Massachusetts are indicated by a dagger (†).

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*Building Trades Department. William J. Spencer, S. T., 412-414 Ouray Bldg., Washington, D. C. *Metal Trades Department. Albert J. Berres, S. T., 513 Ouray Bldg., Washington, D. C. *Mining Department. James Lord, Pres., 606 Ouray Bldg., Washington, D. C.

*Railroad Employees Department. John Scott, S. T., Ghio Bldg., Olive and Vandeventer Sts., St. Louis, Mo.

*Union Label Trades Department. Thomas F. Tracy, S. T., 708-710 Ouray Bldg., Washington, D. C.

*Actors Union of America, White Rats. Harry Mountford, S. T., 227-231 W. 46th St., New York, N. Y.

*Asbestos Workers, International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and. Thomas J. McNamara, S. T., 2516 Slattery St., St. Louis, Mo. *Bakery and Confectionery Workers International

Union of America. Charles Iffland, S., 212 Bush Temple of Music, Chicago, Ill. *Barbers International Union of America, Journeymen. Jacob Fischer, Gen. S. T., 222 E. Michigan St., Indianapolis, Ind. Bartenders International League. (See Hotel and Restaurant Employees International Alliance.) *Bill Posters and Billers of America, International

Alliance of. William McCarthy, Int. S., 809
Fitzgerald Bldg., 1482–90 Broadway, New York,
N. Y.

*Blacksmiths and Helpers, International Brotherhood
of. William F. Kramer, Gen. S. T., 1270-85
Monon Bldg., 444 Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill.
*Boiler Makers, Iron Ship Builders and Helpers of
America, International Brotherhood of. Frank
P. Reinemeyer, Int. S. T., 6-12 Law Bldg., Kan-
sas City, Kans.

*Bookbinders, International Brotherhood of. Walter

N. Reddick, S. T., 222 E. Michigan St., Indianapolis, Ind.

*Boot and Shoe Workers Union. John F. Tobin, Gen. Pres.; Charles L. Baine, Gen. S. T., 246 Summer St., Boston, Mass.

*Brewery Workmen of America, International Union of the United. Joseph Proebstle, Int. S., 2347-51 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio.

**Brick, Tile and Terra Cotta Workers' Alliance, Int. William Van Bodegraven, S. T., 2341 W. 12th St., Chicago, Ill.

Bricklayers, Masons, and Plasterers International
Union of America. William Dobson, S., Uni-
versity Park Bldg., Drawer 575, Indianapolis,
*Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers and
Pile Drivers, International Association of. Harry
Jones, S. T., 304 American Central Life Bldg.,
Indianapolis, Ind.

*Broom and Whisk Makers Union, International. Will R Boyer, S. T., 851 King Pl., Chicago, Ill. *†Brushmakers International Union. George J. Vitzthun, Gen. S. T., 2052 Gates Av., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Building Laborers, International Protective Union of. S. P. Johnson, Gen. S., 2326 E. Eighth St., Los Angeles, Cal.

Card Room Operatives of America, Amalgamated. Thomas Blacow, S., 34 Stapleton St., New Bedford, Mass.

Carpenters and Joiners, Amalgamated Society of. Thomas Atkinson, Sec., U. S. Ex. Board, 76 Bible House, New York, N. Y.

*Carpenters and Joiners of America, United Brotherhood of. Frank Duffy, Gen. S., 222 E. Michigan St., Indianapolis, Ind.

*Carriage, Wagon, and Automobile Workers International Union of America. William P. Mavel, S. T., 41 Lewis Blk., Buffalo, N. Y.

*Carvers Association of North America, International Wood. Thomas J. Lodge, Gen. S., 10 Carlisle St., Roxbury, Mass.

†Chandelier, Brass and Metal Workers of North America, Brotherhood of. J. Grinthal, S. T., 393 Second Av., New York, N. Y.

National and International Organizations.

*Cigar Makers International Union of America. George W. Perkins, Int. Pres., 940 Monon Bldg., Chicago, Ill.

*Clerks International Protective Association, Retail. H. J. Conway, S. T., Lock Drawer 248, Lafayette, Ind.

*Cloth Hat and Cap Makers of North America, United. Max Zuckerman, Gen. S. T., 62 E. Fourth St., New York, N. Y.

Clothing Workers of America, Amalgamated. Joseph Schlossberg, Gen. S., 32 Union Sq., New York, N. Y.

*Commercial Telegraphers Union of America, The. Wesley Russell, S. T., 922-930 Monon Bldg., Chicago, Ill.

*Compressed Air and Foundation Workers Union of the United States and Canada. Henry Kuhlmann, S., 12 St. Mark's Pl., New York, N. Y. *Coopers International Union of North America. William R. Deal, Int. S. T., Bishop Bldg., Kansas City, Kans.

*Cutting Die and Cutter Makers, International Union of. William Bondy, Int. S. T., 727 Manida St., Bronx, N. Y.

*+Diamond Workers Protective Union of America. Andries Meyer, Pres., 323 Washington St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Drop and Machine Forgers, Die Sinkers, and Trimmer Makers, United Association of. E. F. Siviter, Gen. S. T., South Plainfield, N. J.

*Electrical Workers, International Brotherhood of. Charles P. Ford, Int. S., 406-18 Reisch Bldg., Springfield, Ill.

*Elevator Constructors, International Union of. Frank
J. Schneider, S. T., 418-19 Perry Bldg., 16th and
Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.
Engineers, Amalgamated Society of. George Wallace,
S., American Council, 309 Broadway, New York,
N. Y.

Engineers, International Union of Steam and Operating. James G. Hannahan, Gen. S. T., 6334-38 Yale Av., Chicago, Ill. *Firemen, International Brotherhood of Stationary. C. L. Shamp, Int. S. T., 3615 N. Twenty-fourth St., Omaha, Neb.

*Foundry Employees, International Brotherhood of. George Bechtold, S. T., Room 601, Olive St., St. Louis, Mo.

Freight Handlers, Brotherhood of Railroad. George H. Kroeger, S. T., 816-24 Harrison St., Chicago, Ill.

*Fur Workers of the United States and Canada, International. Andrew Wenneis, S. T., 1181 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

*Garment Workers of America, United. B. A. Larger, Gen. S., 117-122 Bible House, New York, N. Y. *Garment Workers Union, International Ladies. Abraham Baroff, Gen. S. T., 32 Union Sq., New York, N. Y.

*Glass Bottle Blowers Association of the United States and Canada. Harry Jenkins, Gen. S., 930-932 Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. †Glass Snappers National Protective Association, Window. L. L. Jacklin, S., Kane, Pa.

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Government Employees, National League of. George L. Cain, Nat. Pres., 11 Lagrange Ter., Lynn, Mass.

*Granite Cutters International Association of America, The. James Duncan, Int. Pres., Hancock Bldg., Quincy, Mass.

**Grinders and Finishers National Union, Pocket Knife Blade. F. A. Didsbury, Nat. S., 508 Brook St., Bridgeport, Conn.

Hat Finishers Association of the United States, Wool. John J. Flanagan, Nat. S. T., 96 Aubin St., Amesbury, Mass.

*Hatters of North America, United. Martin Lawlor, S. T., 72-73 Bible House, New York, N. Y. *Hod Carriers, Building and Common Laborers Union of America, International. A. Persion, Gen. S. T., Box 597, Albany, N. Y.

*Horseshoers of the United States and Canada, International Union of the Journeymen. Hubert S. Marshall, S. T., 605 Second National Bank Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio.

*Hotel and Restaurant Employees International Alliance and Bartenders International League of America. Jere. L. Sullivan, S. T., Commercial Tribune Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. Industrial Workers of the World. William D. Haywood, Gen. S. T., Room 307, 164-166 W. Washington St., Chicago, Ill.

Industrial Union, The Workers International. Herman Richter, Gen. S. T., P. O. Box 651, Detroit, Mich.

**Iron, Steel and Tin Workers of the United States, Amalgamated Association of. M. F. Tighe, S. T., 501 House Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. Knights of Labor. Thomas H. Canning, Gen. M. W., 228 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. *Lace Operatives of America, The Chartered Society of Amalgamated. David L. Gould, S., 545 W. Lehigh Av., Philadelphia, Pa.

*Lathers, International Union of Wood, Wire and Metal. Ralph V. Brandt, Gen. S. T., 401 Superior Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio.

*Laundry Workers International Union. Harry L. Morrison, Gen. S. T., Box 11, Sta. 1, Troy, N. Y. *Leather Workers on Horse Goods, United Brotherhood

of. John J. Pfeiffer, Gen. S. T., 504 Postal Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.

Letter Carriers, National Association of. Edward J. Cantwell, S., 945 Pennsylvania Av., N. W., Washington, D. C.

*Lithographers of America, Amalgamated. James M. O'Connor, S. T., Langdon Bldg., 309 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

Locomotive Engineers, Brotherhood of. William B. Prenter, First Grand Engineer, 1118 B. of L. E. Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio.

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