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This volume constitutes the Forty-seventh Annual Report on the Statistics of Labor for Massachusetts, and consists of six parts which have been issued by this Bureau as Labor Bulletins Numbers 113 to 118, respectively. Beginning with the year 1913, all of the publications of the Labor Division of the Bureau have been styled "Labor Bulletins," and a certain number of copies have been set aside for binding and publication at the end of the year under the title of the "Annual Report on the Statistics of Labor." The subject matter of these several parts, or bulletins, may be briefly described as follows:

PART I. FIFTEENTH ANNUAL DIRECTORY OF LABOR ORGANIZATIONS IN MASSACHUSETTS, 1916. This directory contains the name, location, place of meeting, and the name and address of the secretary and of the business agent, of each labor organization having its headquarters in Massachusetts, in so far as these data could be ascertained, together with a list of all of the national and international organizations having one or more affiliated local unions in the United States, and the names and addresses of their respective secretaries.

PART II. SIXTH ANNUAL REPORT ON UNION SCALE OF WAGES AND HOURS OF LABOR IN MASSACHUSETTS, 1915. The information presented in this report was obtained principally from local trade unions in the Commonwealth whose members were known to be working under a timerate system. To some extent information was also obtained from employers in order to supplement or confirm the data obtained from trade union officials. Except where otherwise specifically mentioned, the data were as of the date, October 1, 1915.

PART III. RATES OF WAGES AND HOURS OF LABOR IN STEAM AND ELECTRIC RAILWAY SERVICE IN MASSACHUSETTS. This part of the report is, in a measure, supplementary to Part II, discussed above. Heretofore, information relative to rates of wages and hours of labor in those occupations which are peculiar to steam and electric railway service, in that they pertain primarily to the operation of rolling stock, has been included in

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