the "Annual Report on Union Scale of Wages and Hours of Labor." Because of the unusual interest in the subject of compensation of railway employees, a special inquiry was made, covering more comprehensively the entire railway service in Massachusetts as respects rates of wages and hours of labor, and the results of this inquiry, presented herewith, include a considerable fund of information, previously omitted from our annual report, having reference to those occupations represented in construction, maintenance, and repair work, most of which are common to other branches of industry such as building, machine, and metal trades. The information for the steam railroads is as of the date May 15, 1916, having been brought up to that date in order that the numerous changes which had become effective since the first of the year, might be included. In the case of the street railways the facts are as of the date, October 1, 1915, no general changes having occurred between that date and the date of issuance of the report (June 1, 1916).

PART IV. LABOR LEGISLATION IN MASSACHUSETTS, 1916. This compilation of the, so-called, "labor laws," passed by the Legislature of Massachusetts during the session of 1916, is intended to serve in connection with Part VII of the Annual Report of 1915 (issued, separately, as Labor Bulletin No. 110) — as a supplement to the Handbook of Labor Laws, which constituted Part I of the Annual Report of 1915 (issued, separately, as Labor Bulletin 104), and which contained the text of labor laws in effect at the close of the legislative session in 1914. Certain other matter having a direct bearing upon the labor legislation of the present year was also included in the compilation for 1916.

PART V. LABOR INJUNCTIONS IN MASSACHUSETTS. This part of the report consists of a survey of litigation in labor disputes in Massachusetts during recent years, and brings up to date the matter presented in Labor Bulletins Nos. 70 and 78, issued in 1909 and 1910, respectively, the entire edition of each of which bulletins has long since been exhausted. In all, 34 labor injunction cases decided by the Supreme Court for the Commonwealth, beginning with Commonwealth v. Hunt and including the recent decision, Bogni v. Perotti, haye been printed practically in full, and all cases arising in the Superior Court and Supreme Court (Single Justice) in Equity, from November 1, 1910, to February 1, 1916, have been discussed. Explanatory matter relative to the Equity Court, its origin and jurisdiction, typical forms of the principal papers necessary in the carrying of a case through the courts of equity, and the text of certain statutes, bearing on industrial disputes, enacted by the Legislature during recent years have also been included as of distinct interest in this connection.


EIGHTH ANNUAL REPORT ON LABOR ORGANIZATIONS FOR THE YEAR, 1915. The usual statistics relative to the number and membership of labor organizations in the Commonwealth and the employment of organized workmen have been presented in this part, together with a general review of the labor movement in Massachusetts during the year. Three charts have been included, the first showing the fluctuations in the number and membership of labor organizations in Massachusetts during the period 1908 to 1915, the second showing the fluctuations in unemployment in the United Kingdom, Germany, New York State, and Massachusetts, and the third showing the fluctuations in unemployment in the six principal industries during the same period.

The several parts of the present report have been prepared under the immediate supervision of Mr. Roswell F. Phelps, Chief of the Labor Division of this Bureau, who was also charged with the supervision of a special investigation, conducted in connection with the decennial census, the results of which investigation have been published under the title"Report of a Special Inquiry relative to Aged and Dependent Persons in Massachusetts, 1915." Parts IV and V of the present report, entitled, respectively, "Labor Legislation in Massachusetts, 1916," and "Labor Injunctions in Massachusetts," were prepared were prepared by Mr. Frederick J. de Sloovere, Legal Assistant in the Labor Division, and a member of the Boston Bar, who, at the close of the year, terminated his connection with the Bureau.

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, March 15, 1917.

Director, Bureau of Statistics.




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