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“The presence of yellow fever in Cuba, and the announcement of dengue in Texas, a disease frequently associated with or followed by yellow fever, need not make us apprehensive. New Orleans to-day is practically free from stegomyiæ, and should yellow fever break through the barriers of maritime quarantine or elude the vigilance of the State Board and reach this city through the back-door, the railroads, we make bold the statement that the disease could not spread to any noticeable extent in our midst. In this assurance lies our reward for the continuous and earnest warfare waged against the stegomyia mosquito.

“The success obtained in the case of this species of the insect, in fact, justifies the belief that the eradication of all varieties of mosquitoes from this city is but a mere question of time and of liberal and judicious expenditure of money. New Orleans then would need no longer suffer from the annoyance incident to the presence of the insect, save at long intervals and for a few days only, when visited by wind-driven mosquitoes, blown in from surrounding marshes."

The following instructions are issued to the screening inspection force:

A crew consists of a foreman and two helpers.

Foremen must report daily at the office of the Board of Health in the morning, in time to answer roll-call promptly at 8 o'clock.

Helpers in inspection crews must report to their foreman in the district in which they are assigned, in time to begin inspection work promptly at 9 A. M.

Helpers in re-inspection crews must meet their foreman at the Board of Health at 8 A. M.

Each foreman as he answers the roll will step forward and hand his inspection sheet, or report, to the Special Superintendent, who will provide fresh sheets for the day. He will indicate over his signature, on the special blanks provided for the purpose, his route of work for the day. He will receive necessary car-fare. He will secure at the warehouse such material or supplies as he may need.

Inspection work must go on from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M., save during the half-hour interruption set for lunch (12 to 12:30).

Foremen and helpers are equally responsible to the office as regards working hours.

Foremen must report to the office at once, by phone, from the field, any absence in their crew. Helpers must similarly report their absenc foreman.

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