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The foreman is responsible to the office for the inspection work of the crew; he does the actual inspection work and fills out the inspection sheet. Helpers are forbidden to climb up ladders or in any way act as inspectors.

Inspections and re-inspections must be made from the top of the ladder, irrespective of the kind of screen or cover used. Examine as carefully the screened opening or ventilator in flashy galvanized tops as you would ordinary screening.

Cisterns defectively screened must be oiled.

Helpers will share in any punishment visited upon the foreman for shortcomings in his work countenanced by them.

As each premise is entered the time of day must be noted down by the foreman in the blank space left for that purpose on the righthand side of the sheet, and the red flannel and spicket intended for the prompt locating of crews must be conspicuously displayed, so as to be plainly visible from a distance.

Inspection sheets must be filled out in a legible handwriting and cleanly kept. The character of the defects discovered must be noted down. Vacant lots must be indicated on a special line, together with their condition as regards drainage.

Vacant squares and their condition of drainage must also be reported upon.

The condition of the streets (kind of pavement, holes and depressions with stagnant water, dead canals with accumulations of water, etc.) and that of the street gutters (choked, etc.) must be indicated at the top of the sheet.

Inspectors must secure initials and exact address of propertyowners, agents or occupants responsible for correction of defects at premises inpected. They must give name of person furnishing information about owner or agent, and informant's reason for entertaining such belief.

Re-inspectors must follow the order of work indicated on the re-inspection slips handed them for attention, beginning always with the lowest number. They receive their routes of work from the special superintendent and report back to the special superintendent. Returns must show over the re-inspector's signature, under proper date, the result of each re-inspection, and gross results must be indicated on the outside of the pocket returned. Slips must be returned classified as to compliance (O. K.) and non-compliance, the slips of each division in numerical order. Each slip must show on the reverse

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