Rreamer E S S AY Scripture-Prophecy


Wherein it is Endeavoured

Explain the Three Periods
Contain'd in the XII Chapter of the

Prophet D ANIEI.
With some Arguments to make it Probable,
That the First of the Periods did Expire in the Year
By Hill Burnet esas Gore of york
Jam Hön tid Tillmina RBA

nep Bir Trett.
Injustos crevisse queror, tolluntur in Altum,
Ut Lapsu graviore ruant.

Claudian. in Rufinum, Lib. i.

lin 21.

Printed in the Year MDCCXXIV.

مصر : من سر در مهر

101. e. 53

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The CONTENT S. TA Toe het verds of Daniel, containing the

P. II,

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He Introduction,

Page 1 The Words of Daniel, containing the Tigree Periods, Sect. 1. Of the Persons and their Office, Sect. 2. Of the Number of Tears meant by Time, Times and an Half,

p. 23* Seet.


The Method of the following Enquiry, p. 35" Sect. 4. Nebuchadnezzars Vision of the great Image, p. 40. Sect. 5. Daniel's Vision of the four Great Beasts, p. 63. Sect. 6. Of the Little Horn, amd the other Characters of the fame Power,

p. 87. Sect. 7. Of the first Period, Sect. 8. Of the Time of the End,

p. 109 Sect. 9. Of the Wife and the Wicked, Sect. 1o. Of the Second Period,

p. 127. Sect. II. Of the Third Period,

p. 150. Sect. 12. A Review of the three Periods, p. 158.

p. 98.

p. 116.

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Wherein it is Endeavoured To Explain the Three Periods contained

in the 12th Chapter of the Prophet Daniel, with some Arguments to make it Probable, that the first of these Periods did Expire in 1715.



T has always been the Policy of the Teachers

of False Religions, to keep their Principles from being nicely Examined into by the People, and it seems, for the same Reason, a Mark of * True One, when it is submitted to the



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