Gonorrhea - See l'enereal diseases.
Greenfield School hygiene, 438.
Halliday, J. D. -- Bid health officials fare-

well, 374; see also Cleveland.

has new health officer, 436.
has two health boards, 436.
Makes figures tell truth, 135.
Tuberculosis, 184.

Vaccination, 328.
Hawaii in death registration area, 230.
Haylıurst, Emery R. (author) - Experiments

in air-conditioning the home, 457; Save

fuel and save health, 62.
Health fallacies, Old, 48.
Health officers --

Duties imposed by venereal disease regula -

tions, 290,
Epidemiological investigations by, 521.
Fourd -- a

excuse, 277.
Qualifications, 242.
Responsibility in enforcement of venereal

regulations, 298.
Responsibility in prevention of typhoid

fever, 206.
Whooping cough situation and, 330.
See also Administration, local health,

Ohio; names of cities,
Health officers' roundtable, 46, 87, 133, 182, 231,

277, 3:27, 374, 436. 487, 535.
Heart Diseases -- Some thoughts suggested by

the 1917 mortality figures, 381.
Heating – Experiments in air conditioning the

home, 457; save fuel and save health, 62.
Hog keeping in municipalities -

Department opposed to, 63.
Dover, 135.
Health officer should stay on his own side

of fence. 140.
Kenton, 231.
Lancaster. 280.
Pigs is pigs, 105.
Piqua, 280.
Again calls forth protest, 336.

Wooster, 135.
Hollingshead, Frances M. --

In service, 288.
(Author) Maternity hospitals rural

of -

need, 159;. Physical education in Ohio
schools, 213; Proposed children's welfare
program, 99; Venereal disease in relation

to child hygiene, 302.

Circleville, 184.
For specialized classes of hospitals see

Contagion hospital: Maternity hospital;

Tuberculosis hospital, etc.
Housing – Cincinnati. 488.
Hydrophobia - See Rabies.
Ice cream vending, 328.
Industrial accident - Occupational disease is

distinguished from, by Ohio supreme

court, 152.
Industrial hygiene -

Aid offered to manufacturers for venereal

disease control, 287.
Cause and prevention of furunculosis and

wound infections among machinists, 145.
Employers, guard your workers' health

and increase your profits, 385.
Occupational disease distinguished from

industrial accident, 152.
Physicians who can't go to war can serve

at home, 237.
Resolutions passed by U. S. health con-

ference, 309.
Will protect women in ordnance plants,

Survey of munitions industry, 76, 139.

Industrial Hygiene, Division - Monthly

reports: Dec. (1917) 42, Jan. 1918) 84,
Feb. 132, March 179, April 228, May 276,
June 326, July 371, Aug. 431, November

Infant See Child hygiene.
Infant mortality -

gains reported in Germany, 119.
rates in American cities, 1916, 476.
Statistics. Ohio counties, by months for

1918, 105, 218, 254, 33, 410, 517.
Why Ohio's babies die, 120.

See also Child Hygiene.
Infectious diseases – See Communicable dis

eases; also names of diseases.
Inflammation of eyes of newborn, Statistical

study of reports of, 1916 17, 416.
Influenza --
(In Ohio)
and Ohio's local public health organi-

zation, 444.
Cluild welfare workers' duty in epi-

demic, 495.
Consider your neighbor's situation be-

fore you reopen, 443.
Controlling, epidemic in Ohio, 452.
"Flu" conference held, 487.
increases child mortality heavily in

October, 517.
Instructions for control of. 398.
Ohio's policy and its justification, 494.
prospect for the coming months, 493.
Word in regard to Ohio's outbreak,


has been epidemic in past years, 393.
Ilow to avoid it, how to care for those

who have it. 392.
Spanish influenza three-day fever

"the flu", 389.
symposium at A. P. II. A. meeting,


Working program for control, 498.
Insurance, Health, Scope of Ohio's investiga-

tion outlined, 64.
Jones, A. L. -- In service, 328; see also Lima.
Jones, W. I., Goes to Italy with Red Cross,

Kahn (Chamberlain) act, 318.
Kenton Hog-keeping, 231.
Kerr, Sara A.-

Enters war service, 450.
(Author) Ohio's investment in smallpox,

217; Reported prevalence vs. true preva-
lence of venereal diseases in Ohio, 300;
Typhoid fever in Ohio, 1909–1917; some

statistical observations, 193.
King, F. Truby - Child hygiene expert sees

Cleveland work, 66; "Where babies never

die," 104.
Labor (Ohio State Federation) takes stand

for health, 451.
I aboratory, Public health -

and typhoid fever, 212.
and venereal diseases, 305.

Plan new work (Cleveland), 136.
Laboratories, Division of -

Carelessness displayed in mailing bacterio-

logical specimens, 266.
How venereal disease problem is being

met in Ohio, 170.
Physicians are using state laboratories'

diagnostic facilities, 297.
Transportation tie-up and, 52.
Monthly reports: Dec. (1917), 43, Jan.

(1918) 83, Feb. 133, March 180, April 229,
May 275, June 324, July 371, Aug. 431,
Sept. 432, Oct. 485, Nov. 531.



I ancaster

Health officer reappointed, 88.
Health program íor 1918, 45.
Xew health officer, 187.

log-keeping, 280.
I andis. John H.

A builder in the field of public health, To,

Cincinnati loses noted health officer by

death, 408.
Dust and respiratory diseases, 231.

See also Cincinnati.
Lawrence. Bishop William (author) - Vene-

real diseases in the army, navy and com-

minity. 507.
Lima - Barber shops, 215; employs bac-

teriologist, 88.
Local health organization See Administra.

tion, Organization.

Bakery inspection, 184.
.Contagious disease hospital, 181.
Sewage disposal. 136.

Water purification and typhoid, 200.
McClain, Esther (author) Statistical study

of reports of inflammation of eyes of

newborn, 1916-17, 416.
McDowell, John R. – Takes leave of absence,

52., Cause and prevention of furni-

culosis and wound infections among, 115.
Mahoning river - as a sanitary problem, 400;

sanitary problem and its importance to

Ohio, 383.
Malnutrition, Public health service considers,

Mansfield raises funds for public health nurse,

Maternity hospitals -- as a rural need, 158.

and whooping cough are notifiable diseases,

Isolation in, 520.
Mortality, 4.
Some thoughts suggested by 1917

Infant - See infant mortality.

See also names of diseases.
U. S. Census bureau issues weekly

death: figures, 25.
Mt. Vernon- New health officer, 436.
Municipal See Cities; City.

Circumstances cause minor change in plan

for survey, 76.
Protection for workers subject of study,

Resolutions passed at U. S. health con-

ference, 309.
Vaccination should be required of workers,

Will protect women in ordnance plants,

Newark Pellagra case, 440.
New Jersey

Recent progress in social hy-
giene work, 73.
New Philadelphia Health officer rechosen,

New Zealand - Can Ohio reduce baby death

rates New Zealand has done, 90;

tality figures, 381.
Meningitis, Cerebrospinal U. S. Health

Service is studying serums, 168.
Miamisburg - Ilealth officer replaces board,

Milk --

Akron, 280, 328.
Ask health officers' aid, 115.
Conserve, and supply children first, urges

federal bureau, 435.
Dairy inspection favored, 535.
Goat milk for babies, 88.
Higher prices hurt babies' health, 8, 165.
Pasteurization kills germs, 436.
Sanitary control of, 536.
Scarlet fever epidemic due to milk infec-

tion, 338.
Miller, Harry E., Enters war service, 337.
Minnesota Recent progress in social hygiene

work, 73.
Mississippi Valley Conference on Tuberculosis,

Monger, Dr. J. E. -

Gives memo books for birth data, 44,
(Author) Ohio death and birth statistics

for 1917, 394 ; Ohio mortality statistics
for Sept. (1917) 33, Oct. 74, Nov.-Dec.

Morbidity statistics, Ohio See Communicable

diseases, Division of monthly reports;

also names of diseases.
Mortality statistics
Ohio -

monthly: Sept. (1917) 33, Oct. 74, Nov.-

Dec. 122,
1917, tables for year, 349, 394 ; some

thoughts suggested by, 384.

"Where babies never die," 104.
North Carolina -- Anti-typhoid treatment's

value, 87; Rural dental clinics, 487.
Notifiable diseases See Communicable Dis

eises; Communicable diseases, Division

of; also names of diseases.

Better reporting sought, 436.
California reports (venereal diseases), 316.
Figures show that typhoid is not properly

reported, 190.
Measles and whooping cough are notifiable

liseases, 92.
Vegligence of some physicians is cost-

ing baby lives, 331.
Reported prevalence vs. true prevalence

of venereal diseases in Ohio, 300.
“When, where and under what conditions

cases occur, 284.
Nurse, Public healih

Akron, 440.
Dayton, 87.
Hamilton County, 73.
Mansfield, 86.
Meeting in Cleveland, 143, 260.
Ohio, public health nursing service -

monthly reports - State. 40. 82, 129, 176,
226, 274, 323, 370, 429, 483; Local centers

34, 75, 123, 169, 219, 268, 317, 365, 418, 478.
Part of, in child welfare, 106.
Ravenna, 184, 280.

Sidney, 136.
Nurses, Army seeking, to increase corps by

a thousand percent, 28.
Oberlin - Woman on board of health, 86.
Occupational disease -

Cause and prevention of furunculosis, 115,

is distinguished from industrial accident,


See also Industrial Hygiene.
Ohio - For reports, statistics, etc., pertain.

ing to Ohio, see appropriate topical head-
ings, such as Mortality; Typhoid fever,

Ohio Public Health Journal

Keep your address up to date, Mr. Soldier,

Wanted - copies of March Journal, 502.
See also Publicity, Bureau of. nonthly

Ohio State Department of Health - Year just

past and year just ahead, 490; See also
various divisions of

department and
various topical headings.
Ohio State Medical Association Annual

meeting postponed, 184; Physicians' com-
mittee enters cancer fight, 113.





Old age insurance Scope of Ohio's inves

tigation outlined, 64. Ophthalmia neonatorum - - War increases, 115;

see also Blindness, Prevention of. Organization, Local health, in Ohio - 96, 144, 222;

also Administration, Local health, in Ohio. Palo Alto, Cal. - Community health is a pur

chasable commodity, 191. Pasteurization, Kills germs, 436. l'aterson, Robert G. - Again heads tubercu

losis work, 52; Enters war service, 337; (author) Discharged tuberculosis soldier

in Ohio, 116. Peace -- See War. Pellagra, Newark, 110. Pennsylvania - judge levies fine Olio

quarantine violator, 67. Life of service ends for health commis

sioner, 96. Pest house - See Contagion hospital. Peters, A. 0. - (author) Child welfare work

in Dayton, 113; see also Dayton. Peters, Dr. W. H. -- (author) Review of

child hygiene during past two years

in Cincinnati, 111; see also Cincinnati. Pfeiffer, T. N. (author) Social hygiene and

the war, 514. Physicians –

Better reporting sought, 436.
blamed for serious epidemic of whooping

cough, 100.
Carelessness displayed in mailing bacterio-

logical specimens, 226. Duties imposed by the venereal disease

regulations, 290.
duty, 304.
Negligence of some, costing baby lives,

summoned to join army reserve, 168.

who can't go to war can serve at home, Piqua -- Hog-keeping, 280. Plumbing Inspection, Division of - Monthly

reports: Dec. (1917) 44, Jan. (1918) 85, Feb. 131, March 179. April 230, May

276, June 326, Aug. 434, Oct. 483. Pneumonia

Apply recently gained knowledge and

lower mortality, 381,
Bacteriology of the pneumonias, 466.
Recent word on prevention, 413.
Some thoughts suggested by 1917


Public Health Service, U. S. See U. S.

Public Health Service.
Department issues three

pamphlets, 286.
New publications out, 506.
of State Department of Health, 281.
People anxious to read sex hygiene book-

tality, figures, 381.
Why don't communities prevent prevent-

able baby deaths ? 332.
Poliomyelitis – Be ready for epidemic if it

appears, 335. Port-mouth - Food inspection, 376; School

vaccination, 438. Prevention of blindness See Blindness, Pre

tention of. Public health "Hooverizing" the, 55; see

also various topical headings. Public health administration - See Adminis

tration, Public health. Public Health Council member goes to Italy

with Red Cross, 386. Public health education - Athens enjoying

course of health instruction, 51; see
also Publications; Publicity: Publicity,
Bureau of; Public Health Education and

Tuberculosis, Division of.
Public Health Education and Tuberculosis,

Division of - Paterson succeeds Mc-
Dowell as director, 82; Monthly reports:
Dec. (1917) 40, Jan. (1918) 82, Feb. 129,
March 176, April 225, May 274, June 323,
July 39. Aug. 428, Sept. 430, Oct. 483,

Nov. 533.
l'ublic health nurse -

See Nurse, Public health.

lets, 336.

Cambridge, 328.
Ilealth officer ought to confide in public, 8.
Tell truth about disease conditions, 50.
Using the newspapers, 88.
Word of thanks to press of Ohio, 63.
Why not call a spade a spade, Mr. Editor?


You and the newspapers, 278.
Publicity, Bureau of, Division of Administra-

tion Monthly reports: July (1918) 372,

Aug. 431, Sept. 431, Oct. 186, Nov. 533.
Quack doctors, 328.

Difhculties of (Hancock Co.), 47.
Health officials win suit, 279.
Prosecutions of violators: Dayton 181.
Elyria 45, Pennsylvania 67, Sandusky 231,

Wellston 136.

See also names of diseases.
Rabies (Hydrophobia), 10 - - A disease in

which delay may be fatal, 238.
Raverna - Nursing service, 184, 280.
Red Cross -

Christmas seal sale, 1917, 232.
No Christmas seal campaign this

410, 465.
sanitary unit, Chillicothe, 440.

See also War.
Registration area - Hawaïi admitted to, 230.
Regulations of Ohio State Department of

Health -
Transportation of the dead, 257 Em-

balming recognized as protection, 210. Venereal disease, 258 - Duties imposed

by, 290. Whooping cough, 29 – compel quaran

tine, 236.
Restaurants - Scoring Ashtabula, 435; see also

Roberts, E. I., In army, 57.
Robinson, D. E. - (author) Sanitation of

Camp Sherman Extra-Cantonment Zone,

Chillicothe, 153; see also Chillicothe.
Rockwood, H. L. -- see Cleveland.
Roll of honor, Ohio State Department of

Health --- 282, 330, 378, 442, 490.
Rural districts, Child hygiene needed in, 55.
Rural sanitation - Resolutions passed at U.

S. health conference, 309; Typhoid pre

vention on farms, 210. Russia, Public health administration in, 69. Salem -- Food inspection, 280; Scarlet fever

epidemic, 338 Sandusky - Quarantine violators fined, 231;

Water purification and typhoid, 200.
Sanitary engineering -

Mahoning River as sanitary problem, 400.
Notes of progress in, in Ohio municipali.

ties, 183.
See also Water; Sewerage and sewage

Sanitary Engineering, Division of -

To lend water chlorinator in emergency

cases, 37. Monthly reports: Dec. (1917) 44, Jan. (1918)

85, Feb. 128, March 178, April 227, May 275, June 3:25, July 372, Aug. 433, Sept.

433. Oct. 485, Nov. 532. Sayre, F. M. – in service, 328; see also Can





Scarlet fever

Danger to children from 2 to 10, 4.
epidemic due to milk infection, 338.
School epidemic scatters, in Ohio, 121.
Some thoughts suggested by 1917

tality figures, 384.
See also Communicable diseases, Division

oj, monthly reports.

Ahron survey, 184.
Columbus medical examination leaflets, 536.
Health plans for schools, 279.
Hygiene programs may be simple and yet

comprehensive, 379.
Medical supervision in, will improve chil-

dren's health, 240.
Million children need help which Ohio

fails to give, 379.
must be equipped to care for children's

health, 333.
Physical education in Ohio schools, 243.
Public health service considers malnu-

trition, 105.
School ought to have been called hos-

pital, 167.
What school head thinks, 327.

See also Child hygiene.
Schwartz, E. J. - New epidemiologist takes

up duties, 7; (author) Ohio's invest-

ment in smallpox, 247.
Scorecard system in public health work, 19.
Serums, U. S. Health Service is studying,

Sewerage and sewage disposal

Akron, 136.
Canton, 183, 280.
Columbus, 86.
Cleveland, 232.
Lorain, 136.
Resolutions passed at U. S. health

Ward smallpox off by, 496.
Wouldn't force, SO 232.

Why not vaccinate? 374.
Warning repeated once more, 50.
We wonder also, 183.
"Why” of Smallpox a graphic illustra-

tion. 5.
See also Communicable diseases, Division

of, monthly reports.
Smedley, Dr. A. L. – enters army, 375; see

also Hamilton.
Social hygiene - See Venereat diseases.
Social Hygiene, Government Board of, es-

tablished, 318.
Social workers deal with health matters, 181.
Soda fountains are in a sanitary condition,

See that, 141.
Soldiers — See Army; War.
Springfield -

Better reporting sought, 436.
diphtheria rate, 376.
Health Officer Starr with U. S. P. H. S.,

Health report, 277.
is active in efforts to keep city's children

well, 161.
issues bulletin, 182.
retains chlorine disinfection, 87.

Venereal disease clinic, 376.
Springfield Lake Sanatorium - Enlargement,

161; See also Public Health Education
and Tuberculosis, Division of, monthly

Starr, Dr. E. B. - with U. S. P. H. S., 535:

see also Springfield.
State Department of Health, Ohio See Ohio

State Department of Health; also separate
divisions of Department, listed as Com-

municable Diseases, Division of, etc.
Steubenville - contagion hospital, 232; health

survey, 205.
Stewart, Helena R. (author) – Part of public

health nurse in child welfare, 106.
Story, R. V. (author) Bacteriology of the

pneumonias, 466; Laboratory and typhoid

fever, 212.
Suicides, Ohio, 1916, 35.
Survey, Health - Steubenville, 205.
Syphilis --- See Venereal diseases.

Whooping cough; 213, 231, 280.
Tobey, James A. (author) – Scorecard sys-

tem in public health work, 19.
Toledo –

Child hygiene work, 115.
Favor full-time commissioner, 182.
Health activities in 1917, 68.
Typhoid, 200, 217.
Venereal disease activities, 184, 232, 280,

294, 376.
Visiting nurses report, 1917, 87.

Water purification and typhoid, 200.
Transportation of dead, Regulations of State

Department of Health governing, 257.
Trench fever cause, Inoculation of

ference, 309.
Xenia, 163.
See also Sanitary Engineering, Division

of, monthly reports.
Sex hygiene - see Denereal diseases.
Sherman, Camp -

Extra-Cantonment Zone, sanitation of, 153.
Venereal disease, 280.

See also Chillicothe.
Sickness survey, Report published on, 352.
Sidney – Public health nursing, 136.
Smallpox -

Columbus bond issue, 86.
in Children's Home, 375.
is repulsed, but not yet defeated, 94.
Now is the time to prevent winter's, 419.
Ohio's investment in, 247.
Prevalence high in several other states,

situation and Ohio's health organization,

Tell truth about disease conditions, 50.

again, 277.
Cincinnati, 184, 376.
Delaware health officer urges, 46.
Failure to vaccinate another frequent

cause, 6.
First Ohio case where recent, did not

prevent, 293.
Hamilton, 328.
has again been proved successful, 94.
Industrial plants: Cincinnati plant, 376;

Employers, guard your workers'
health, 385; munitions workers, 289;

way to enforce, 88.
Resolutions passed at U. S. health

conference, 309.
Schools: Athens, 438; Cambridge, 135;

Cleveland, 136; Grandview Heights,
46; Portsmouth, 438; universities, 88;
Willard, 876.

sists search for, 316.

and the War, 313.
Army discharges

Discharged tuberculous soldier in Ohio,

Looking after Ohio soldiers discharged

for tuberculosis, 24.
New army policy on disability . dis-

charges, 312
See also Public health education and

tuberculosis, Division of, monthly

case estimate may be too small, 415.
Cincinnati, 45, 136.
Disease notification may have bearing on

draft classification, 72.



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Found hospitals for tuberculous soldiers,

Hamilton, 184.
Hospitals (Ohio) -

as a war measure, 8.
Build new sanatorium and

another, 161.
Enlarge two, 438.
of state, among, 32.
Ohio's tuberculosis hospital equipment,

Sanatorium establishment made easier

by coming of peace, 496.
Superintendents' conference, 184.
See also Public health education and

tuberculosis, Division of monthly

Mississippi Valley Conference on, 184.
No ideal climate for victims, 181.
Occupational classifications - See Indus-

trial Hygiene, Division of, Monthly re-

Red Cross seal sale, 1917, 232; None in

1918, 440, 465.
Some thoughts suggested by the 1917 mor-

tality figures, 384.
Tuberculosis, Division of Public Health Edu-

cation and - See Public Health Educa

tion and Tuberculosis, Division of.
Tuscarawas County Public Health League, 136.
Typhoid fever -

as a contagious disease, 216.
California's record in lowering rate, 188.
Chillicothe, 439.
Cincinnati, 439, 440.
Cleveland, 488.
Columbus lowers rate, 182,
Laboratory and, 212.
Now they blame poor horse for, 338.
Prevention of (general)

Health officer's responsibility in, 206.
in small towns and villages, 208.
is summer duty of every health officer,

on farms, 210.
Prevalence is high but much can yet

be done, 331.
Typhoid is easily and immediately pre-

Some water supply lessons in a typhoid

epidemic, 447.

water supply proves costly, 474.
Typhoid fever outbreak due
tamination of carelessly constructed

ventable, 186.
What a state must do to prevent ty-

phoid fever, 188.
Shall we continue low typhoid prevalence

through summer? 234.
Some thoughts suggested by the 1917 mor-

tality figures, 384.
Statistics --

Figures show that typhoid is not prop-

urly reported, 190.
Four of five largest cities of Ohio have
typhoid death rates under 10 per

100,000 for 1917, 217,
Typhoid fever in Ohio, 1909-1917; some

statistical observations, 193.
Typhoid poorly reported, 182.
Summer months make

up typhoid
season, 186.

Anti-typhoid fever treatment's value,

Carrier danger is best avoided by, 189.
Employers, guard your workers' health,

should be required of munitions

workers, 289.
Wastes millions needed for liberty bonds,

Water -

Insanitary conditions responsible for

another rural epidemic, 351.
purification as a factor in elimination

of urban typhoid fever, 200.

well, 269.
Xenia, 474.
See also Water; Sewerage and sewage dis.

U. S. Public Health Service -

Give expert advice on sanitary bond is-

sues, 365.
Government health activities combined,

is studying serums, 168.
Leaflet gives advice to rejected draftees,

Resolutions passed at U. S. Health Con-

ference, 309.
to treat rejected draftees, 45.
Venereal diseases

All states asked to work together to

control, 26.
Follow co-operative scheme in thirty-

six states, 316.
Government finances work in Ohio, 450.
Investigating arsphenamine, 182.

See also Venereal diseases.
Vaccination - See Smallpox, Typhoid fever.

See also Chillicothe.
Van Buskirk, L. H. (author) - Laboratory and

venereal diseases, 305.
Venereal diseases

are a public health problem, 282.
City activities (Ohio)

Akron, 437, 446.
Camp Sherman


280, 291.
,Cleveland,, 439.
Springfield, 376.
Toledo, 184, 232, 280, 376,
What 'Ohio cities are doing against

venereal diseases, 293.
Work that lies before municipalities of

Ohio, 285.
Educational work -

Department issues three sex hygiene

pamphlets, 286.
Frank' discussion of venereal diseases

is needed, 283.
People anxious

to read sex hygiene
booklets, 336.
Why not call a spade a spade, Mr.

Editor? 138.
Clinic - Place of, in venereal disease

fight, 286; Treatment most important
means of checking venereal diseases, 445.
in industrial plants - Aid offered to manu-

facturers for control, 287; Employers,
guard your workers' health and increase
your profits, 385.
in relation to child hygiene, 302.
Laboratory, and, 305 – Physicians are using

state laboratories' diagnostic facilities,
297; Wassermann totals indicate progress,

National program

All states asked to work together to

control venereal diseases, 26.
Bill for federal aid of work, 318.
Follow co-operative scheme in thirty-

six states, 316.
Resolutions passed at U. S. health con-

ference, 309.
Ohio Program – general (see also other
sub topics)
How problem is being met in Ohio,

Government finances work in Ohio, 450.
Ohio's program, 291.

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