(L. M.)
Blessedness of the righteous.
1 BLEST is the man who never strays

In a vain world's ungodly ways ;
Who will not stand where sinners meet,

Nor linger near the scorner's seat; 2 But loves the statutes of the Lord,

And knows the comfort they afford; Reads them each day with fresh delight,

And meditates therein by night.
3 As some fair tree, where waters flow,

Unharm’d by Summer's fiercest glow,
Spreads its unfading foliage round,

With fruit of richest flavour crown'd; 4 So flourishes that holy man,

Success attends his every plan;
While sinners far away are driven,

Like chaff before the winds of heaven. 5 And therefore in the judgment-day

The Lord his vengeance will display; And when the just his presence share, His foes shall find no entrance there.


(L. M.) Spread of the Gospel. 1 HOW vainly strive ungodly foes

Christ's growing empire to restrain! And with presumptuous scorn oppose

The Gospel's everlasting reign ! 2 The Lord on his eternal throne

Derides their impotent designs;
His word is sure, Thou art my Son

“ In whom my perfect image shines : 3 “ Earth's utmost bounds shall own thy sway,

« And ransom'd heathen bow the knee; “While overwhelming wrath shall slay

“ The foes that will not worship thee." 4 Lord, let our trust in him be placed

Who reigns and intercedes above; That we with trembling joy may taste The blessing of a Saviour's love. PSALM 3.

(C. M.)
Confidence in God's protection.
1 WHEN threatening enemies assail,

I seek thy help, O Lord;
And though they say my hope must fail,

I trust thy faithful word.
2 Oft hast thou heard my plaintive cry

Out of thy holy hill ;
I cannot doubt but thou art nigh,

And wilt protect me still.


3 I laid me down and slept; thy hand

Preserv'd me through the night;
Thankful I own, 'tis thy command

Restores the cheerful light.
4 I will not fear ten thousand foes ;

They cannot injure me:
Safe in thy blessing, I repose
My confidence in thee.

(L. M.)

Dependence on God. 1 HOW long will ye despise my name?

'Tis thus the God of mercy pleads ; And turn my glory into shame,

And triumph in your evil deeds? 2 Search out your heart, and mend your ways,

That you may dwell with me above; Obedient faith, and thankful praise,

Such is the sacrifice I love. 3 O Lord, while others in despair

Cry, where is comfort to be found ? I know that thou wilt hear my prayer,

And let my soul with peace be crown'd. 4 Thy blessings are of lasting worth,

Through endless years thy goodness flows; Vain are the riches of the earth

Compar'd with what thy hand bestows. 5 I will lie down, and calmly sleep,

For on thy succour I depend; My soul in safety thou wilt keep,

And be my never-failing friend.

PSALM 5. (S. M.)

Mercy for sinners.
1 WITH morning's earliest ray,

O Lord, I seek thy face;
In mercy
hear me when I

pray, And grant thy needful grace. 2 Thou art a holy God,

No evil dwells with thee;
No sin can enter thy abode ;

O then, what hope for me? 3 My heavy load of guilt

Were more than I could bear,
Did not the blood for sinners spilt

Forbid me to despair.
4 My soul from folly freed

Thou wilt vouchsafe to bless, When still before thy throne I plead

A Saviour's righteousness.
5 The sweetness of thy voice

Makes every terror flee;
For thou dost bid the souls rejoice

That put their trust in thee.


(C. M.) God sought and found in affliction. 1 IN mercy, not in wrath, rebuke

Thy feeble worm, O God;
My spirit dreads thine angry look,

And trembles at thy rod.

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