selves with Copies; they quickly afterwards issued to the Commissioners of the Customs, the Directions on that Subject, contained in the following Letter.


Treasury Chambers, July 9, 1825. The Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury having had under their Consideration the several Acts which have re.. cently passed for repealing and re-enacting all the Laws of the Customs, it has appeared to their Lordships to be expedient in order to diffuse as generally as possible the great Advantage to the Public of this very important Consolidation, that an Octavo Edition of the Whole of these Statutes should be forthwith published, under the immediate Sanction and Authority of your Board, together with such Notes, by way of Explanation, as may appear to you to be necessary or useful for obviating any poss! sible Diversities in the Construction of any of these Acts by the Officers of the Customs, at the Outports, at Home or Abroad. 1)

Their Lordships therefore desire that you will give Directions for the Preparation of such a Work without delay; and as they can have no doubt but that you will confide the Execution of it to Mr. Hume, of whose very valuable Services in the framing of the Acts themselves my Lords entertain the highest Opinion, they think it due to that Officer that he should be allowed to derive whatever Profit may arise from the Sale of it, (after reserving a certain Number of Copies for the Public Depart. ments,) for his own Benefit, the Expense of the Paper, Printing, &c. being defrayed out of the Revenue under your Manage. ment;

and that he should also be secured in the exclusive Privia lege of publishing and selling from Time to Time an authorized Edition of these Laws, under the immediate Sanction of your Board, for a Term of Years, so far as the same may be found practicable, and in such Manner as you may deem most expedient,

I am, Gentlemen,
Your obedient Servant,

(Signed) J. C. HERRIES.

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In pursuance of the Desire expressed in this Letter, the Commissioners of the Customs directed Mr. Hume to pre


pare the Work proposed, and permitted him to publish it under their express Sanction.

He is grateful for this Intention of Benefit to him, founded, as it is, upon the Approbation of his Services; but he undertakes this new Duty the more readily, because he entertains a Hope, that from the Manner of performing it, further Advantages may be derived to the several Departments of Government, and to the Mercantile and Shipping Interests, not only in the present Utility of such Editions of existing Laws, but in the constant Facility they may be made to afford to future Legislation on so copious a Subject,

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