A Discourse on Trade: And Other Matters Relative to it

T. Osborne, 1745 - 212 sider

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Side 128 - Remedy whereof, be it enacted by the King's Moft Excellent Majefty, by and with the Advice and Confent of the Lords Spiritual...
Side 131 - Fellows for the time being shall for ever hereafter, in name and fact, be one body politic and corporate in law, to all intents and purposes, and shall have perpetual succession, and shall be called by the name of President and Fellows of Harvard College, and shall from time to time be eligible as aforesaid...
Side 48 - Gary: ... it having been a great question among many thoughtful Men whether our Foreign Plantations have been an advantage to this Nation, the reasons they give against them are, that they have drained us of Multitudes of our People who might have been serviceable at home and advanced Improvements in Husbandry and Manufacture; That the Kingdom of England is worse Peopled by so much as they are increased; and that Inhabitants being the Wealth of a Nation, by how much they are lessened, by so much...
Side 48 - ... how much they are lessened, by so much we are poorer than when we first began to settle our Foreign Colonies; Though I allow the last Proposition to be true, that People are or may be made the Wealth of a Nation .... Its my Opinion that our Plantations are an Advantage .... every one more or less, as they take off our Product and Manufactures, supply us with Commodities which may be either wrought up here, or Exported again, or prevent fetching things of the same Nature from other Princes for...
Side 205 - Wool, etc. being A Collection of History and Argument, concerning the Woollen Manufacture and Woollen Trade in General...
Side 146 - And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That this Act shall be taken and allowed in all courts within this kingdom as a public Act ; and that all judges and justices shall take notice of it without special pleading ; and all sheriffs, bailiffs, and other officers and ministers of justice, concerned in the execution of process, are Hereby required to have regard to this Act, as they will answer the contrary at their peril.
Side 138 - And be it further enacted by the authority aforefaid, that it fhall and may be lawful, to and for the bifhop of the diocefe, or other proper ordinary, to re-cite any perfon or perfons...
Side 205 - Times. / Also An Account of the several Laws, from Time to Time made, and of many Schemes offered, for preventing the Exportation of Raw Wool...
Side 167 - ... and the face of our city is so changed already that we have great reason to hope these young plants will produce a virtuous and laborious generation...
Side 173 - To the right honourable, the lords spiritual and temporal, and to the knights, citizens, and burgesses of the honourable House of Commons, now assembled in parliament.

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