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Side 105 - When a ball lies in or touches a hazard, the club shall not touch the ground, nor shall anything be touched or moved before the player strikes at the ball...
Side 79 - ASSOCIATION". ARTICLE II. — OBJECTS The objects of this association shall be: To maintain...
Side 99 - The game of Golf is played by two or more sides, each playing its own ball. A side may consist of one or more persons. 2. The game consists in each side playing a ball from a tee into a hole by successive strokes, and the hole is won by the side holing its ball in the fewest strokes, except as otherwise provided for in the rules. If two sides hole out in the same number of strokes, the hole is halved.
Side 105 - ... 12. Before striking at the ball, the player shall not move, bend, or break anything fixed or growing near the ball, except in the act of placing his feet on the ground for the purpose of addressing the ball, and in soling his club to address the ball, under the penalty of the loss of the hole, except as provided for in Rule 18.
Side 105 - ... as near as possible to the place where it lay, but not nearer to the hole. A ball lifted in a hazard, under such circumstances, shall be dropped in the hazard. If a ball lie on or within a club's length of a drain-cover, water-pipe or hydrant, located on the course, it may be lifted and dropped without penalty, as near as possible...
Side 107 - A ball lifted from a recognized water hazard may be dropped under a penalty of one stroke, even if the hazard be dry at the time. If the water in a recognized water hazard overflow its usual boundaries the overflowed portion of the course shall be considered as part of the hazard, and not as casual water.
Side 113 - ... is cancelled, and the hole must be played out with the balls thus exchanged, or (2) the mistake occur through wrong information given by the opponent...
Side 112 - ... 7. If a competitor's ball strike the other player, or his clubs or caddie, it is a " rub of the green," and the ball shall be played from where it lies.
Side 110 - ... the player's ball move the opponent's ball, the opponent, if he choose, may replace it, but this must be done before another stroke is played by either side. If the player's ball stop on the spot formerly occupied by the opponent's ball, and the opponent declare his intention to replace his ball, the player shall first play another stroke, after which the opponent shall replace and play his ball.
Side 108 - Dung, worm-casts, or mole-hills may be removed (but not pressed down) without penalty. The penalty for a breach of this Rule shall be the loss of the hole. RULING OF THE USGA Penalty : In Match Play, loss of the hole. In Medal Play, two strokes.

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