The court and character of King James

G. Smeeton, 1817 - 61 sider

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Side 35 - Monday came, all was well. Tuesday came, he not sick.
Side 35 - Lambeth with a very good report of the neighbourhood, especially of the poor, unto whom he was charitable. He was a person that in horary questions (especially thefts), was very judicious and fortunate ; so also in sicknesses, which indeed was his masterpiece. In resolving questions about marriage he had good success ; in other questions very moderate.
Side 37 - ... only you shall know your enemies and their malice, though they shall have no power over you. With this trick of wit, he allayed his fury, and got him quietly, about eight in the morning to the...
Side 58 - He would make a great deal too bold with God in his passion, both with cursing and swearing, and a strain higher verging on blasphemy ; but would, in his better temper, say he hoped God would not impute them as sins, and lay them to his charge, seeing they proceeded from passion.
Side 55 - ... ends slightly with the wet end of a napkin. His legs were very weak, having had (as was thought) some foul play in his youth, or rather before he was born, that he was not able to stand at seven years of age, that weakness made him ever leaning on other men's shoulders; his walk was ever circular, his fingers ever in that walk fiddling about his cod-piece.
Side 30 - I will none of your service and you shall none of my favour. I will, if I can, break your neck, and of that be confident.
Side 57 - He was very witty, and had as many ready witty jests as any man living, at which he would not smile himselfe, but deliver them in a grave and serious manner : He was very liberall, of what he had not in his own gripe, and would rather part with 100.
Side 55 - ... mouth, and made him drink very uncomely, as if eating his drink, which came out into the cup of each side of his mouth; his skin was as soft as taffeta sarsnet, which felt so, because he never washed his hands, only rubbed his fingers ends slightly with the wet end of a napkin.
Side 42 - After two days, he had admittance ; at first entrance, he fell down flat at the Duke's foot, kissing it, vowing never to rise till he had his pardon ; then was he again reconciled ; and since that time, so very a slave to the Duke, and all that family, that he durst not deny the command of the meanest of the kindred, nor oppose any thing.
Side 55 - ... the room, as being out of countenance ; his beard was very thin ; his tongue too large for his mouth, which...

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