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Side 61 - No laborer or mechanic doing any part of the work contemplated by this contract, in the employ of the Contractor or any subcontractor contracting for any part of said work contemplated, shall be required or permitted to work more than eight hours...
Side 217 - The Contracting Officer may, from time to time, by written instructions or drawings issued to the Contractor, make changes in said drawings and specifications. Issue additional instructions, require additional work, or direct the omission of work previously ordered, and the provisions of this contract shall apply to all such changes, modifications, and additions with the same effect as if they were embodied In the original drawings and specifications. The Contractor shall comply with all such written...
Side 63 - I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that the copy of contract hereto annexed is an exact copy of a contract made by me personally with ; that I made the same fairly, without any benefit or advantage to myself, or allowing any such benefit or advantage corruptly to the said •, or any other person; and that the papers accompanying include all those relating to the said contract, as required by the statute in such case made and provided.
Side 63 - SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES. This contract shall be interpreted as a whole and the intent of the whole instrument, rather than the interpretation of any special clause, shall govern.
Side 63 - It shall have the right to submit the same to the Secretary of War, ' whose decision shall be final and binding upon both parties hereto.
Side 62 - No member of or delegate to Congress or Resident Commissioner is, or shall be, admitted to any share or part of this contract or to any benefit that may arise therefrom except as provided in section 116 of the Act of Congress approved March 4, 1909 (35 Stat.
Side 62 - ... has not paid, or promised or agreed to pay, to any third person in consideration of such procurement or in compensation for services in connection therewith, any brokerage, commission, or percentage upon the amount receivable by...
Side 837 - In the case of the United Kingdom, is that the expenditures of our own setup there, or does that include some of the expenditures of the British?
Side 59 - The contractor shall not be held responsible for, or be deemed to be in default hereunder by reason of, delays In the performance of this contract caused...
Side 40 - Eastern, Togus, Me.: Western, Leavenworth, Kans.; Marion, Marion, Ind.; Pacific, Santa Monica, Cal.; Danville, Danville, 111.; Mountain, Johnson City, Tenn.; Battle Mountain Sanitarium, Hot Springs, S. Dak.

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