20 MAR 1973




The object of the present work is to give an interesting and clear account of the career of the Duke of Wellington, and the period of history which it comprehends embraces many of the most interesting results of British valour and skill. The chief difficulty has been to do justice to the character of the illustrious chief within the limits of a single volume. Care has been taken constantly to refer to the most valuable and authentic historical works relating to the period, and especially to those narratives of the Peninsular War which have employed the pens of many of our ablest and best informed writers. The author has to express his acknowledgments both for incidental remarks, and occasionally for more lengthened extracts, (which will be found duly indicated) to the following, among other worksDr. Southey's valuable History of the Peninsular War; to Major Napier's History; to the Annals of the Peninsular Campaigns; to Alison's eloquent and philosophical History of Europe; to Scott's Life of Napoleon; and also to Sherer's Military Memoirs of the Duke of Wellington. To bring down the work to the present time, a brief Sketch of the Duke's Political Career has also been added ; with an

Appendix, composed of extracts from the Despatches, in. cluding accounts of the most celebrated battles. A double account of some most important events is thus furnished ; and independently of the interest as it were, of hearing the Duke of Wellington himself narrate them: these extracts are valuable as affording insight into personal character.

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