The American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the Year

Gray and Bowen, 1839

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Side 97 - And that all disputes which might arise in future on the subject of the Boundaries of the said United States may be prevented...
Side 1 - the 2589th year since the era of Nabonassar, which has been assigned to Wednesday the 26th of February of the 3967th year of the Julian Period, which corresponds, according to the chronologists, to the 747th, and, according to the astronomers, to the 746th year, before the birth of Christ ;
Side 214 - Greenbrier county, for the counties lying west of the Blue Ridge, commencing on the 2d Monday in July, and continuing 90 days, unless the business shall be sooner despatched ; the other at Richmond, for the counties lying east of the Blue Ridge, commencing at such times as the court may from time to time appoint, and continuing 160 days, unless the business shall be sooner despatched.
Side 192 - Every town containing less than twelve hundred inhabitants, shall be entitled to elect a Representative as many times, within ten years, as the number one hundred and sixty is contained in the number of the inhabitants of said town. Such towns may also elect one representative for the year in which the valuation of estates within the Commonwealth shall be settled.
Side 121 - ... be destroyed, shall be deemed guilty of manslaughter, and, upon conviction thereof before any circuit court of the United States, shall be sentenced to confinement at hard labor for a period of not more than ten years.
Side 250 - The judges are required to arrange themselves into four classes, of five judges each, one of whom is exempt, in rotation, from attending the court. The General Court has appellate jurisdiction in the last resort in criminal cases ; also original jurisdiction of probates and administrations, and some claims of the Commonwealth.
Side 12 - Sun, or other heavenly body, when north, and the sign — when south ; but the former prefixed to the hourly motion of the Moon in latitude, indicates that she is approaching, and the latter that she is receding from, the north pole of the ecliptic. The letters MA, ma, denote Morning and Afternoon.
Side 84 - ... commercial and friendly intercourse with that country, and the hostilities which have since taken place, are mainly to be attributed to the want of foresight and precaution on the part of Her Majesty's present advisers, in respect to our relations with China, and especially to their neglect to furnish the Superintendent at Canton with powers and instructions calculated to provide against the growing evils connected with the contraband trade in opium, and adapted to the novel and difficult situation...
Side 101 - Britain, bounded on the south by a line from the bay of Chaleurs, along the high lands which divide the rivers that empty themselves into the river St. Lawrence from those which fall into the sea...
Side 108 - Tues. in Nov. 1789 ; and three other sessions progressively, on the 4th Tuesday of every 3d calendar month. (Baltimore — on the 1st Tuesday in March, June, ( September, and December. Washington — 1st Monday in June and December. ( Richmond — 12th of May and 12th of November ; — { Norfolk — 1st of May and 1st of November.

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