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The present writer published a study on Burke some twelve years ago. It was almost entirely critical, and in no sense a narrative. The volume now submitted to the readers of this Series is biographical rather than critical, and not more than about a score of pages have been reproduced in it from the earlier book. Three pages (pp. 211-213) have been inserted from an article on Burke contributed by me to the new edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica ; and I have to thank Messrs. Black for the great courtesy with which they have allowed me to transcribe the passage here. These borrowings from my former self, the reader will perhaps be willing to excuse, on the old Greek principle, that a man may once say a thing as he would have it said, δίς δε ουκ ενδέχεται-he cannot say it twice.

2-3-00 FW

J. M.

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