Treasurer. Joint Resolution authorizing the State Treasurer to reissue certificate of State stock to William Dougherty.......... 419 Secretary of State. Joint Resolution to authorize the Secretary of State to purchase one hundred copies of Richardson's 15th Volume of Law Reports, and one hundred copies of Richardson's 14th Volume of Equity Reports.........


Alexander H. Riley. Joint Resolution to change the name of Alexander Henry Riley to Alexander Henry Buchanan............ 419 Attorney-General. Joint Resolution to authorize the Attorney-Gene

ral to institute proceedings against South Carolina Railroad
Company, for violation of its charter...


State Treasurer. Joint Resolution authorizing the State Treasurer to re-issue to Alexander Robertson, J. F. Blacklock and E. P. Coachman, or their assignees, agents or attorneys, and others therein named, certain certificates of stock. 420 Medical Aid. Joint Resolution to provide Medical Aid for the indigent sick in the respective Counties in the State............ 421 Fourth Congressional District. Joint Resolution to authorize the Committee of Investigation for the Third Congressional District to make similar investigation for the Fourth Congressional District.........


Mary Taylor. Joint Resolution for the relief of Mary Taylor....... 422


On page 440, Section 84, in fifth line, read "Circuit," instead of "Supreme Court."

On page 475, Section 252, in fourteenth line, read "Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas," instead of "Clerk of the County."

On page 490, Section 307, in thirteenth and fourteenth lines, read "Clerk of the Circuit Court," instead of "Clerk of the County."

On page 521, Section 439, in third line, read "provided," instead of "prescribed."





Extend Time for Officers to Qualify.—An Act to extend the time for
Officers to Qualify.
Title of State to Land in Orangeburg.-An Act to vest the title of
the State to a lot of land in the village of Orangeburg, of which
Diedrich Klepping died seized, in the purchaser or purchasers
who shall pay for the premises under a sale by a decree of
the Probate Court of Charleston County, and to direct the
application of the proceeds of sale.....
..... 529
Appropriation for Mileage and Per Diem of General Assembly.—An
Act to make appropriation for the payment of the per
diem and mileage of members of the General Assembly, and
the salaries of the Subordinate Officers, and other expenses in-
cidental thereto.....

Salary of Lieutenant-Governor.-An Act to provide a salary for the
Office of Lieutenant-Governor of the State...
Hedges Light Guards.-An Act to incorporate the Hedges Light
Guards, of Edisto, South Carolina.......
Publication of Acts, &c.-An Act to provide for the publication of
the Acts, Reports, Resolutions, Journals, and other papers of
the General Assembly.....



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..... 532

Executors' Power to Sell.-An Act supplementary to an Act entitled
"An Act to authorize Administrators, Executors, and other
Fiduciaries, to sell certain evidences of indebtedness at public
sale, and compromise in certain cases".
Pumpkintown Turnpike Road.-An Act to recharter the Pumpkin-
town Turnpike Road, in Pickens County........
Stonewall Fire Engine Company.-An Act to incorporate the Stone-
wall Fire Engine Company, of Chester......

.... 533

Nashville Independent Blues Charitable Association.-An Act to in-
corporate the Nashville Independent Blues Charitable As-
sociation, of the city of Charleston, South Carolina...........
Right of Traverse.-An Act to regulate the right of traverse....
Cleansing Company.-An Act to incorporate the Charleston Cleans-
ing Company, of the City of Charleston......

Moore's Ferry-An Act to re-charter Moore's Ferry, under the name
of Dinkins' Ferry, over the Catawba River...........
Lands Ceded to U. S-An Act ceding the jurisdiction of the State
of South Carolina to the United States of America over such
lands as may be acquired for public purposes by the said
United States of America.....

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