To 1586

Sir Henry Ellis
Harding, Triphook, & Lepard, 1825

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Side 136 - ... haec studia adolescentiam alunt, senectutem oblectant, secundas res ornant, adversis perfugium ac solatium praebent, 'delectant domi, non impediunt foris, pernoctant nobiscum, peregrinantur, rusticantur.
Side 254 - N'a c'y de moi que la moitié: Une part te reste , elle est tienne ; Je la fie à ton amitié Pour que de l'autre il te souvienne.
Side 4 - Here is the end and fall of pride and arrogancy of men exalted by fortune to dignities ; for I assure you, in his time, he was the haughtiest man in all his proceedings alive ; having more respect to the honour of his person than he had to his spiritual profession, wherein should be showed all meekness, humility, and charity, the discussing whereof any further I leave to divines.
Side 298 - ... and he that could take a peece of sylver owt of the purse without the noyse of any of the bells, he was adjudged a judiciall Nypper. Nota that a ffoister is a Pickpokett and a Nypper is termed a Pickepurse, or a Cutpurse.
Side 100 - VIII, c. 10 (Egyptians, 1530), as "outlandish people, calling themselves Egyptians, using no craft nor feat of merchandise, who have come into this realm and gone from shire to shire and place to place in great company, and used great, subtle and crafty means to deceive the people ; bearing them in hand, that they by...
Side 19 - Who was less beloved in the north than my lord cardinal, God have his soul, before he was amongst them ? Who better beloved, after he had been there awhile ? We hate ofttimes whom we have good cause to love. It is a wonder to see how they were turned ; how of utter enemies they became his dear friends. He gave bishops a right good example, how they might win men's hearts.
Side 26 - made his maund in our Lady's chapel, having fifty-nine poor men, whose feet he washed and kissed ; and, after he had wiped them, he gave every of the said poor men twelve pence in money, three ells of good canvass to make them shirts, a pair of new shoes, a cast of red herrings, and three white herrings ; and one of these had two shillings.
Side 261 - I suppose we have gotten so much as at this time is like to be had : yet tomorrow do we intend to bring a couple of them to the Rack, not in any hope to get any thing worthy that pain or fear, but because it is so earnestly commanded to us.
Side 65 - She said that she was come to die, as she was sentenced, by the law : she would accuse none, nor say any thing of the ground upon which she was judged. She prayed heartily for the king...
Side 181 - ... is but imprisonment for a short time ; and, if they will refuse to say mass, for fear of that imprisonment, they may do therein as they will ; but none of your new service (said she) shall be used in my house, and, if any be said in it, I will not tarry in the house.

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