C. M. Christ's first and second Coming. 1 SING to the Lord, ye distant lands,

Ye tribes of every tongue: His new discover'd

grace demands
A new and noble song.
2 Say to the nations, Jesus came

A guilty world to save ;
From vice and error to reclaim,
And rescue from the

3 Let heaven proclaim the joyful day!

Joy through the earth be seen; Let cities shine in bright array,

And fields in cheerful green.
4 With pleasure lift your wond’ring eyes;

Ye islands of the sea :
Ye mountains sink, ye vallies rise,

Prepare the Saviour's way.
5 Behold he comes, he comes to bless

The nations as their God;
To show the world his righteousness,

And send his truth abroad.


P. M. 8 s. 7 s. 4 s.

Universal Praise. 1 PRAISE to thee, thou great Creator,

Praise be thine from every tongue, Join, my soul, with every creature,

Join the universal song. Hallelujah, Join, &c. 2 For ten thousand blessings given,

For the hope of future joy,
Sound his praise through earth and heaven,

Sound Jehovah's praise on high.
Hallelujah! Sound Jehovah's praise on high.

244. C. M. 5. Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.2

Eccl. xii. 1.
1 IN the soft season of thy youth,

In nature's smiling bloom,
Ere age arrive, and trembling, wait

Its summons to the tomb;.
2 Remember thy Creator, God;

For him thỹ powers employ;
Make him thy fear, thy love, thy hope,

Thy confidence, thy joy.
3 He shall defend and guide thy course

Through life's uncertain sea; Till thou art landed on the shore

Of bless'd eternity. 4 Then seek the Lord betimes, and choose

The path of heavenly truth; The earth affords no lovelier sight

Than a religious youth.

245. H. M.
Praise to God from his Works. Psa. cxlviii.
1 YE tribes of Adam! join

With heaven, and earth, and seas,
And offer notes divine

To your Creator's praise.
Wide as he reigns, His name be sung
By every tongue, In endless strains.
2 The shining worlds above

In glorious order stand,
Or in swift courses move
By his supreme command.
He spake the word, And all their frame
From nothing came, To praise the Lords

3 All have obeyed his will,

Through unknown ages past,
And shall his word fulfil,

While time and nature last.
In different ways, His works proclaim
His wondrous name, And speak his praise.
4 To God, the sovereign Lord,

Your joyful thanks repeat;
To him due praise afford,

As good as he is great:
Wide as he reigns, His name be sung
By every tongue, In endless strains.


P. M. 8 s. 7.

Renewing Love. 1 HEAVENLY Father, here we bless thee!

All thy goodness we adore ;
And with humble songs address thee,

God of mercy, love, and power!
Thou hast been our great salvation,

Through the world's deceitful maze.
Through affliction and temptation,

Thou hast kept us all our days. 2 Having help from thee obtained,

Here before thee, Lord, we stand;
Foes and fears thou hast restrained,

By thy gracious, mighty hand;
Every want hast thou supplied,

Life and health, and needful food;
Nothing has thy love denied

Which thou knew'st would do us good. 3 But renewing love and favour,

In us wrought by sovereign grace,
Through a dear and precious Saviour,

Call for songs of loudest praise :

Here our sins are all forgiven;

Here our mighty debt is paid ;
Here we've peace, and peace with heaven,

Made with him our living Head.

[blocks in formation]

Salvation by Grace. Eph. ii. 5. 1 GRACE! 'tis a charming sound!

Harmonious to the ear!
Heaven with the echo shall resound,

And all the earth shall hear.

2 Grace first contriv'd a way

To save rebellious man,
And all the steps that grace display,

Which drew the wond'rous plan. 3 Grace first inscrib’d my name

In God's eternal book : 'Twas grace that gave me to the Lamb, ;

Who all my sorrows took. 4 Grace led my roving feet

To tread the heavenly road;
And new supplies each hour I meet,

While pressing on to God.
5 Grace taught my soul to pray,

And made my eyes o’erflow: "Twas grace which kept me to this day,

And will not let me go.
6 Grace all the work shall crown

Through everlasting days;
It lays in heaven the topmost stone.

And well deserves the praise.

248. L. M.

The Lamb that was slain. Rev. v. 7. 1 FROM heaven the angelic sound began,

It shook the skies and reach'd to man; By man receiv’d, it mounts again

Whilst fragrant odours fill the plain. 2 Worthy the Lamb of boundless sway,

In earth and heaven the Lord of all; Ye princes, rulers, powers obey,

And low before his footstool fall. 3 The deed was done! the Lamb was slain !

The groaning earth the burthen bore ! He rose, he lives ! he lives to reign,

Nor time shall shake his endless power. 4 Wisdom and strength are his alone,

He rais'd the top-stone, shouting grace ; Honour has built his lofty throne,

And glory shines upon his face. 5 Higher, still higher, swell the strain ;

Creation's voice the note prolong; The Lamb shall ever, ever reign ;

Let hallelujahs crown the song.

249. C. M.

Faith in the promise of Salvation. 1 BEGIN, my tongue, some heavenly theme,

And speak some boundless thing; The mighty works or mightier name,

Of our eternal King.
2 Tell of his wond'rous faithfulness,

And sound his power abroad;
Sing the sweet promise of his grace,

And the performing God.

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