2 Through heaven thy glory is display'd

In one bright day without a shade :
Angels from thee supremely prove

The nameless, endless joys of love. 3 With thee they dwell in fervid light,

Nor feel nor fear the shades of night:
Thy heavenly beams will never fail,

But one eternal day prevail.
4 Be darkness known on earth no more,

But truth display'd from shore to shore;
Till men of every land shall see

Thy glory, Lord, and worship thee. 5 'Tis done—the Sun of love appears,

The shades withdraw, the morning clears;
Now love and truth prevail again,
And one eternal day shall reign.

[blocks in formation]

1 HOW shall we praise thy dear-lov'd Name,

Our Saviour and our God?
Fain would we all thy love proclaim,

And sound thy power abroad. 2 But ah! our noblest accents die,

So weak and mean they prove; In vain our warmest praises try

To speak thy boundless love.
3 So vast the subject, angel's tongues

Can never speak its worth;
Not all their soul-enchanting songs

Can ever set it forth.

4 Unfathomable are its deeps,

Its height no angel knows;
Open this fountain ever keeps,

And unto all it flows. 5 For love is Deity alone,

'Tis heaven and all divine;
It beams refulgent from the throne,

And will for ever shine.

258. L. M. 6. This do in remembrance of me." 1 Cor. xi. 24. 1 “EAT, drink, in memory of your friend :"

Such was our Master's last request; Who all the pangs of death endur'd,

That we might live for ever bless’d. 3 Yes, we'll record thy matchless love,

Thou kindest, tenderest, best of friends! Thy dying love, the noblest praise

Our hearts can offer thee, transcends. 3 'Tis pleasure more than earth can give

Thy goodness through these vales to see ; Thy table, food celestial yields,

And happy they who sit with Thee.


C. M.
A Hymn of Praise. Luke xiii. 35.
1 NOW blessing, honour, glory, praise,

By angel hosts are sung;
The saints below their voices raise,

And join the heavenly throng. 2 Ador'd be he who comes to bless

The nations with his love;
To shew his truth and righteousness,

And every cloud remove.

3 Blessed be he who comes to reign

In Zion's happy land : Jerusalem is built again,

And shall for ever stand.
4 No more this kingdom shall decay,

No more the temple fall;
Here Jesus reigns with endless sway,

The King and Lord of all.

260. L. M.

God our Father. 1 IS there a lone and dreary hour When worldly pleasures lose their power? Our Father ! let us turn to thee,

And set each thought of darkness free. 2 Is there a time of racking grief,

Which scorns the prospect of relief? Great Father ! break the cheerless gloom,

And bid each heart its calm resume. 3 Is there an hour of peace and joy,

When hope is all our soul's employ?
Kind Father! still our hopes will roam,

Until they rest with Thee, their home. 4 The noontide blaze, the midnight scene,

The dawn, or twilight's sweet serene,
The sick, nay, e'en the dying hour,
Shall own a Father's grace and power.


L. M. The happy state of the Christian. 1 AS we advance in wisdom's ways,

Thy love demands new songs of praise ; Our pleasures, joys, and hopes increase, And all within is settled peace.

2 Our foes with weaker power assail ;

With strength increasing we prevail;
Above our every tempter rise,

And press with zeal towards the skies. 3 Look we at death? 'tis with delight;

A gentle sleep, and short the night;
Angels support the feeble head,

Our souls have nothing here to dread. 4 Think we of judgment ? happy day!

Joyful the summons we obey;
It is to meet the God we love,

And take our glorious crowns above. 5 Transporting thought! celestial state;

For this we live, for this we wait;
And while we take the happy road,
Our songs of praise ascend to God.

262. C. P. M.

Lord's Day Morning.
1 HAIL, happy day, the type of rest,
When all the faithful shall be bless'd,

And cease from toil and pain;
So we to-day the emblem prove,
Cease from all work, but praise and love,

And solid pleasure gain.
2 To-day our mighty Conqueror rose,
In triumph o'er his numerous foes,

And death a captive bound;
So we from every evil rise,
Mount up in thought towards the skies,

And walk on Zion's ground!
3 Begone, ye every worldly care;
My soul to study, praise and prayer,

To-day be wholly given;

I'll humbly wait at Jesus' feet,
The saints in solemn worship meet,

And learn the way to heaven.
4 Jesus will kindly condescend
To teach my soul, my heart amend,

And fill me with his love!
That every sabbath I may know,
An antepast of heaven below,

The rest of saints above !

263. L. M.

Anticipations of Eternity.
1 IN that great day, when Jesus comes

To raise his children from their tombs,
He'll take them to the seats above,
To dwell with him, and feel his love.
Sweet recollection will begin,
How grace has sav'd them from their sin :
How mercy led them all the way,

To the blest realms of endless day. 2 Then will they to perfection know,

All they have waited for below;
Error and darkness then shall fly,
And heaven reveal a cloudless sky.
Then shall the saints with joy approve
The paths of providential love;
And, with united wonder, trace

The methods of redeeming grace.
3 They will with pleasure then review

The weary steps they trod below;
And in celestial accents tell,
The Saviour hath done all things well.

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