Montgomery County Law Reporter, Volum 20

Montgomery Bar Association, 1904
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Side 129 - No carrier shall be liable for loss or damage not occurring on its own road or its portion of the through route, nor after said property is ready for delivery to the next carrier or to consignee.
Side 143 - that all estates, real, personal, and mixed of every kind whatsoever situated within this state passing from any person, who may die seized or possessed of such estates, either by will, or under the intestate laws of this state, or any part of such estate, or estates...
Side 60 - As applied to corporations, the term dividend has been defined to be "that portion of the profits and surplus funds of the corporation which has been actually set apart by a valid resolution of the board of directors, or by the shareholders at a corporate meeting, for distribution among the shareholders according to their respective interests, in such a sense as to become segregated from the property of the corporation and to become the property of the shareholders distributively.
Side 104 - That no claim for damages which may accrue to the said shipper under this contract shall be allowed or paid by the said carrier, or sued for in any court by the...
Side 198 - No person shall, for the same offense, be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb ; nor shall private property be taken or applied to public use, without authority of law and without just compensation being first made or secured.
Side 144 - ... such a blending of real and personal estate by the testator in his will as to clearly show that he intended to create a fund out of both real .and personal estate, and to bequeath the said fund as money.
Side 144 - ... it may be necessary, and only so far it is treated in contemplation of law as if it had been converted. Few testators have any knowledge of the doctrine or any actual intent to change the nature of their property, except when and to the extent that may be required to carry out the special purpose of the will. The presumption, therefore, no matter what the form of words used, is always against conversion ; and even where it is required it must be kept within the limits of actual necessity.
Side 110 - ... obtain materials for the construction of said works, and to occupy, ditch and lay pipes through the s,ame, and the same from time to time...
Side 92 - No estate, real or personal, shall hereafter be bequeathed, devised or conveyed to any body politic or to any person in trust for religious or charitable uses...
Side 85 - such words may amount to a declaration of trust, when it appears, from other parts of the will, that the testator intended not to commit the estate to the devisee or legatee, or the ultimate disposal of it to his kindness, justice, or discretion.

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