Tales from "Blackwood.” Complete in Twelve Volumes,

Bound in cloth, 188. The Volumes are sold separately, Is. 6d., and may be had of most Booksellers, in Six Volumes, handsomely half-bound in red morocco.

CONTENTS. VOL. I. The Glenmutchkin Railway.-Vanderdecken's Message Home. - The Floating Beacon.

-Colonna the Painter.-Napoleon. -A Legend of Gibraltar.—The Iron Shroud. VOL. II. Lazaro's Legacy.-A Story without a Tail.–Faustus and Queen Elizabeth.-How I

became a Yeoman.-Devereux Hall. --The Metempsychosis --College Theatricals. Vol. III. A Reading Party in the Long Vacation. - Father Tom and the Pope. - La Petite

Madelaine. — Bob Burke's Duel with Ensign Brady. - The Headsman: A Tale of Doom.

The Wearyful Woman.
VOL. IV. How I stood for the Dreepdaily Burghs.-First and Last. - The Duke's Dilemma: A

Chronicle of Niesenstein.-The Old Gentleman's Teetotum. --“Woe to us when we lose the
Watery Wall."-My College Friends : Charles Russell, the Gentleman Commoner.-The

Magic Lay of the One-Horse Chay.
Vol. V. Adventures in Texas. —How we got possession of the Tuileries.-Captain Paton's

Lament.--The Village Doctor.-A Singular Letter from Southern Africa. VOL. VI. My Friend the Dutchman.- My College Friends-No II. : Horace Leicester.— The

Emerald Studs. -My College Friends-No. III. : Mr W. Wellington Hurst.-Christine: A

Dutch Story. The Man in the Bell. VOL. VII. My English Acquaintance. – The Murderer's Last Night.--Narration of Certain

Uncommon Things that did formerly happen to Me, Herbert Willis, B.D.-The Wags. - The

Wet Wooing : A Narrative of '98.—Ben-na-Groich. VOL. VIII. The Surveyor's Tale. By Professor Aytoun.—The Forrest-Race Romance.- Di

Vasari: A Tale of Florence.-Sigismund Fatello.—The Boxes. VOL. IX. Rosaura: A Tale of Madrid. --Adventure in the North-West Territory.-Harry Bol

ton's Curacy.-The Florida Pirate.—The Pandour and his Princess. - The Beauty Draught. Vol. X. Antonio di Carara.—The Fatal Repast. The Vision of Cagliostro — The First and Last

Kiss.—The Smuggler's Leap.-The Haunted and the Haunters. - The Duellists. VOL. XI. The Natolian Story-Teller.—The First and Last Crime.-John Rintoul.—Major Moss.

-The Premier and his Wife. VOL. XII. Tickler among the Thieves !—The Bridegroom of Barna. — The Involuntary Experi

mentalist--Lebrun's Lawsuit.--The Snowing-up of Strath Lugas.-A Few Words on Social Philosophy.

Jessie Cameron : A Highland Story. By the Lady Rachel

BUTLER. Second Edition. Small Octavo, with a Frontispiece, 2s. 6d.

The Old Bachelor in the Old Scottish Village.

AIRD. Foolscap Octavo, 4s.

By Thomas

“It is simply a series of village sketches of character, manners, and scenery, but the book is full of a quiet sustained humour, genuine pathos, simple unaffected poetry, and displays not only fine imaginative power, but a hearty sympathy with nature in all her aspects, and with the simple tastes and pleasures of rustic life. A more delightful book we cannot imagine."- Manchester Advertiser.

Tara: A Mahratta Tale. By Captain Meadows Taylor.

3 vols., Post Octavo, £1, lls. 6d. A picture of Indian life which it is impossible not to admire. We save no hesitation in saying, that a more perfect knowledge of India is to be acquired from an attentive perusal and study of this work, than could be gleaned from a whole library.”—Press.




Tom Cringle's Log. A New Edition, with Illustrations.

Crown Octavo, 6s.

Cheap Editions of Popular Works :

Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life. Foolscap 8vo, 3s. cloth.
The Trials of Margaret Lyndsay. By the Author of " Lights and Shadows of

Scottish Life.” Foolscap 8vo, 3s. cloth.
The Foresters. By the Author of “Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life,” Fools.

cap 8vo, 3s. cloth. Tom Cringle's Log. Complete in One Volume, Foolscap 8vo, 4s, cloth. The Cruise of the Midge. By the Author of “Tom Cringle's Log." In One

Volume, Foolscap 8vo, 4s. cloth. The Life of Mansie Wauch, Tailor in Dalkeith. Foolcap sro, 33. cloth. The Subaltern. By the Author of "The Chelsea Pensioners." Foolscap 8vo, 3s.

cloth. Peninsular Scenes and Sketches. By the Author of “The Student of Sala

manca." Foolscap 8vo, 3s. cloth. Nights at Mess, Sir Frizzle Pumpkin, and other Tales. Foolscap 8vo, 3s. cloth. The Youth and Manhood of Cyril Thornton. By the Author of “Men and

Manners in America." Foolscap 8vo, 43. cloth. Valerius : A Roman Story. Foolscap Svo, 3s. cloth. Reginald Dalton. By the Author of “Valerius.” Foolscap 8vo, 4s. cloth. Some Passages in the Life of Adam Blair, and History of Matthew Wald.

By the Author of “Valerius." Foolscap 8vo, 4s, cloth. Annals of the Parish, and Ayrshire Legatees. By John Galt. Foolscap Svo,

4s. cloth. Sir Andrew Wylie. By John Galt. Foolscap 8vo, 4s. cloth. The Provost, and other Tales. By John Galt. Foolscap 8vo, 4s. cloth. The Entail. By John Galt. Foolscap 8vo, 43. cloth. Life in the Far West. By G. F. Ruxton. A New Edition. Foolscap Bro, 48.


Works of George Eliot. Library Edition :

Adam Bede. Two Vols., Foolscap Octavo, 12s.
The Mill on the Floss. Two Vols., Foolscap Octavo, 12s.
Scenes of Clerical Life. Two Vols., Foolscap Octavo, 12s.
Silas Marner. Foolscap Octavo, 6s.

The Same. Cheap Edition.

Now publishing in Monthly Parts at Sixpence, and in Volumes at 3s. 6d.



Works of Professor Wilson. Edited by his Son-in-Law,

PROFESSOR FERRIER. In Twelve Vols., Crown Octavo, £2, 8.

Recreations of Christopher North. By Professor Wilson.

In Two Vols. New Edition, with Portrait, 8s.

“Welcome, right welcome, Christopher North; we cordially greet thee in thy new dress, thou genial and hearty old man, whose • Ambrosian nights' have so often in imagination transported us from solitude to the social circle, and whose vivid pictures of flood and fell, of loch and glen, have carried us in thought from the smoke, din, and pent-up opulence of London, to the rushing stream or tranquil tarn of those mountain ranges," &c.-Times.

The Noctes Ambrosianæ. By Professor Wilson. With

Notes and a GLOSSARY. Io Four Vols., Crown Octavo, 16s.

Tales. By Professor Wilson. Comprising “The Lights

and Shadows of Scottish Life;" “The Trials of Margaret Lyndsay;" and "The Foresters." In One Vol., Crown Octavo, 4s., cloth.

Essays, Critical and Imaginative. By Professor Wilson.

Four Vols., Crown Octavo, 16s.

By Lieut.-Col. E. B. Hamley.

Lady Lee's Widowhood.

Crown Octavo, with 13 Illustrations by the Author. 68. “ A quiet humour, an easy, graceful style, a deep, thorough confident knowledge of human nature in its better and nuore degrading aspects, a delicate and exquisite appreciation of wumanly character, an admirable faculty of description, and great tact, are the qualities that command the reader's interest and respect from beginuiug to end of Lady Lee's Widowhood."" -The Times

Chronicles of Carlingford :

Salem Chapel. A New Edition, in one Vol., 5s.
The Rector, and The Doctor's Family. Do., 4s.
The Perpetual Curate. Do., 6s.
Miss Marjoribanks, he

“We must pronounce this Carlingford series the best contribution to fiction of recent years - lively, pregnant. and rich in imagination, feeling, and eloquence. They will irresistibly carry to the end every reader who ventures upon them."--Spectator, The Novels of John Galt-viz. :

Annals of the Parish.

The Steam Boat.
Sir Andrew Wylie.
The Entail, or the Lairds of Grippy.

Four Volumes, Foolscap Octavo, 4s. each.



Complete Library Edition of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton's

Novels. In Volumes of a convenient and handsome form. Printed from a large and readable type. Forty-three Vols. Foolscap Octavo, 5s. each.

“It is of the handiest of sizes; the paper is good; and the type, which seems to be new, is very clear and beautiful. There are no pictures. The whole charm of the presentment of the volume consists in its handiness, and the tempting clearness and beauty of the type, which almost converts into a pleasure the mere act of following the printer's lines, and leaves the author's mind free to exert its unobstructed force upon the reader."- Eraminer.

“Nothing could be better as to size, type, paper, and general getting-up."— Athenaun.

Caxtoniana : A Series of Essays on Life, Literature, and

Manners. By SIR EDWARD BULWER LYTTON. Two Vols. Post Octavo, £1, ls.

"Genis of thought set upon some of the most important subjects that can engage the atten. tion of men. Except in one or two instances, they are so short that they will not tax the application of even lazy readers, yet there is not one of them that does not contain a lesson worthy of an abiding place on the handiest shelf of memory."-Daily News.

Katie Stewart: A True Story. By Mrs Oliphant. Fcap.


Octavo, with Frontispiece and Vignette, 4s.

"A singularly characteristic Scottish story, most agreeable to read and pleasant to recollect. The charm lies in the faithful and lifelike pictures it presents of Scottish character and customs, and manners and modes of life."-Tail's Magazine.

Chapters on Churchyards. By Mrs Southey.

Edition, Foolscap Octavo, 7s. 6d.


The Wonder Seeker, or the History of Charles Douglas.

By M. FRASER TYTLER, Author of 'Tales of the Great and Brave,' &c. A New
Edition, Foolscap, 3s. 6d.

Works of Samuel Warren, D.C.L. Uniform Edition, Five

Volumes, Crown Octavo, 24s. :

The Diary of a late Physician. One Vol., Crown Octavo, 5s. 6d.

Another Edition, in Two Vols., Foolscap, 12s. Also an Illustrated
Edition, in Crown 8vo, handsomely printed, 78. Cd.

Ten Thousand A-Year. Two Volumes, Crown Octavo, 9s. Another

Edition, in Three Volumes, Foolscap, 18s.
Now and Then. Crown Octavo, 2s. 6d. Another Edition, Foolscap, 6s.


Crown Octavo, 5s.

The Lily and the Bee.

Crown 8vo, 2s. Another Edition, Foolscap, 5s.



Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile. By

J. H. SPEKE, Captain H.M. Indian Army. Octavo, price 21s. With a Map of Eastern Equatorial Africa by CAPTAIN SPEKE; numerous Illustrations, chiefly from Drawings by CAPTAIN GRANT; and Portraits, engraved on Steel, of CAPTAINS

SPEKE and GRANT. “The volume which Captain Speke has presented to the world possesses more than a geographical interest It is a monument of perseverance, courage, and temper displayed under difficulties which have perhaps never been equalled."Timex.

“Captain Speke has not written a noble book so much as he has done a noble deed. The volume which records his vast achievement is but the minor fact-the history of his discovery, not the discovery itself: yet even as a literary performance it is worthy of very high praise. It is wholly free from the traces of book manufacture.

It is, however, a great story that is thus plainly told ; a story of which nearly all the interest lies in the strange facts related, and, more than all, in the crowning fact that it irees us in a large degree from a geographical puzzle which had excited the curiosity of mankind-of the most illustrious emperors and cominunities --from very early times."- Athenauin.

Narrative of the Earl of Elgin's Mission to China and

Japan. By LAUNENCE OLIPHANT, Private Secretary to Lord Elgin. Illustrated with numerous Engravings in Chromo-Lithography, Maps, and Engravings on Wood, from Original Drawings and Photographs. Second Edition. In Two

Volumes Octavo, 21s. “The volumes in which Mr Oliphant has related these transactions will be read with the strongest interest now, and deserve to retain a permanent place in the literary and historical annals of our time."-Edinburgh Review.

Russian Shores of the Black Sea in the Autumn of 1852,

with a Voyage down the Volga and a Tour through the Country of the Don Cossacks. By LAURENCE OLIPHANT, Esq. Octavo, with Map and other Illustrations. Fourth Edition, 14s.

Minnesota and the Far West. By Laurence Oliphant.

Octavo, Illustrated with Engravings, 12s. 6d. " It affords us increased knowledge of the extraordinary resources which await the emigrant at the head of the Great American Waters, and is a lively forecast of the prosperity of the States just emerging into existence in the Heart of the Wilderness, Mr Oliphant hus foreseen great future events with a clear eye."-The Timcs.

The Transcaucasian Campaign of the Turkish Army under

Omer Pasha: A Personal Narrative. By LAURENCE OLIPHANT, Esq. With Map and Illustrations. Post Octavo, l0s. 6d.

Egypt, the Soudan, and Central Africa: With Explorations

from Khartoum on the White Nile to the Regions of the Equator. By John PETHERICK, F.R.G.S., Her Britannic Majesty's Consul for the Soudan. In Octavo, with a Map, 16s.

Three Months in the Southern States. April—June 1863.


POLK, LEE, LONGSTREET, BEAUREGARD, AND JOHNSTON. Crown Octavo, 78. 6d. “ The whole of the book is as well worth reading as that published extract. It conveys a very fair idea of what manner of men they are who are now fighting in the South for their indepen. dence; and being written in a very unpretending style, it is both an agreeable and valuable glimpse of the interior of the Confederacy."-Spectator.


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