The Punjab and Delhi in 1857: Being a Narrative of

the Measures by which the Punjab was saved and Delhi recovered during the Indian Mutiny. By the Rev. J. CAVE-BROWNE, Chaplain of the Punjab Movable Column. With Plans of the Chief Stations and of the different Engagements, and Portraits of Sir J. Lawrence, Bart., Sir H. Edwardes, Sir R. Montgomery,

and Brig. Gen. J. Nicholson. Two Volumes, Post Octavo, 21s. “To those who wish to possess a condensed narrative of the siege of Delhi, but especially of the heröic doings of the handful of Englishmen scattered throughout the Punjab, these volames recommend themselves by their scrupulous accuracy, while to the future historian of the India of 1857 they will prove invaluable."-Allen's Indian Mail.

“This is a work which will well repay the trouble of perusal. Written by one who was himself present at many of the scenes he narrates, and who has had free access to the papers of Sir J. Lawrence, Sir R. Montgomery, and Sir H. Edwardes, it comes with all the weight of official authority, and all the vividness of personal narrative."—Press.

The Campaign of Garibaldi in the Two Sicilies : A Per

sonal Narrative. By CHARLES STUART FORBES, Commander, R. N. Post Octavo,

with Portraits, 12s. “A volume which contains the best sketch hitherto published of the campaign which put an end to Bourbon rule in the Two Sicilies. It is accompanied with plans of the chief battles; and its honest unexaggerated record contrasts very favourably with the strained and showy account of the Garibaldians just published by M. Dumas."- Eraininer.

Men and Manners in America. By Capt. Thos. Hamilton,

With Portrait of the Author. Foolscap, 7s. 6d.

Notes on North America : Agricultural, Economical, and

Social. By Professor J. F. W. JOHNSTON. Two Volumes, Post Octavo, 21s. “Professor Johnston's admirable Notes.

The very best manual for intelligent emi. grants, whilst to the British agriculturist and general reader it conveys a most complete conception of the condition of these prosperous region than all that has hitherto been written."Economist.

Journal of a Tour in Greece and the Ionian Islands.

By WILLIAM MURE of Caldwell. Two Volumes, Post Octavo, Maps and Plates, 24s.

A Cruise in Japanese Waters. By Capt. Sherard Osborn, C.B.

Third Edition. Crown Octavo, 5s.

Life in the Far West. By G. F. Ruxton, Esq.

Second Edition. Foolscap Octavo, 4s. One of the most daring and resolute of travellers. . A volume fuller of excitement is seldom submitted to the public."- Athenæum.

Narrative of a Journey through Syria and Palestine.

By Lieut. VAN DE VELDE. Two Volumes Octavo, with Maps, &c., £1, 10s. "He has contributed much to knowledge of the country, and the unction with which he speaks of the holy places which he has visited, will commend the book to the notice of all religious readers. His illustrations of Scripture are numerous and admirable." - Daily News.


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Author of the “


Physical Atlas," &c.
With a complete Index of easy reference to each Map, comprising nearly

150,000 Places contained in this Atlas.
Imperial Folio, half-bound in russia or morocco, £5, 158. 6d.

Athenæum, August 10, 1861. Under the name of “The Royal Atlas of Modern Geography," Messrs Blackwood and Sons have published a book of maps, which for care of drawing and beauty of execution appears to leave nothing more to hope for or desire. Science and art have done their best upon this magnificent book. Mr A. Keith Johnston answers for the engraving and printing: to those who love clear forms and delicate bold type we need say no more. All that maps should be, these maps are : honest, accurate, intelligible guides to narrative or description.

Of the many noble atlases prepared by Mr Johnston and published by Messrs Blackwood and Sons, this Royal Atlas will be the most useful to the public, and will deserve to be the most popular.

Saturday Review. The completion of Mr Keith Johnston's Royal Atlas of Modern Geography claims a special notice at our hands. While Mr Johnston's maps are certainly unsurpassed by any for legibility and uniformity of drawing, as well as for accuracy and judicious selection, this eminent geographer's Atlas has a distinguishing merit in the fact that each map is accompanied by a special index of remarkable fulness. The labour and trouble of reference are in this way reduced to a minimum.

The number of places enumerated in the separato indices is enormous. We believe, indeed, that every name which appears in the maps is registered in the tables; and as each place is indicated by two letters, which refer to the squares formed by the parallels of latitude and longitude, the method of using the index is extremely easy and convenient.

We know no series of maps which we can more warmly recommend. The accuracy, wherever we have attempted to put it to the test, is really astonishing.

Morning Herald. The culmination of all attempts to depict the face of the world appears in the Royal Atlas, than which it is impossible to conceive anything more perfect.

Guardian. This is, beyond question, the most splendid and luxurious, as well as the most useful and complete of all existing atlases.

Examiner. There has not, we believe, been produced for general public use a body of maps equal in beauty and completeness to the Royal Atlas just issued by Mr A. K. Johnston.

Scotsman. An almost daily reference to, and comparison of, it with others, since the publication of the first part some two years ago until now, enables us to say, without the slightest hesitation, that this is by far the most complete and authentic atlas that has yet been issued.

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Index Geographicus: Being a List, Alphabetically ar

TUDES AND LONGITUDES. Compiled specially with reference to KEITH Joux-
ston's ROYAL Atlas, but applicable to all Modern Atlases and Maps. In One
Volume Imperial Octavo, pp. 676, price 21s.

The Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena. By Alex.

KEITH JOHNSTON, F.R.S.E., &c., Geographer to the Queen for Scotland. A New and Enlarged Edition, consisting of 35 Folio Plates, 27 smaller ones, printed in Colours, with 135 pages of Letterpress, and Index.



Geography and Orography,

11 Plates. Hydrography,

6 Meteorology and Magnetism,

6 Botanical Geography,

2 Zoological Geography,

6 Ethnology and Statistics,

4 Imperial Folio, half-bound morocco, £8, 8s. "The Physical Atlas of Mr Keith Johnston-a perfect treasure of compressed information."Sir John Herschel.

“There is no map in this noble Atlas upon which we might not be tempted to write largely, Almost every one suggests a volume of reflection, and suggests it by presenting, in a few hours, accurate truths which it would be the labour of a volume to enforce in words, and by iniprinting them, at the same time, upon the memory with such distinctness that their outlines are not likely to be afterwards effaced. The ‘Physical Atlas' is a somewhat costly work, reckoning it only by its paper; but upon its paper is stamped an amount of knowledge that could scarcely be acquired without the reading of as many books as would cost seven times the price."- Examiner. “This Atlas ought to have a place in every good library.

We know of no work containing such copious and exact information as to all the physical circunstances of the earth on which we live."-Quarterly Review. The Physical Atlas. By Alexander Keith Johnston,

F.R.S. E., F.R.G.S., Geographer to the Queen for Scotland. Reduced from the Imperial Folio. This Edition Contains Twenty-Five Maps, including a Palæontological and Geological Map of the British Islands, with Descriptive Letterpress, and a very copious Index. In Imperial Quarto, half-bound morocco,

£2, 12s. 6d. Executed with remarkable care, and is as accurate, and, for all educational purposes, as valaable as the splendid large work (by the same author) which has now a European reputation."Eclectic Review. Atlas of Scotland. 31 Maps of the Counties of Scotland,

coloured. Bound in roan, price 10s. 6d. Each County may be had separately,

in Cloth Case, ls. A Geological Map of Europe, exhibiting the different

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Systems of Rocks according to the latest researches, and from Inedited materials. By Sir R. I. MURCHISON, D.C.L., F.R.S., &c., Director-General of the Geological Survey of Great Britain and Ireland; and JAMES Nicol, F.R.S.E., F.G.S., Professor of Natural History in the Universi of Aberdeen. Constructed by ALEX. KEITH JOHNSTON, F.R.S.E., &c., Geographer to the Queen, Author ef the “Physical Atlas,” &c. Scale, of Nature, 76 miles to an inch. Four Sheets Imperial, beautifully printed in Colours. Size, 4 feet 2 inches by 3 feet 5 inches. In Sheets, £3, 3s; in a Cloth Case, 4to, £3, 10s.




Keith Johnston's School Atlases :


General and Descriptive Geography, exhibiting the Actual

and Comparative Extent of all the Countries in the World, with their present Political Divisions. A New and Enlarged Edition. Corrected to the present time. With a complete Index. 26 Maps. Half-bound, 12s. Eul.


Physical Geography, illustrating, in a series of Original

Designs the Elementary Facts of Geology, Hydrology, Meteorology, and Natural History. A New and Enlarged Edition. 20 Maps, including coloured Geological Maps of Europe and of the British Isles. Half-bound, 12s. 6d.


Classical Geography: Comprising, in Twenty-three Plates,

Maps and Plans of all the important Countries and Localities referred to by Classical Authors; accompanied by a provouncing Index of Places, by T. HARVEY, M.A. Oxon. A New and Revised Edition. Half-bound, 12s. 6d.


Astronomy. Edited by J. R. Hind, Esq., F.R.A.S., &c.

Notes and Descriptive Letterpress to each Plate, embodying all recent
Discoveries in Astronomy. 18 Maps. Half-bound, 12s. 6d.

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Elementary School Atlas of General and Descriptive Geogra

phy for the Use of Junior Classes. A New and Cheaper Edition. 20 Maps, including a Map of Canaan and Palestine. Half-bound, 5s.

* They are as superior to all School Atlases within our knowledge, as were the larger works of the same Author in advance of those that preceded thein,"-Educational Timez. Decidedly the best School Atlases we have ever seen."-English Journal of Education. The Physical Atlas seems to us particularly well executed.

The last generation had no such help to learning as is afforded in these excellent elementary maps. The Classical Atlas is a great improvement on what has usually gone by that name; not only is it fuller, but in some cases it gives the same country more than once in different periods of time. Thus it approaches the special value of a historical atlas.

The General Atlas is wonderfully full and accurate for its scale.

Finally, the Astronomical Allas, in which Mr Hind is responsible for the scientific accuracy of the maps, supplies an adınitted educational want. No better companion to an elementary astronomical treatise could be found than this cheap and convenient collection of maps."-Saturday Review.

“ The plan of these Atlases is admirable, and the excellence of the plan is rivalled by the beauty of the execution.

The best security for the accuracy and substantial value of a School Atlas is to have it from the hands of a inan like our Author, who has perfected his skill by the execution of much larger works, and gained a character which he will be careful not to jeopardise by attaching his name to anything that is crude, slovenly, or superficial."-Scotsman.

Atlas of Plans of Countries, Battles, Sieges, & Sea-Fights,

Illustrative of the History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Battle of Waterloo. Constructed by A. KEITH JOHNSTON, F.R.S.E., &c. &c. With Vocabulary of Military and Marine Terms. 109 Plates, Demy Quarto, price £3, 3s. Another Edition, in Crown Quarto, £1, lls. 6d.

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A New Map of Europe. By A. Keith Johnston, F.R.S.E., ,

F.R.G.S., Geographer to the Queen. The Map is fully coloured, and measures 4 feet 2 inches by 3 feet 5 inches. Price, mounted on Cloth and Mahogany Roller, Varnished, or Folded in Quarto in a handsome Cloth Case, 21s.

Geological Map of Scotland. From the most Recent Au

thorities and Personal Observations. By JAMES Nicol, F.R.S.E., &c., Professor of Natural History in the University of Aberdeen. With Explanatory Notes. The Topography by ALEXANDER KEITH JOHNSTON, F.R.S.E., &c. Scale, 10 miles to an inch. In Cloth Case, 21s.

A Small Geological Map of Europe. From Keith John

ston's School “Physical Atlas.” Printed in Colours, Sixpence.

A Geological Map of the British Isles. From the same.

Printed in Colours, Sixpence.

Hand Atlases : Being the Maps of Keith Johnston's School

Atlases on Large Paper, and half-bound, full size, Imperial Quarto. Physical Geography: Illustrating, in a series of Original

Designs, the Elementary Facts of Geology, Hydrology, Meteorology, and
Natural History. In Imperial Quarto, half-bound morocco, 25s.

Classical Geography: Comprising, in Twenty-three Plates,

Maps and Plans of all the important Countries and Localities referred to

by Classical Authors. In Imperial Quarto, half-bound morocco, 25s. General and Descriptive Geography : Exhibiting the Actual

and Comparative extent of all the Countries in the World, with their present political divisions. New and Enlarged Edition. In Imperial Quarto, half-bound morocco, 25s.

Astronomy: Comprising, in Eighteen Plates, a Complete

Series of Illustrations of the Heavenly Bodies, drawn with the greatest care from Original and Authentic Documents. By ALEX. KEITH JOHNSTON, F.R.S.E. &c. Edited by J. R. HIND, F.R.A.S., &c. In Imperial Quarto, half-morocco, 21s.

“The Atlas is undoubtedly the most beautiful work of its class that has ever been published and in several respects the most instructive."- The Astronomer Royal.

"To say that Mr Hind's Atlas is the best thing of the kind is not enough—it has no competitor."-Athenwum.

Geological and Palæontological Map of the British

Islands, including Tables of the Fossils of the different Epochs, &c. &c., from the Sketches and Notes of Professor EDWARD FORBES. With Illustrative and Explanatory Letterpress. 21s.


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