The Book of the Farm. Detailing the Labours of the

Farmer, Farm-Steward, Ploughman, Shepherd, Hedger, Cattle-man, Field-worker, and Dairymaid, and forming a safe Monitor for Students in Practical Agriculture. By HENRY STEPHENS, F.R.S.E. Two Volumes, Royal Octavo, £3, handsomely bound in cloth, with upwards of 600 Illustrations.

“The best book I have ever met with."- Professor Johnston.

“We have thoroughly examined these volumes; but to give a full notice of their varied and valuable contents would occupy a larger space than we can conveniently devote to their discussion; we therefore, in general terms, commend them to the careful study of every young man who wishes to become a good practical farmer.—T'imes.

The Book of Farm Implements and Machines. By James

Slight and R. Scott Burn. Edited by HENRY STEPHENS, F.R.S. E. Illustrated with 876 Engravings. Royal Octavo, uniform with the “Book of the Farm," half-bound, £2, 2s.

The Book of Farm Buildings : their Arrangement and

Construction. By HENRY STEPHENS, F.R.S. E., and R. SCOTT Burn. Royal Octavo, with 1045 Illustrations. Uniform with the “ Book of the Farm.” Halfbound, £1, lls. 6d.

The Book of the Garden. By Charles M'Intosh. In Two

large Volumes, Royal Octavo, embellished with 1353 Engravings.

Each Volume may be had separately-viz. I. ARCHITECTURAL and ORNAMENTAL.-On the Formation of Gardens-Con

struction, Heating, and Ventilation of Fruit and Plant Houses, Pits, Frames, and other Garden Structures, with Practical Details. Ilustrated by 1073 Engravings, pp. 776. £2, 10s.

II. PRACTICAL GARDENING, Contains-Directions for the Culture of the Kitchen

Garden, the Hardy-fruit Garden, the Forcing Garden, and Flower Garden, includ. ing Fruit and Plant Houses, with Select Lists of Vegetables, Fruits, and Plants. Pp. 868, with 279 Engravings. £1, 17s. 6d.

"In the construction of every kind of building required in a garden, the 'structural' section of the work will be found to contain a large amount of information suitable alike for buildings and gardens. Mr M'Intosh being himself one of the most experienced garden architects of our time, minute details are given, so that the expense of even a pit, up to a garden replete with every necessary erection, may be at once ascertained, a matter of no small importance to gentlemen about either to form new gardens, or improve such as already exist. On the whole, this volume on structural gardening, both in compilation and artistical execution, deserves our warmest commendation.

“ The second volume is of a cultural character, and has been got up with great care and research. It embodies the opinions and practice of the older writers on Horticulture, and also, what is of more importance, the experience of our eminent modern gardeners on the subject, together with the opinions of our author, who has studied and practised the art for upwards of half a century, both in this country and on the Continent.

We therefore feel justified in recommending Mr M'Intosh's two excellent volumes to the notice of the public.”—Gardeners' Chronicle.




Practical System of Farm Book-keeping : Being that re

commended in the “ Book of the Farm" by H. STEPHENS. Royal Octavo, 23. 6d. Also, SEVEN FOLIO ACCOUNT-Books, printed and ruled in accordance with the System, the whole being specially adapted for keeping, by an easy and accurate method, an account of all the transactions of the Farm. A detailed Prospectus may be had from the Publishers. Price of the complete set of Eight Books,

£1, 4s. 6d. Also, A LABOUR ACCOUNT OF THE ESTATE, 28. 6d. “We have no hesitation in saying, that of the many systems of keeping farm-accounts which are in vogue, there is not one which will bear comparison with that just issued by Messrs Blackwood, according to the recommendations of Mr Stephens, in his invaluable ‘Book of the Farm.' The great characteristic of this system is its simplicity. When once the details are mastered, which it will take very little trouble to accomplish, it will be prized as the clearest method to show the profit and loss of business, and to prove how the soundest and surest calculations can be arrived at. We earnestly recommend a trial of the entire series of books—they must be used as a whole to be thoroughly profitable--for we are convinced the verdict of our agricultural friends who make such a trial will speedily accord with our own."-Bell's Messenger.

Agricultural Statistics of Scotland. Report by the High

land and Agricultural Society of Scotland to the Board of Trade, for 1855, 1856, and 1857. Is. 6d. each.

Ainslie's Treatise on Land-Surveying. A new and enlarged

Edition, edited by WILLIAM GALBRAITH, M.A., F.R.A.S. One Volume, Octavo,

with a Volume of Plates in Quarto, 21s. “The best book on surveying with which I am acquainted."—W. RUTHERFORD, LL.D.,F.R.A.S., Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.

Reports of the Association for Promoting Improvement in

the Dwellings and Domestic Condition of Agricultural Labourers in Scotland. Seven Reports, 1855-61. ls. each.

The Forester : A Practical Treatise on the Planting,

Rearing, and Management of Forest Trees. By JAMES BROWN, Wood Manager to the Earl of Seafield. Third Edition, greatly enlarged, with numerous Engrar

ings on Wood. Royal Octavo, 30s. “What we have often stated in these columns we now repeat, that the book before us is the most useful guide to good Arboriculture in the English language. The Author is a man of great experience in Scotch forestry, and, moreover, is well grounded in the science of tree cultivation; so that he does not fall into the mistakes which mere theorists, or mere practicals, have each committed on so large a scale, in too many great places. We will even add, that it has been to the advice and instruction given in two former editions of the Forester,' now exhausted, that the general improvement in timber management may be fairly ascribed.”—Gardeners' Chronicle

“Beyond all doubt this is the best work on the subject of Forestry extant."-Gardeners' Journal

Handbook of the Mechanical Arts concerned in the Con

struction and Arrangement of Dwellings and other Buildings; Including Car: pentry, Smith-work, Iron-framing, Brick-making, Columns, Cements, Well-sink. ing, Enclosing of Land, Road-making, &c. By R. Scott Burn. Crown Octavo, with 504 Engravings on Wood, 6s. 6d.



The Year-Book of Agricultural Facts. 1859 and 1860.

Edited by R. SCOTT BURN. Foolscap Octavo, 5s. each. 1861 and 1862, 48. each.

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Practical Ventilation, as applied to Public, Domestic, and

Agricultural Structures. By R. Scott BURN, Engineer. 6s.

Dwellings for the Working Classes: their Construction and

Arrangement; with Plans, Elevations, and Specifications, suggestive of Structures adapted to the Agricultural and Manufacturing Districts. By R. Scott BURN. Quarto, with numerous Diagrams, 3s.

The West of Ireland as a Field for Investment. By James

CAIRD, Farmer, Baldoon. Octavo, with a Map, 6s.

The Practical Planter : Containing Directions for the

Planting of Waste Land and Management of Wood, with a new Method of Rearing the Oak. By Tuomas CRUIKSHANK, Forester at Careston. Octavo, 12s.

Elkington's System of Draining : A Systematic Treatise

on the Theory and Practice of Draining Land, adapted to the various Situations and Soils of England and Scotland, drawn up from the Communications of Joseph Elkington, by J. JOHNSTONE. Quarto, 10s. 6d.

Trigonometrical Surveying, Levelling, and Railway En

gineering. By WILLIAM GALBRAITH, M.A. Octavo, 78. 6d.

The Preparation of Cooked Food for the Fattening of

Cattle, and the advantage of Using it along with Cut Straw, Hay, Turnips, or other Vegetables. By Thomas HARKNESS. 6d.

Journal of Agriculture, and Transactions of the Highland

OLD SERIES, 1828 to 1843, 21 vols.

£3 3 0
New SERIES, 1843 to 1851, 8 vols.

2 2 0

The Rural Economy of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

By LEONCE DE LAVERGNE. Translated from the French. With Notes by a

Scottish Farmer. In Octavo, 12s. « One of the best works on the philosophy of agriculture and of agricultural political economy that has appeared."-Spectator.

On the Management of Landed Property in the Highlands

of Scotland. By GEORGE G. MACKAY, C.E. Crown Octavo, Is. 6d.



Professor Johnston's Works :
Experimental Agriculture. Being the Results of Past, and

Suggestions for Future, Experiments in Scientific and Practical Agriculture.

8s. Elements of Agricultural Chemistry and Geology. Eighth

Edition, 6s. 6d. “Nothing hitherto published has at all equalled it, both as regards true science and sound common sense."-Quarterly Journal of Agriculture. A Catechism of Agricultural Chemistry and Geology. Fifty.

seventh Edition, ls. “The extent to which this little Catechism has been circulated at home, its translation into nearly every European language, and its introduction into the Schools of Germany, Holland, Flanders, Italy, Sweden, Poland, and South and North America, while it has been gratifying to the Author, has caused him to take additional pains in improving and adding to the annount of useful inforination, in the present edition."— Preface. On the Use of Lime in Agriculture.


Instructions for the Analysis of Soils.

Fourth Edition, 2s.

An Inquiry into the Nature and Cause of the Prevailing

Disease and Present Condition of the Larch Plantations in Great Britain. By CHARLES M'INTOSH, Associate of the Linnæan Society, &c. &c. In Crown Octavo, 5s.

View of the Salmon-Fishery of Scotland. With Observa

tions on the Nature, Habits, and Instincts of the Salmon, and on the law as affecting the Rights of Parties, &c. &c. By the Late MURDO MACKENZIE, Esq. of Cardross and Dundonald. In Octavo, 5s.

On the Management of Bees. By Dr Mackenzie, Eileanach.

Foolscap, 4d.

The Chemistry of Vegetable and Animal Physiology. By

Dr J. G. MULDER, Professor of Chemistry in the University of Utrecht. With an Introduction and Notes by PROFESSOR JOHNSTON, 22 Plates. Octavo, 30s.

The Grasses of Britain. Illustrated by 140 Figures, Drawn

and Engraved by the Author. By R. PARNELL, M.D., F.R.S.E. This work contains a Figure and full description of every Grass found in Britain, with their Uses in Agriculture. Royal Octavo, 42s.

The Relative Value of Round and Sawn Timber, shown

by means of Tables and Diagrams. By JAMES Rait, Land-Steward at CastleForbes. Royal Octavo, 8s., hf. -bd.



Dairy Management and Feeding of Milch Cows: Being the

recorded Experience of Mrs AGNES Scott, Winkston, Peebles. Second Edition. Foolscap, ls.

Italian Irrigation: A Report addressed to the Hon. the

Court of Directors of the East India Company, on the Agricultural Canals of Piedmont and Lombardy; with a Sketch of the Irrigation System of Northern and Central India. By Lieut.-Col. BAIRD SMITH, C.B. Socond Edition. Two Volumes, Octavo, with Atlas in Folio, 30s.

The Architecture of the Farm : A Series of Designs for

Farm Houses, Farm Steadings, Factors' Houses, and Cottages. By John Star

FORTA, Architect. Sixty-two Engravings. In Medium Quarto, £2, 2s. “One of the most useful and beautiful additions to Messrs Blackwood's extensive and valuable library of agricultural and rural economy."- Morning Post

The Yester Deep Land-Culture : Being a Detailed Account

of the Method of Cultivation which has been successfully practised for several years by the Marquess of Tweeddale at Yester. By HENRY STEPHENS, Esq., F.R.S.E., Author of the · Book of the Farm.' In Small Octavo, with Engravings on Wood, 4s. 6d.

A Manual of Practical Draining. By Henry Stephens,

F.R.S.E., Author of the Book of the Farm.' Third Edition, Octavo, 58.

A Catechism of Practical Agriculture. By Henry Stephens,

F.R.S.E., Author of the ‘Book of the Farm,' &c. In Crown Octavo, with Illustrations, ls.

We feel perfectly assured that this Catechism is precisely the thing which at this moment is wanted in every rural and national school in England, more especially since the question has arisen, How is it possible to educate skilled agricultural labourers more in the direction of their art and occupation, and to render the school more subservient to the field and the farmyard?"--Nottingham Guardian.

A Handy Book on Property Law. By Lord St Leonards.

A new Edition, enlarged, with Index, and Portrait of the Author. Crown Octavo, 3s. 6d.

“Less than 200 pages serve to arm us with the ordinary precautions to which we should attend in selling, buying, mortgaging, leasing, settling, and devising estates. We are informod of our relations to our property, to our wives and children, and of our liabilities as trustees or executors, in a little book for the million, a book which the author tenders to the profanum vulgus as even capable of beguiling a few hours in a railway carriage.'"-Times.

The Practical Irrigator and Drainer. By George Stephens.

Octavo, 8s. 6d.


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